Donnie Yen Reserves Right To Sue Vincent Zhao For Defamation

Since Vincent Zhao (趙文卓) blasted Donnie Yen ( 甄子丹) for his domineering ways on the set of Special Identity <特殊身份>, Donnie maintained that Vincent did not speak the truth. Appearing at a charity event with his wife, Cecilia Cissy Wang (汪詩詩), yesterday, Donnie expressed disappointment in Vincent’s testimony, which may be considered  to be defamatory in nature. Donnie stated that he reserved the right to pursue legal action over the defamatory allegations.

On March 15th, Vincent’s shocking interview with the Chinese media was released, in which he lambasted Donnie’s “tyrannical” behavior on the set of Special Identity.  According to Vincent, script revisions involving his character were made without his approval. This violated a clause found in Vincent’s filming contract, in which he was currently considering suing the production team of Special Identity.

At the charity event yesterday, Donnie’s assistant distributed written statements to the media which stated that Donnie reserved the right to sue for defamation. Despite Vincent’s criticisms towards Donnie’s work ethics, Donnie has been succinct in his replies over the matter. Donnie stated that he was disappointed, while maintaining that Vincent did not speak the truth. “I will not say too much, otherwise it will become a scolding war.” Since Special Identity will need to be re-filmed, time will be of utmost importance.

Vincent and Donnie’s rift shocked worldwide fans who had eagerly anticipated their collaboration in Special Identity. Many fans left messages on Vincent’s Weibo blog stating that they did not wish to see their favorite action stars in a bitter scolding war. Overall, fans expressed their support towards Donnie as well, with the exception of a minority of fans. An angry fan left a message on Donnie’s Weibo blog crying, “Garbage! Dog! Be careful that you will not be struck by lightning!”

Despite the backlash that resulted from Vincent’s criticism, Donnie maintained a calm presence and continued to work hard in filming Special Identity. At the charity event yesterday, Man of Tai Chi star, Keanu Reeves, was also present. Donnie expressed that he was Keanu’s fan and was happy to meet him for the first time. Asked whether meeting Keanu pacified his mood, Donnie replied, “My mood was not affected all along.”


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Jayne: I don’t think Vincent will have much to say over the matter from now onwards, as he already told everything in his interview. Donnie is not reacting to the claims in an angry manner….

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  1. I just knew that Donnie is shorter than his wife! I didnt know before, didnt follow his news >.<

    1. holy sheet……..he is quite much shorter than his wife. Hard to imagine how he feels when they go out in public. I mean an inch or two is sometimes OK, but in the pic, either she’s wearing 5 inch heels or he’s crouching…….hahaah…….she must have to go really low to go down on him……

      1. cecilia just said on weibo that she and donnie yen are the same height. she appears taller most of the time because of the heels. donnie of course, doesn’t have the luxury of wearing 10 inch stilletos.

    2. Maybe this is why Lynn Hung is picked to be Ip Man’s wife ROFL

      1. Ip Man’s wife was actually also taller than Ip Man in real life.

  2. Will Donnie really sue Vincent, or will Donnie and Vincent settle this scolding war outside the court?

  3. Sue man sue!! So that everything will be in public records! I somehow believe Vincent in the sense that Donnie would demand for script changes. But then he is a big star so to Donnie it ain’t tyrannical, just practical.

    1. Don’t worry Funn. We will know Lim Funn is different from Funn Lim. Plus, you have a unique avatar. So, we won’t mistake him/her for you. 🙂

    2. LOL Funn don’t worry about it. The avatar is a lot of help 😛

    3. First, its Lim Funn

      Now its Funny lim..

      so you’re saying you’re playing around with Funn’s name? xD

    4. As long as it is not Fanny Lim, I am fine with it.

      SOme people can’t even find their own name! Why? WHY?!?!?!

      Time to change my avatar also. Must take some pictures.

