Episodic Thoughts: Ghetto Justice (Episode 1)

Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>
TVB Series 2011

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan, Sam Lee, Eddie Kwan, Mandy Wong, Jazz Lam, Joyce Tang, Shek Shau, and others.


Remarks : This is a watch-as-I-write-from-memory episodic thought (a combination of episode summaries, reviews & critical analysis episode per episode) and therefore please take note that this write-up will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for this particular episode and some creative license was used when recreating certain scenes or dialogue. Please refrain from revealing future SPOILERS in this episode.

Landlord, Mr. Cheung vs Tenants of Shops in Shum Shui Po

The case : Oral agreement – tenancy agreement – dispute to rental
Counsel for the Landlord : Name unknown
Counsel for the Tenants : Law Ba

Finally! My most anticipated series ever, and the catchy theme song stuck in my head. Was it good? Well…of course, but I have my grouses. But first, the recap, and in some places not exact dialogue but the gist or the spirit of it.

Not much. This is after all an intro. And quite an intro.

We see a wary tired dirty messy guy playing computer and discovered his computer was hacked. He went out for late lunch, around 3 PM or so, and chastised by local people at the area of Shum Sui Po.

Pause here.

I was there! I mean I went there for their famous bamboo pressed Wonton noodle and the “sweet water” aka Tong Sui aka dessert. The best. A very interesting jam packed street but never had the impression it was big or complicated.

Anyway, continue.

He went along his business, chit chatting with 2 prostitutes who exclaimed breathily “He is so handsome!” whilst they made offers to serve him which he gallantly refused.

Pause here.

Two prostitutes, soliciting to anyone IN FRONT OF A SCHOOL YARD or PLAYGROUND! I swear! I saw children playing at the back of the scene! Woahhhhhh!!!!

Ok, he then went to a shop, sat down and was drinking tea when a policeman stopped the owner and chastised him for letting his dog pooping everywhere on the street, which is an offense punishable by a fine. The owner quickly said “But police sir, that is not my dog!” and the policeman said “You walk left…” which he did and the dog followed and he said “You walk right..” and the dog followed and the police satisfactorily said “Well… how can you now deny he isn’t your dog?” and the owner said “Well.. he isn’t! I just pitied him and fed him some ham so maybe he follows me because of that” but the police did not believe him and suddenly that messy looking man cried out for the dog which ran to him and the dog followed him everywhere. And the messy man said to the police “Police sir, see, the dog follows me, but I am not his owner. So does that mean I am liable as well?” and the police said “Who are you?” and the messy man gave a card to the owner and then said to the police “I am Law Lik Ah, a “dai loot si”.

Pause here.

** The comments in here are written before the helpful comments of Kidd in the Comments section **

There must be a difference between Loot Si and Dai Loot Si. Dai Loot Si on the card says Barrister. Loot Si, I haven’t found out. I suspect only those of certain number of years of practice, probably above 7 years can call themselves Dai Loot Si whilst those below 7 years are simply Loot Si. Now if you ask is Dai Loot Si a barrister? Not quite. You see, a barrister is usually someone who goes to court and conduct trials. A trial lawyer if you must use a simpler term. Those who doesn’t is called a solicitor. A solicitor can do those sale and purchase stuff, etc or in England a solicitor is someone that the clients will always meet first, interviewed and compile case notes and pass them all to the barrister who has little contact with the litigants but will conduct the litigation. For more on this, I remember the excellent English series, Trial And Retribution, if I remember correctly. Barrister and Solicitor only exists in the commonwealth countries; America doesn’t have that distinction in that name. In Malaysia, we have the same terms but we no longer have such distinction in the area of work. England still has that. I believe Hong Kong doesn’t have that distinction anymore, but I stand to be corrected. So when this series made a difference between Loot Si and Dai Loot Si, literally Lawyer and Big Lawyer, respectively, I think it means between them is the number of years in practice. Law Lik Ah we later found out were missing 7 years, before that he was actively practicing so I assume he must have practiced at least 10 to 14 years at the start of the series. Myolie just a couple of years, must be less than 7, same as Jazz. Jazz isn’t a chambering student since he said he conducts simpler cases, whilst complicated ones are handled by Law Ba so I believe Jazz is also less than 7 years in standing.

