Eliza Sam and Vincent Wong are Hot Contenders for Most Improved Awards

Beauty Queen Eliza Sam’s (岑麗香) popularity has been soaring since she was heavily promoted by TVB this year.  Comparatively, Vincent Wong (王浩信) may not be considered a newcomer but his stellar performance as the villain in Will Power <法外風雲> has won much critical acclaim.

With her wholesome good looks, curvaceous figure, and healthy image, Eliza is popular among viewers and advertisers. Eliza appeared in heavy roles in Sniper Standoff <神鎗狙擊> and The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II>. In Triumph in the Skies 2, Eliza’s crying scene even surpassed that of leading lady, Fala Chen (陳法拉).

Already winning the Most Promising Actress award at the TVB Stars Awards Malaysia 2013, will Eliza be able to repeat her success in Hong Kong? Eliza will be facing strong competition from Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), Grace Wong (王君馨) and Oceane Zhu (朱璇). Eliza said, “I will work hard towards my goal. Whether I win the Most Improved Award, I will still put in my best. I think Priscilla will win because of her multi-talents. Not only can she act, she is also good in hosting travel programs.”

Vincent Wong Getting Noticed

In the industry for eight years, Vincent’s career has experienced a steady increase, gaining broader recognition of his acting talent. Vincent left a memorable impression playing Damian Lau’s (劉松仁) son in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>. This year, Vincent continued to shine in Will Power as Fala’s boyfriend who raped Sire Ma <馬賽>. Even though his character was extremely hateful, viewers were awed by his acting skill. Even competitor Him Law (羅仲謙) cast a vote for Vincent.

Vincent said, “Many people made noise online and some even questioned my own personality. But everyone gave me a lot of encouragement after the drama. This time, I put in a lot of work. With good word-of-mouth, I have confidence.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Jason Chan no longer a hot contender? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

    Vincent for the win. He showed the most improvement. Frankly I also like Sammy Shum (he’s also in the same category right?) and he has the best potential to be lead actor. But for that dozen slaps twice over, Vincent deserves the win.


    2. I personally do not find Jason’s acting that bad. I feel you guys are exaggerating.

      1. HTS, I think Jason Chan is overly promoted despite his bad, wooden, acting.

      2. He is not just bad, he is seriously bad – I asked TVB to give a me try several times and provide to TVB I would be acting better than Jason like a few times but TVB told to me “Your face is not handsome enough”

      3. He is better to be a host than a supporting actor thought. I not exaggerating but that dude exaggerates when he acts. NO-OFFENSE TO ANY OF HIS FANS BUT YOU MIGHT WANT TO FIND THIS THE TRUTH. Hopefully after a few more years of learning he should be a better actor.

    3. Jason doesn’t need this small award, he’s going for the supporting category LOL.
      I find his face extremely weird when he’s trying to make some expression, and hilarious to see.

      1. Was always a fan of Vincent. I thought he was going win last year some how Oscar Lueng won last year. Vincent Wong better win this year.

      2. May I declare if supporting is his “hot contender” now, he won’t win.

      3. I also think Vincent Wong should have won the “Most Improved Actor” award last year. He is a very good actor. Don’t know why TVB has not promoted him highly yet.

      4. tvbfan, meaning if Jason is hotly tipped for Best Supporting, he is as good as lost that title. Because he won’t win.

    4. As usual funn lim is over the top and exaggerates so much. Its just spreading hatred

  2. Good luck to Vincent! I’m hoping that he does win Most Impoved! I actually didn’t really like him when he first started in War of In Laws 2 because of his annoying character and I didn’t think he was that good looking because his face look too smushed together in the center (yes, totally shallow reason). However, I think he’s become a pretty good actor and his portrayal in A Change of Heart and Will Power shows his range. For this same reason, I want Grace Wong to win too because I thought that she did very well in all the different characters she portrayed this year.

  3. Vincent yes, Eliza no. Grace Wong is better. Having 4 series airing this year doesn’t mean Eliza has improved, but TVB sure wants her to get this award, since she’s gonna be promoted to first line. Him Law is good too actually, the scene when Eliza died was well done. Still rooting for Vincent though

  4. Honestly I have to give it to Eliza Sam. i bawled my eyes out when HIPPOCRATIC Crush aired the friday episode!

    1. Lousy acting imo. All the other characters who appeared as cameo when she was on her deathbed faired better, and were the climax of my tears. All she did was lie on the bed.