    5. Funn,

      Sorry but I’m actually laughing with this imposter’s funny act lol. And I’m curious now why not Fanny lim? because Fanny sounds bad taste? lol

    6. Do you have a secret admirer or potentially a stalker, LOL

    7. Probably a worm in my stomach as Chinese says.

      Fanny sounds err… you know English always use this word to err… never mind!!

  4. My god, Donnie looks tiny next to Keanu! Keanu is reportedly 6 feet tall, so Donnie must be tiny in real life! And I already thought Keanu is too thin and here Donnie is even thinner!

    1. Keanu is 6 feet+ tall. Donnie looks very tiny, not just in height but also build.

      1. Donnie is like 5’9″ (175 cm) so he might appear tiny overall. He’s just tiny in height but definitely not tiny in build as he keeps himself fit.

      2. I heard Keanu could be 1 inch short of 6 feet. If donnie is 5 feet 9 inches then I am 6 feet tall. I think the pictures says clearly he is a tiny man.

      3. But then, there’s a saying of pictures… They either make you smaller or bigger (depending on how the pictures are taken) than you really are. 😉

        Besides, you’re comparing 5’9″ to a 6’1″ so of course it makes Donnie look tiny.

      4. “5’9″ to a 6’1″ ”

        The difference isn’t much if between these 2 numbers. I think Donnie is 5 feet 5 inches.

    2. My friend saw Donnie in real life and said is very small n look kinda funny lol

      1. I think he 5’7 or 5’6. At max 5’7. he seems smaller than Kevin

  5. That’s a bad picture of Donnie and his wife. She could of at least put on some flats or something. Even Keanu make him look extremely short.

    I think Vincent expose the fact Donnie indeed have a “ego” problem. For many years all Donnie’s films been based on how amazing he is as a fighter. But now there’s someone who is much younger and can possibly take the spotlight away from him. The whole thing is a shame really because I was looking forward to seeing the both of them on screen together.

    1. I don’t see how something like this would have a huge affection on Donnie career as he’s too valuable at this moment. Zhao’s hasn’t exactly got a great track record, and imo he needs do alot more than just “exposing” someone to get a break.

    2. younger and possibly take the spotlight away from him? who are you talking about? Vincent Zhao?

      Ummmm…Donnie Yen is probably the biggest Asian film star who’s also internationally known. Only asians know who Vincent Zhao is.

  6. Donnie looks like a midget or maybe he really is

  7. If I get a dollar for everytime a celebrity threatens to sue I’ll be rich. IMO it’s just all talk & Donnie’s attempt to threaten Vic to shut up.

  8. Vincent should’ve been the one suing Donnie for breach of contract.

    Keanu why didn’t you punch the botox face, LOL.

    1. Yea, Vincent should be the one suing instead….

      1. Agreed. Sue Donnie for breach of contract and defamation

  9. I don’t like either Donnie or his wife, they both have really bad plastic work on their faces. I hope the truth will come out, and hope this will teach Donnie a little humility.

  10. Yes, Donnie appears to be arrogant from watching a few of his “cop” movies. Yes, Donnie is 5’9″ with his 1.5 inch heel dress shoes or boots on. Yes, both Donnie and his wife had plastic surgery to remain vain and bankable as an A-list celebrity.

    1. some ppl are just jealous they can’t afford plastic surgery themselves lol

      1. If you turn out like Angelababy then yeah, but if you go under the knife to look donnie’s wife then NO thanks Lolz.

      2. fez,

        Very interesting topic infact, I remember reading comments from a bunch of ppl bashing a plastic surgery blogger namely Xia xie of singapore for her plastic surgery and she retaliated back saying they’re jealous just becuase she got sponsored to change her feature while they

        I guess you’re right that certain ppl are jealous that an ugly duckling can turned into a beautiful swan by faking it while those “normal” looking ducks have to spend and put on thick makeup just to look decent lol.