** The comments in here are written before the helpful comments of Kidd in the Comments section **


In Hong Kong, there is a distinction between 2 types of lawyers, a solicitor (Loot Si) and barrister (Dai Look Si). They’re different from Si Yeh (who is not a member of the bar but you can say an assistant). Everyone starts out as a solicitor, and a barrister is someone who has more than 3 years experience as a solicitor, having passed a more senior bar exams (they call it post graduate or something) and I believe a minimum 6 month pupilage, then the person now known as Barrister can appear in High  Court and Appellate courts, those you see wearing the wig/robe. It doesn’t reflect the case they handle or their function but rather where they can appear and present their case. So let’s say George has  a case before the High Court, George being a solicitor has no right to speak so he has to engage a barrister to conduct the case. That sort of distinction which these days do not exist in fused profession such as Malaysia but I believe still exists in England, but maybe in a different sense. Thanks Kidd for the discussion!


Police looked at Law Ba (we later know he is also known as LA Law or Law Ba by the locals) and said disbelievingly as he looked at Law Ba in his dirty shirt, jacket, rolled up pants and shoes with holes and without socks and said “You, a lawyer?” and Law Ba smiled and said “No, a barrister” and the police said “Your identification card please” and Law Ba gave him and then said “I don’t believe you. You don’t look like a lawyer more so a barrister. You will follow me to the police station!” and Law Ba was about to explain more when an old man ran to him crying “Law Ba!”

Pause here. I can’t remember what he was called but for simplicity, I will just say Law Ba. And I can’t remember most names so I will just interchangeably use real names or whatever name I can think of.

And the old man said “Our locals are being harassed!!” and Law Ba immediately ran and the police ran after Law Ba and lost him halfway.

We see a bunch of aunties, uncles in front of a shop facing a group of younger mean looking men and in the middle of the aunties and uncles are a rough looking guy, whom we later know as Ting Ka Fu (Sam Lee) and he angrily and with quite an attitude said “Don’t you dare cause any trouble! I will know where to find help!!” and the mean guys looked scared and for a moment I thought he is calling for help from his underworld friends when he spoke into the phone “999? Someone is causing disturbance at **address**. Come immediately!!” and the mean guys looked relieved.

Pause here.

Very clever! I actually thought he was calling his triad member friends since he looked like one but he actually called the police. Very funny!

The bald guy in the middle of the mean ones said loudly, “I am the son of the landlady, Mrs. Cheung who died recently. She left everything to me in her will, including these few shops. I have decided to raise the rent, if you can’t pay, you will leave!” and Aunty King said “Your mother when she was alive promised us that she will never raise the rent and we are free to stay here at the same rent for as long as we like to stay here!” and everyone agreed when Mr. Cheung, the bald guy said “What? My mother said that? Where is the proof? There is no written contract, so you have no proof!” and Fu said loudly, “You think we don’t know the law? The law states that an oral contract is still a valid enforceable contract!” and bald guy said “Who said so?!” and Law Ba finally arrived, sweaty, breathing heavily and gasping for air as he said, “This man is right… an oral contract is a valid enforceable contract” and the bald man looked at him and said “I don’t care! You have no proof!” and Law Ba smiled and said, “Well you can’t just come here and do whatever you want. In an oral agreement, it lasts for 3 years. How long ago she made this promise? (Auntie King said a year ago) A year ago, which means there is still 2 more years to go. And she may have left everything to you, but were you granted a probate to that will of your mother’s? No? So you’re not yet the owner, you have no right, but these people can say you are trespassing into their property and have you arrested for that.” The man knew he was defeated when the police arrived gasping and said “You’re still impersonating a lawyer!! That is a serious offense!!” and Fu said “But he is a lawyer. Didn’t I tell you to at least wear socks??” and the police did not believe him when a nice car pulled up front, out came a man dressed in a nice suit with bow tie, and he said “Hi, I am Mai Jo Ji…”

Pause here.

Ha ha!! Mai Jo Ji!! In Cantonese you can say it means “Don’t stop me” but in English can be Mike George.

Anyway the police shook his hand as George said, “I am a lawyer” and the police said “Another barrister?” and he smiled and said “No, no, just a lawyer, here is my card and here is Law Lik Ah’s Bar member card” and indeed, Law Lik Ah is a lawyer as George explains “He has always been mistaken for an impersonator because no one believes he is a lawyer thanks to the way he dresses. So I am always there to explain on his behalf so I always carry his Bar card for him. Anyway here is the proof” and everyone stared at Law Ba in disbelief that he is a lawyer, more so a barrister.

