Donnie Yen Turns Down Bed Scenes to Avoid Upsetting Wife

Hong Kong martial artist and action star Donnie Yen (甄子丹) is well known for his professional work attitude. Earlier, while shooting Ip Man 3 <葉問3> in Shanghai, he let his costar Max Zhang (張晉) scratch his nose with a knife in order to yield realistic results. However, Donnie revealed that after marrying his wife Cecilia Wang (汪詩詩) twelve years ago, he refused to film any bed scenes to avoid upsetting her. He would rather have others call him unprofessional or arrogant.

The 52-year-old artiste barely had any rumors since joining the entertainment industry. He insisted on turning down all bed scenes and any overly intimate scenes, as he did not wish to sadden Cecilia, who is 20 years younger than him. Donnie shared that his love motto for his wife is a classic line from Ip Man <葉問>: “There is no man on earth who is fearful of his wife; there is only respect for his wife.”

Donnie and Cecilia tied the knot with a flash marriage in 2003 after dating for three months. In 2004, Cecilia gave birth to their daughter, Jasmine, and in 2007, their son, James. Donnie exclaimed, “I don’t want my kids to have to see their dad’s bed scenes when they grow older.”

Due to his hectic filming schedule, Donnie frequently spends time in Mainland China while Cecilia stays in Hong Kong with their children. Therefore, Donnie always tries his best to spend time with his family members when free from work. Many netizens praised him for being a loving husband and father.


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  1. i recall that he had a very intense bed scene in 7 swords. it was eye opening shocking b/c i didn’t expect a superstar like him having to film that.

  2. She shouldn’t be afraid, she’s beautiful and young! He is stupid is he’s being unfaithful. She will get all his fortunes if she flies for divorce.

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