Elanne Kong Does Not Believe Rain Li Was Asked to Provide Sex Services

Universe International Chairman, Daneil Lam (林小明), reportedly asked Rain Li (李彩華) to sexually service businessmen in mainland China. Rain Li’s mother denied that Rain had provided the sexual services, but did not deny that the indecent proposal may have occurred. Once accused of breaking up Daniel Lam’s marriage, Elanne Kong (江若琳) continued to vouch for Lam’s character and refused to believe in the rumors.

Since signing with Universe International, Elanne Kong has been rumored to be the third party in Daneil Lam’s former marriage with Chui Shuet Ying (趙雪英). In their 2008 divorce crisis, Chui admitted that she had met with Elanne to question her about her involvement with Lam. Elanne cried in a radio program and defended her own innocence. The accusations finally stopped when Chui, who served on Universe International’s Board of Directors, stated that artists were an important asset of the company and thus will not comment on their private matters.

Appearing as a guest on Big Boys Club yesterday, Elanne expressed her disbelief that Daniel Lam would have asked Rain Li to sexually service businessmen. “It could not have happened! The contract is clear that it is unnecessary to participate in activities unrelated to work,” Elanne exclaimed.

Continuing to support her boss, Elanne said, “The Mr. Lam that I know will not ask artists to do such things. At celebration events, when people that I do not know well force me to drink, Mr. Lam will ask my manager to take me home.”

The 24-year-old also stated that she has never been offered any indecent proposals since entering the entertainment industry. Joking that she did not have such a market, Elanne said that she has not even attended any illicit dinner arrangements. If she were working overseas, she will only return to her hotel room at night instead of participating in social networking obligations.

Source: Yahoo.com.hk, Oriental Daily, Southcn.com

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  1. Looks like Elainne Kong provide the service to the highest of all, the boss.

    1. Which is probably why he didn’t pimp her out. Not because he’s such a stellar person.

      1. Well, every man wants to feel special, right? So he’s probably not into sharing. At least not until he gets tired of her.

    1. That or she really is sleeping with the guy. To actually defend him of that.

  2. “unnecessary to participate in activities unrelated to work”

    LOL! Servicing “would-be Mainland investors” is related to work. Isn’t it?

  3. Elann Kong is such a joy to watch in specials about food, etc being eloquent and all that but on screen in a series she is just scary to watch.

  4. Look, you want to divorce, go ahead. Why drag others into it? This is not even a case where the actress had an affair or slept with her husband but rather providing services. We know entertainment industry is dark BUT NOT ALL are such. They may be asked, but did they provide? Only they will know. But why validate this awful woman’s need to enrich herself by bringing misfortune to others who are not even involved with her?

    Whether they pimp themselves out is irrelevant. This woman’s tactic is just terrible.

    I do believe all were once asked, but not everyone will do it. And if they did, it means they were forced to since they gamble on everything for that one promise of fame and fortune. If they don’t do it they get frozen. They’re between the devil and the deep blue sea.

    1. I do believe all were once asked All TVB actresses too? The entertainment world is such a dark place to be in.

      1. The HK entertainment world perhaps.

        In other places, this squarely falls onto the women trafficking code. In the US it is considered a federal felony.

      2. And in US they have casting couches sort of thing? It happens. India too. Everywhere.

    2. IA completely. I think it’s despicable as hell that the wife is only speaking out so she’ll get a better deal. And poor Rain. Not only was she pressured into offering sex services, when she refused she got frozen and then had to pay for an early termination fee. And for everyone who refuses, there’s probably 10 other girls who actually did it because they felt they had to.

      1. It’s sad to think about how many girls actually agree and perform the services just to attain fame. As long as there is demand there will be supply.

      2. As long as women are willing to prostitute themselves for the chance at fame, it will continue to happen sadly. The men who propose these things use fear as a weapon – “tell anyone and you’ll never work in this city again” type thing.

        It think it is less prevalent in the West now, but I could just be naive in the belief that the industry has progressed.

    3. That’s what we called as “ugly divorce”.. when either party wanna create chaos to their divorce, they will pull everyone in..

  5. I believe that Rain was asked to provide services, thus was frozen. I remember when she first debuted, she was actually quite popular, but later she disappeared.

    1. *I believe that Rain was asked to provide services but refused, thus she was frozen.*

  6. As per the rumor she mayb his 3rd party and now trying to defend him. Sad much.

  7. I think it’s a well know fact that if you want to be famous than you have to pay your dues… what’s the point in defending him? In fact why get involved at all???? Bad move!

  8. i do believe there it is.. it desnt only happen in enfertainment circle.. even offce such stuff do happen.

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