Pause here.

It seems Shum Shui Po people some knows Law Ba some doesn’t. And it was never explained how Fu became entangled with the bunch of aunties and uncles so frankly I am a bit blur on this part. Anyway to cut the long story short, Law Ba invited all of them back to George’s office, a dingy looking place with some staff as George explains, “Law here is really a barrister. I am a solicitor; I handle the simpler cases; the more complicated ones I will pass to him. Don’t worry, he will help you in this case which requires going to trial” but the people protested, unwilling to go to trial since it is expensive and not with a lawyer who doesn’t dress like a lawyer as Law Ba explains, “Don’t worry about the cost. You can all apply and qualify for legal aid” and so they looked relieved but the people asked, “But where is your office?” and Law Ba said “You want to go to my office? Okay, let’s go!” and they followed him as he led them out with a smile (always with a smile) but then he cried “Oh stop! My office is just there, opposite” and so they walked and faced a wall splattered with red paint and Law Ba explained, “It is not what you think it is. I offended some local loan sharks (or is it triad member?) when helping a local’s case” and they walked into what appears to be a traditional medicine office, filled with second hand furniture, law books and very messy place. I think George or someone explained, “The furniture here are all second hand…” as the locals sat down wearily, unsure if they can trust this lawyer with their livelihood when the earlier coffee shop owner dropped by to thank Law Ba and gave him a bottle of some ingredients and Law Ba immediately went off to try the stuff as the locals sat there thinking have they made the right choice with this lawyer who doesn’t look like a lawyer in a dingy office? Auntie King even asked, “Where got lawyer dress like him? He doesn’t even dress like one!”

Next scene, we see a pair of feet in nice pointy black shoes, and it is Myolie looking sharp in black suit, white shirt, etc. with her assistant in tow (I think also her roommate? Didn’t notice) who said “Wait! Your shirt… it is new and branded,” and Myolie proudly said, “And all the way from England at double the price too” and assistant exclaimed, “Wow! You really are so willing to spend so much!” and Myolie said, “Of course, appearance is everything if you intend to climb the ladder of success.”

Pause here.

This one scene explains the differences in ideology between Law Ba and Myolie’s character. And she does dress like a lawyer.

She walked into the court room, sat down when the door opens and in came 4 very arrogant looking people, 3 of them young and approached various lawyers and asked, “Are you a lawyer?” and they nodded and knew due to seniority in rank, they will have to relinquish their seats for the 4th guy, the senior one, Spencer Cheung Pak-kei who is a renowned lawyer. Everyone seems afraid of him, he sat down.

Pause here.

What is it with Shek Sau and arrogant lawyer roles? Not his first!


Court begins, probably magistrate court, lowest as the judge came out without a robe and as he was about to speak, Shek Sau stood up and said, “Your honour, may my case be called first? My client is a very very busy man with many things to do at his office, we can’t wait,” and the judge nervously said, “But ermmm… we have to follow the list and this won’t be fair to Miss Wong’s case,” and Myolie’s assistant whispered, “The judge is putting you on the spot!” as Myolie coolly stood up and said, “Your honour, I just realised my assistant has yet to full prepare the case notes for today, therefore I seek some time to rearrange my papers,” and the judge sighed a huge sigh of relief and said, “In that case, we can hear Barrister Cheung’s case first!” and Myolie turned to Shek Sau and smiled.

Pause here.

To clear any doubts, whilst senior lawyers are usually not that demanding in the sense of asking people to leave their seats, but it is true, juniors must give the seats to the seniors but nowadays rarely done. Like in bus and with old people. No one cares about chivalry and courteous conduct. But the idea of a junior judge being bullied by a much senior judge is quite true, but I wouldn’t say bully but I will say the junior judge being exceptionally cordial and accommodating to the senior lawyer, more so a former judge turned lawyer. You must understand, the junior judge, like a Magistrate in Malaysia is probably a new graduate, about 26 years of age and a really senior lawyer, like 40 years of practice can still appear in a magistrate court for various reasons. I have seen judges saying hello to very senior lawyers which isn’t right and by rules, judges are not supposed to be seen fraternizing with lawyers. Anyway I find this scene rather real and proper, and coming from TVB, I think finally someone did their research.