      3. Vj, your comment don’t even make sense, why does it always have to be one extreme or the other? People in show bussiness get plastic surgery because they rely on their looks to make a living, people make comments about their appearance because they’re public figure, just something for people to talk about. Specially those who it out there in public display, obviously they will attract comments. My personal opinion on plastic surgery is people who go under the knife are insecure and have low self worth, no matter how you change your appearance, you can fool people around you but I’m certain that at end of the day you will still be unhappy with yourself. It’s like a fake LVs no matter how well made is still fake. wether you are beautiful or ugly is not the point, the point is are you comfortable with who you are as a person that matters. I find it ironic that you think it’s rude to call people ugly yet you have no problem putting average looking people down. Anyways, if you would excuse me it’s time for me to go powder my nose Lolz.

  11. This is why I said it doesn’t help to throw mud back. Previously, Vincent probably had a case for a defamation suit… now? He’s on the receiving end.

  12. I think Vincent has expected it (a sue from Donnie for “defamation”).

    Donnie’s wife was a ms toronto 2000? a very high profile couple.

  13. Donnie can sue all he wants but that doesn’t mean anything because Vincent can counter-sue 🙂

  14. Can anyone tell me which artist(s) in the entertainment industry have not undergone the knife of surgery plastics on their face or bodily parts!?

    Maybe yu molin is original? If not, who’s the rubbish in the entertainment world can dare to come out and claim their face is “original”?

  15. Even though I don’t like donnie yen,I like his wife lots. She got a very nice “classy” looking face…….her face is not so much “plastic” looking as compared to Lynn Hung Irene Wan, Tavia Yeung and Qiqi etc

    1. I was flipping through a Chinese mag today and there was an ad with donnie yen’s wife…I’m sorry but she’s pretty ugly, even wit a nose job it still huge!

      1. I think calling one person ugly is absolutely rude? Donnie’s wife whether she had PS or not, she’s still decent looking. Imagine those unfortunate ppl who doesn’t have a proper feature (prolly due to scalding, injury etc), they don’t even have the chance to make others to call them “ugly” but they’re brave enough to face the I won’t call her Ugly even she’s not a beauty. I’d say she looks decent.

      2. I meant those unfortunates may not have chance to make ppl to call them “pretty/beautiful” = not ugly. ( I was thinking something else while typing)

      3. I don’t think calling a person ugly is rude. Not that it is a polite thing to say but not necessarily rude. It can be honest and honesty sometimes is viewed as being rude. It is insensitive though but who cares? Ugly is ugly. Being brave doesn’t make someone less ugly. But being brave does make someone honourable. And I don’t see how showing a naturally ugly face means you’re brave. It’s your face; you gotta show it sometimes. However I must stress; there is nothing wrong with being ugly. As Susan Boyle said, it is the other people who has a problem, not the so called ugly person.

      4. Funn,

        So Susan Boyle actually says “its the person who called others ugly has problem and not the problem of the ugly person”?

      5. Yes. But what she really means is she doesn’t care what people think. Ugly or beautiful, fat or thin, it is a label. Yes it is verging on bullying sometimes but frankly if you’re immune, you wouldn’t care. I don’t care really. Let me copy her exact words…

        ‘I’ve had a lot of insults. Do you know what I do? I ignore them. I just get on with my life. Those who have something to say usually have nothing to do.’


        ‘I can take whatever Ricky says, because I’ll tell you something – he’s the one with the problem, not me’

        Read more:

      6. “Those who have something to say usually have nothing to do”

        But I just realise this does mean me!! HA HA!!

      7. Blah blah blah, call it what it is, I wouldn’t make that comment if she’s a regular person, but in her case it’s different…she allows people to judge her appearance for a living. I’m sorry, if I’m rude at least I’m not full of &!-!.

      8. i am a chinese male and i think what you said is disrespectful.

        people’s physical appearances are superficial.

        it is people’s souls that are more important.

      9. i am a chinese male and i think it is disrespectful that you said Cecilia Cissy Wang is “ugly”.

        i think Cecilia Cissy Wang is beautiful.

        and also whether people’s physical appearances are good looking or not good looking is superficial.

        it is people’s souls that are more important.