      1. Lol, laying in bed require great skill when it come to eliza :p

  5. him law is so underrated hes been doing an absolutely good job in both series

  6. I support Vincent Wong. I think he is too good for “Most Improved Actor” after investing 8 years in entertainment industries. Anyway an award is better than no award to any artiste.

    I wish him GOOD LUCK and hope he will move up to act 1st lead roles soon.

    In terms of acting, I think Grace Wong acts better Eliza Sam, but it seems that Eliza is more promoted by TVB. Not surprised if she wins “Most Improved Actress” award this year.

    1. Agree with you on Grace!!
      Actually I hope GraceWong to get an award for this year!! She performs well!! Love her in Awfully Lawful, her parts with Paul are the only parts I watched! So funny!! Others, I just keep pressing the “forward” button!!
      She did good in THC2 too
      and hahahas, she is superb in Bounty Lady!!!
      Laugh till stomach cramp the part she asked the guy to place back the “pork” back at the right place!! Her tone and also the way she looks! I thought that was her favorite part that she wanted to eat!
      Turns out she wanted to take a picture with that “pork chop rice”!!

      1. YEAH! Grace Wong can act! HAHA..She usually portrays those sexy siren but in Bounty Lady her tomboy character was so likeable!

    2. I really think Grace Wong has improved a lot in her acting over the last 2 – 3 years. She definitely deserves the “Most Improved Actress” award, from not good to good.

      Eliza Sam has also improved, but just from no good to okay. As many people said, her few roles were more or less the same, not a big range in acting.

      1. @cloud 9
        Hahahahas! When the guy accidentally knock at her on the road!
        At first she was like WEI!! then hahahhahaas so dik ma?? Hahahas!
        And she looks good even w/o makeup!!!

  7. Vincent should definately win. He shows a broad range and has done well in a number of roles. Although Eliza is not bad, she keeps playing the same roles and is type cast (not necessarily her fault as some of the other young tvb actresses are as well).

    I agree that Grace should get the female vote

    1. I agree that Vincent and Grace should win! Her performance in THC 2 as a villain was nicely done! =D

  8. Somehow i’m not very appealed to Eliza though many ppl commented about her hardworking personality etc. so not so keen to see her win. But then again, the female category seems much weaker as compared to the guys whom most of them in the MI category are pretty strong actors. Rooting for Vincent!

  9. I hope Vincent wins. Indifferent about Eliza – I like her but don’t feel she has “paid her dues” yet.

  10. Vincent Wong gonna take it, hands down. Give it to him please, TVB. Him Law can’t do what Vincent Wong did in ACOH and WP. There’s nothing great about Him Law’s character in TITS2.

    Yes, Grace Wong please. She’s a more versatile actress compared to Eliza Sam for now. Love her <3

    1. Exactly. Vincent Wong is very versatile in his acting, from a good man to a bad one. I don’t see it in Him Law yet.

  11. A vote from me for Vincent Wong & Grace Wong for most improved actor & actress.

  12. Actually his wife, yoyo chen is also quite good at villain roles. Hated his wife’s roles soo much.

    1. They’re both pretty versatile artists and I do hope they both make a bigger name for themselves in the future since they can act, they have the looks and they also seem like nice people. 🙂

  13. OMG! I am so shocked! Dayo Wong is TV King! And he asked “Is that TV King? How many can be TV King?” The funniest response of the night! You know I am very happy with the results and Dayo winning. He was 1st with the peers voting but 3rd with fans. I suspect because his series is still airing. The 2nd is 1st with fans but 3rd with peers. My feeling is Chilam. 3rd I think must be Kenneth.

    Great results! Won’t dispute!

    1. No one saw that coming!!!! When i saw that Francis attended the awards presentation, i thought he would have a great chance winning BA and be the surprise winner. Unfortunately he was just a bench warmer this evening.

      For once, the results are deserving!!!! No one will dispute.

      1. But Francis did choose Dayo as winner. Very gracious. Am I the only one who thinks Chilam wasn’t very gracious?

      2. I think Francis recognized good acting vs mediocre acting. I did think Chilam speech was a bit weird but couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong as I don’t remember what he said.

      3. Really? Best friend? No wonder!

        By the way I was very happy to see Cheung Tat Ming who looks ill BUT recovering!

      4. ^ Yeah, forgot about that. Didn’t Francis appear on stage at some of Dayo’s stand-up shows as well?