In the bar, as in literally a pub sort of bar (not the lawyer bar), assistant said to Myolie, “Why did you let his case be heard first? Surely you’re not trying to get his attention,” and Myolie said, “I have no intention of staying at where I am,” and assistant said, “You want to work for him? Of course, he is always handling the big cases earning huge money whilst us… small cases, small fees,” when the assistant continued, “Oh there’s his assistant, Victor,” and Myolie targeted him and chit chat and offered to be taken to some function as his date when Victor realized her target is his master/employer and not him and Myolie smiled sweetly.

In the car, assistant said to Myolie, “I heard some news, that Cheung Pak Kei was not the first choice as lead counsel, I heard Law Lik Ah was first approached and he rejected the offer,” and Myolie perked up and said, “Law Lik Ah?” and assistant said, “Oh I forgot, your idol,” and Myolie said, “Of course! He and I share the same career route. He and I were poor students, earning our degrees through scholarships, which built our careers without relying on so called connections, but based on our own strengths. He was legendary in the courts, but then he suddenly disappeared 7 years ago; no one heard from him since…”

Curious! Curious!

Next scene we see Law Ba, George and Fu standing by the roadside near a dumpster when Law Ba bought grapes and started challenging Fu and George to a duel of who can spit out the … what do you call… the grape’s ermm…oh that thing inside(!!) and into the small dumpster and George who looks, dresses and acts like proper lawyer in the end joined in when Law Ba spit and one hit Myolie who was passing by staining her very expensive white shirt. Of course she was very angry, confronted the 3 of them and Law Ba denied doing it but his friends revealed he was the culprit and so we have the essential boasting of knowledge of law scene. Seriously TVB, do doctors go about telling everyone and anyone symptoms of certain illnesses and diagnose people on the street just like that? Likewise with lawyers, who threatens to sue each and every time? Well Myolie did and she said “You can be fined for throwing rubbish on the streets!” and Law Ba cheekily said, “I didn’t. You did. You caught it and you threw it on the floor. Wasn’t me,” and Myolie said angrily, “Fine! That at least counts as assault!” and Law Ba said, “Hardly; there was no intention involved, surely that can’t count as assault!” and Myolie angrily said, “Fine! You will follow me to the police station to record a charge! Now!” and of course they all refused when suddenly Eddie Kwan appeared and said, “Hi guys! Got work at the police station!” and Myolie immediately said, “You, police?” and of course he admitted that and Myolie said “You will go to the station and record an incident of this man throwing rubbish onto the floor! I will check to see if you did and if you did not, I will make you pay!”

Pause here.

I think Law Ba did reveal he is a lawyer in this scene though I can’t remember.

Shocked, Law Ba or one of them exclaimed, “What kind of girls we have in Hong Kong these days?! That sort of bitchy type? Yeah, Hong Kong girls!” and they wanted to leave as Eddie said, “Let’s go” but Eddie stopped them and said, “I mean to the station; need to record this if not I may get hanged,” and the 3 guys looked at him and sighed…”You, the police, eeesshhh”.

Seriously, that scary a woman? I thought she was right to be angry though. I mean come on Law Ba, why are you such a jerk.

Myolie went to a local shop at Shum Shui Po and we find out it is her mother’s shop. Her mother is Auntie King and she did come from a very humble background. She has a younger brother and sister, no father (probably dead) and a mom who sells fish balls for a living. She helped out, ignoring the fact she was wearing her expensive white shirt now stained thanks to Law Ba. Not much later she found out about the impending lawsuit and she sighed and told her mom ,”Mother, I am now working and I can take care of the family. You can stop selling fish balls and retire,” but Auntie King said, “I raised the 3 of you selling fish balls. Moreover how will the locals feel if I just stop selling suddenly? They like my fish balls. No worries, we have found a lawyer and he is rather good. The locals said he is very helpful and has helped with many cases involving poor people,” and Myolie said “Mother, I can’t believe you have a lawsuit and you didn’t find me to help. Who is he anyway, this lawyer you spoke about? A good lawyer with a practice in Shum Shui Po?” and Auntie King excitedly exclaimed “There, there he is!” and Myolie looked over and saw 4 men walking towards her, Law Ba busy digging his nose, the rest just didn’t look like who they say they were.

Pause here.