      10. Chinese male, I’m sorry for being disrespectful, I’m sure the beautiful cissy going around in 7 inch heels, fake lashes and full on make-up with her boobs hanging out is hoping the world would notice her soul 🙂

    2. The wife looks okay, but I suspect she also did something to her face. Whatever it is, injections or plastics.

      1. are you jealous she can afford injections and you can’t?

      2. I guess lol is jealous with how the injection works well on Donnie’s wife on TY’s behalf, lol.

  16. I think it’s normal to change scripts and storylines cos they need to improve the film.
    Donnie says that Vincent is making false accusations and that can be sued. He had already stated that he cannot have the right for these changes or fire him and that it was the film company.

    Another article said that The company said that Vincent requires a presidential suite for 40,000RMB a night, and his mother in law, wife, kids all live there.
    While Donnie stays at a normal room.

    Also they said that Donnie has only 1 assistant and has to take care of 20 action guys and Vincent has 8 assistants to take care of him.

    I am a fan of both and don’t want to see this happen but I think Vincent should take things up with the company.

  17. I actually tot Donnie Yen looked almost relax in this pic,which is not normal, in fact it’s a pretty good pic of him!!!! lol….. The wife is beautiful.

  18. I believe Vincent , Donnie’s persona seems kind of arrogant.Then again i know i should not judge a book by it’s cover.
    His wife looks nice here but i saw her on t.v. a few times, she is no beauty.

    I don’t like to use the word ugly on anyone, it’s so insensitive. The funny thing is some people say that about other
    people when they themselves are no oil painting !

    1. Gia, oil painting are not necessarily beautiful, take Picasso’s work for example, so ugly is not a bad thing unless you think it’s bad. Btw, if someone looks like a duck are you gonna call them a swan? I personally find that more insulting.

      1. But if you own a picasso you’re darn rich!! Though I never understood picasso. I love Van Gogh but my most favourite is Chinese painting of the past.

      2. Funn, you like the dude that cut off his ear? I like him too :-).

  19. Btw, for those who said they don’t like using the term ugly, your telling me you have never called anyone ugly before? Or have never turned anyone down because you don’t find them attractive but make up some other lamn excuse? Anywho!

  20. Donnie’s latest film(also with Clarence Fok) poster..romance film with full pinkie background..surprise..surprise..not..:D

    Almost has the looks of a youth film..until Kung fu master Donnie got noticed on the left side..haha

    On to the serious matter..hopefully they can come to a truce and keep doing what they do best..films and dramas…done..if only it can be that simple..:P

    1. I may pay attention to this Donnie-romance flick film..not because of Donnie, but due to a certain guest star and I like the two cute girls(plasticism? Doesn’t matter :P)

  21. Yo yo yo! How come if a person got hated by the most part of people in one country?
    There must be something wrong with Donnie Yen, Yen may be not a bad guy but try so hard to be!

  22. I’ve been reading up on the news on sina. It turns out that major stars and directors that have worked with him have all come out supporting Donnie as a professional and dedicated actor/director. Including Shuqi, Leon Lai, Chapman To, Andrew Lau, Peter Chan, Sandra Ng, Sammo Hung, Wong Jing, Feng Xiao-Gang, Raymond Wong, and the list goes on.

    There’s also news about Zhao buying fans and trashing all the above stars blogs. Shuqi got over 8000 comments in one time etc etc. It’s a very popular culture in China to buy fans on blog sites.

    Zhao should take up his contract with the film company, the people that signed the contract with him in the first place. Isn’t the contract between the actor and film company?
    How is it Donnie’s involvement?

    1. Now that you’ve mentioned it, didn’t Zhao accuse the production company at the press conference (February 29) for breaching of contract? Then all of a sudden he doesn’t even mentioned them in the March 15 interview. I’ve thought about this for a while but with your sentiments confirmed, there’s definitely something fishy going on with Zhao’s claims.

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