      5. YEAHHH!!!
        BA = DAYO WONG and KRISTAL TIN!!!
        Best Supporting = BENZ HUI and ELENA KONG!!

      6. yeah, francis, dayo and cheung tat ming did a stand up together . Twice, in fact. It was pretty good. Authentic HK style 🙂

      7. @Funn,

        Yeah, i think they did one in 1998 and another in 2000. I remember it was a period where Wong Jing dumped a lot of trash in HK cinema, and I ended up not watching HK movies for a while.

        You can catch a clip of the show at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xHcATmMXUA

      8. @Funn Lim:

        Chilam wasn’t gracious.. he didn’t even stay behind for a group picture for all award winners, and did not accept any interviews. He too did not post any thanks on weibo, as of yet.
        Whereas, Francis did took a group picture with the crew of TITS2, and posted on weibo, thanking all the voters who voted for him.

        Yes, Francis was in the stand-up comedy with dayo waaaay back. He was very funny in it too!

        Here’s the link to the full version:

        Some parts are not very relevant now, as they were mocking the then-government etc.

      9. Wow didn’t know Chilam was such a sore loser. I think he expected the so called Best Actor accolade? Or maybe he was just busy and in a hurry?

      10. Funn, maybe he was still hoping to make it to the hkd500k event. LOL

      11. haha to cut his losses eh?

        Anyway still can’t believe I get to say this.


        Never in a million years… never…

      12. @polypetide
        Thanks so much for the link!!!
        HAHAHAHAS! Never expect to see Francis dressing and acting like that!!!
        Thus it’s right they said, only best friends bring out the craziness in us!! XD

    2. Agree with you Funn. I think this year winners were deserving and the results were fair and impartial.

      1. I am still pretty shocked Dayo won. When I started watching Bounty Lady I was thinking Dayo should win. But the series hasn’t finished airing yet. Wow… great results though.

      2. True but I think the audience and the judges thinks his performance to date is great and deserving of the title.

      3. He was 3rd with audience. So he didn’t win with the audience. He was 1st with peers. Probably with higher percentage margin. I was thinking Ruco perhaps? Then Dayo was announced. EVERYONE was shocked. Management didn’t look pleased since Dayo is his own man.

        Who is Sandy by the way? Anyone knows? Standard thank yous to Tommy, Miss Lok, Miss Tsang and Sandy.

      4. Sandy Yu, came back to TVB from ATV last year, she’s one of the executives, not sure what’s her position though. I think you should have seen her before, she’s always sitting beside Virginia Lok, I have a feeling she’s taking over Tommy Leung’s position.

  14. Chilam’s speech shocked me. Suddenly Cool Mor is not cool anymore!

    1. I am disgusted with what he said! I watched the Awards to watch him but he was a very sore looser

    2. ???? Care to elaborate? Have yet to watch it so what happened?

      1. He said “does this mean tvb doesn’t like me? Cos I only win when votes r 100% by viewers” he didn’t win BA but only the Best Character. Then he went on to say biological son is good but those who come back to help in times on need is also good… Does this imply tat he he came back to help tvb but tvb is not repaying him with the BA award?

      2. I’m thinking maybe my Cantonese is poor that I dun find it funny. Btw, I am a chilam die hard fan since 1994. Wat a disappointment,,,,

      3. “but those who come back to help in times on need is also good…”

        He may have meant his fans for giving him the award by being so loyal to vote for him. I didn’t think he meant the way you said it.

      4. maybe tvb would had gave him the tv king too but after the speech they gave it to dayo who is not a biological son and also return to help tvb. chilam could loose his popularity now after his sour speech.

      5. You’re right about the 1st part and I thought that wasn’t funny nor nice to say. The 2nd part perhaps you may have interpreted wrongly.

      6. Oh… So dayo is also not biological. Then chilam’s speech is not so bad after all.

    Best Supporting = BENZ HUI and ELENA KONG!!

      1. most improved: eliza, vincent (so happy for vincent, and im ok with eliza winning too)
        best drama: tits2
        best variety: the travel show with the 3 oldies
        best informative: the travel show with priscilla and tony hung
        best hosts: priscilla and tony
        outstanding awards: suet nei, lau kong and a few others, can’t remember
        lifetime achievement: lau siu ming

  16. when vincent first came out, i thought he looked and acted like a punk but now he’s starting to grow on me… hehehe

    eliza’s fresh faced but sometimes pics make her face look chubby like this article

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