Edwin Siu’s Income Soars Past $5.57 Million

Although Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) reportedly lost out to Moses Chan (陳豪) over Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) love, Edwin’s earning capacity was on par with the TV King. This year, Edwin reportedly earned more than $5.57 million HKD to-date!

Entering the music industry in 2002, Edwin was first trained as a singer. After his music career mellowed, he signed a TVB management contract in 2008. Taking on minor supporting roles initially, Edwin has now ascended to leading status in new drama, Big Wheel <巨輪>. His onscreen exposure in TVB dramas has been non-stop, raising his recognition levels in mainland China.

Being a supporting actor over the past few years may have been a blessing in disguise for Edwin. Since many TVB artists, such as Moses Chan, were frequently filming dramas consecutively, they often missed opportunities to appear in stage performances to earn extra income. As a result, supporting actors such as Edwin snapped up these stage opportunities instead.

It was understood that Edwin performed in mainland China at least once each week. Commanding $80,000 to $100,000 RMB for each 20-minute show appearance, Edwin’s income from onstage jobs pushed his income to soar past $5.57 million HKD year-to-date, making him one of the TVB actors with the heaviest pockets!

In comparison, Moses’ income was estimated to be $6.87 million HKD year-to-date.

Bars Become Lucrative Niche

Among TVB actors, it was reported that only Michael Tse (謝天華) and Edwin Siu did not mind singing at bars. However, Michael’s appearance fee was $200,000 RMB per show, making Edwin appear to be a relative bargain. When Edwin did not have to film any TVB dramas, the 35-year-old reportedly makes $300,000 RMB each month.

Branded as “Bar Prince,” Edwin responded, “The title is very humorous! Performing in China has indeed become my main source of income over the last two years. When Daddy Good Deeds was aired, I had three to four stage performances each week.” Deflecting questions on whether he earned $100,000 RMB per show, Edwin claimed that the money did not come easily, as he endured a trip which required a ten-hour trip on the road.

With his new drama, The Confidant <大太監>, to be broadcast on November 5, Edwin’s recognition levels will only rise, giving him a good chance to win the TVB Most Improved Actor award at this year’s TVB Anniversary. With his new wealth, Edwin is considering purchasing an apartment near TVB City, which will shorten his work commute time.

TVB Artists’ Stage Fees Exposed (Per Show)

Raymond Lam (林峰): $200,000 RMB

Michael Tse (謝天華): $200,000 RMB

Moses Chan (陳豪): $100,000 RMB

Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) : $100,000 RMB

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤): $80,000 RMB

Ron Ng (吳卓羲): $80,000 RMB

Eddie Kwan (關禮傑): $80,000 RMB

Lawrence Ng (吳啟華): $80,000 RMB

Raymond Wong (黃浩然): $50,000 RMB

Kenneth Ma (馬國明): $50,000 RMB

Sources: Sudden Weekly #895 via kuangaitvb.com

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  1. wow Ken Ma only charges $50,000 RMB? Can he make an appearance at my wedding??! LOL.

    1. Lol, if you pay him that much, I’m sure he will attend your reception xD free food and get paid for = bargain XD

  2. What he was interested in Amiee too? Well, there must have been some lucky star looking down on him…..since he lost out to Moses! 😛

    1. I am sure if it was between Andy Lau ( if he was unmarried that is) or Moses, she would have picked Andy instead. LOL Andy would definitely increased her popularity more by being his GF than Moses. 🙂

    2. Edwin is my favorite tvb actor! Support him for this year’s most improved award. Guys, take a look at his gd performance in 天梯!!!!!!

    3. agree totally! thank goodness

      I think he looks very sunny and cute guy

  3. Wow, surprised that Eddie Kwan made the list, didn’t know he was that sought after.

  4. Aw, Edwin deserves an award, but Him will probably grab Most Improved. Maybe Best Supporting? But…there’s Koo Ming Wah and other veterans. It’s ok. He got the exposure. Next year. 🙂

    1. so much competition this year between best supporting and most improved.
      this should be exciting!!!

      1. Me too for Oscar, but I also like Koo Ming Wah and Edwin too =/ So hard to choose.

      2. Koo Ming Wah is my pick. Both Oscar and Edwin will be in The Confidant though and since it’s a pet drama for this year, Oscar and Edwin will give competition to Koo ming Wah.

  5. I’ve seen Edwin in two mainland series, he had major rolls in them too, Clothing the world and Strange Hero, I thought he was already recognized in China already.

  6. nvr knew ma ming charge so litle for appreance.. how cme hes lower,thn ron..

    1. Because Ron is famous in longer than MM. MM only has some fame this year while Ron has it from 2004.

  7. Does any one know the price of fadans attending event? So curious

  8. I saw Edwin in Japan at the Chocolate shop and had a photo with him in 2009. ^_^ He was there with some other people from a China program. Funny no one recognised him when there were 2-3 groups of tours from Hong Kong. I was following the guide and then someone said there’s a camera crew. I turned around, saw him and shouted out his name. He turned around and smiled and said hi and then I ask if I can have a photo with him. After that everyone else wanted a photo with him! Most of them walked passed him and didn’t recognise him at all.

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