It was quite a funny scene. Imagine, lawyers who don’t look like lawyers, a cop who isn’t as brave as a cop, a social worker behaving like some triad member; even George who dresses well, is polite but doesn’t really fit into the lawyer look. None of them look like who they say they are so I can’t blame Myolie for being flipping mad. And I have a feeling opening a law firm in Shum Shui Po must be quite a demotion in status.

They saw her and immediately said, “Hong Kong girl,” and Myolie walked to them and said “You…” pointing to Law Ba… “a lawyer?” and Law Ba smiled and said “You’re Auntie King’s daughter?” and she said, “Yes, my name is Si Fu and don’t you dare laugh at my name, my father gave me that name to remind me of my humble beginnings,” and Law Ba smiled and said, “Well, I am Law Lik Ah and I have no idea why my father named me that. Here here, take my card,” and she took his card and on it written a prostitute’s phone number. Naturally she was disgusted and he quickly took back the card and said with a smile, “That number… hey, don’t think I am a customer! I helped her sort out her problems with her pimp, that’s all,” and Myolie was like, “Yeah right” and he gave her another card as he said, “Hi, I am Law Lik Ah, barrister” and she was in shocked as she exclaimed “Law Lik Ah? LA Law? The LA Law? The legendary LA Law?” and Law Ba smiled and said, “You know me that well? Am I that well known?” and Myolie in shocked and in total disbelief.

Back at home, her assistant is her roommate and she was doing yoga when Myolie (now I shall call her Kris) said dejectedly, “I met my idol today,” and her friend fell and said, “Law Lik Ah? Isn’t he dead or something?” and Kris said, “No, he isn’t. I don’t get it. He was such a rising star, such a legend, but now, you should have seen him, he doesn’t even dress properly, and he has reduced himself into a lawyer for the ghettos! Why? Why did he do this to himself?”

And frankly I wanna know too. But of course the series will tell, sooner or later. But I don’t like her dismissive attitude even if he looks and acts like a jerk, although always with a cheeky smile.

Auntie King was visited by that Mr. Cheung (that new landlord) and she heard someone shouting the law enforcement from the local council is here (those who fine illegal hawkers) and she started to push her cart.

Pause here.

She has a shop. She conducts business in the shop. WHY ON EARTH IS SHE RUNNING?

Anyway her cart’s wheel fell apart and fell on that Mr. Cheung’s leg and he screamed in pain as Auntie King panicking said, “Are you ok? Are you ok? No worries! I will pay for your medical fees!” and that bald dude said “You said that, remember that! Oral agreement is still a valid agreement!” and so he hopped away, leaving Auntie King looking rather worried.

At night, bald dude and gang appeared, he hobbled on crutches and demanded $30million HKD as compensation and Auntie King knew she was set up as she said, “Your real purpose is to run me out of business isn’t it?” and bald dude smiled in triumph. Auntie King was stuck.

Pause here.

Look, in this situation, go to court also his leg isn’t worth $30million HKD. Believe me, unless he is some first class Olympic runner.

Kris in her office, with some big case, called her mom said she is not coming back tonight when she felt something was amiss and her brother told her what happened and her mother tried to play down the situation when her sister confirmed what happened and Kris angrily said, “Where is that lawyer? Shouldn’t he be handling this?” and Auntie King said, “He said no worries, he didn’t come to see me,” and Kris exclaimed, “WHAT? What sort of a lawyer is he that he doesn’t care about his client! Disappearing in such emergency! Mother, I told you he can’t be trusted. He visits prostitutes!” and Auntie King said, “The locals said he was just helping them,” and Kris exclaimed, “I am coming home, mother.”

In her convertible, she drove fast…

Pause here.

Her car, her manner of dress, her office, her behavior shows to me Kris is someone who values appearances and that she is trying to wash away her humble beginnings from Shum Shui Po. Not that she is someone who is ashamed of her background but rather she is trying exceedingly hard to blend into the society she chose to be in.

She stopped when she saw Law Ba drinking beer by the roadside. She rushed to him and noticed he was staring at the entrance of a night club. Angrily she walked right up to him and said “Do you know my mother has an emergency with that landlord? Did you even check the cart at all? Mother fixed the cart and the wheels don’t fall out just like that!” and Law Ba wearily said, “I did ask my friend to check; there is no proof to accuse him of fixing the wheels,” and Kris said, “So what do you plan to do now? Just stand here, drinking, looking at those girls? What are you going to do?!” and Law Ba said “Look, I am handling the case ok?” and Kris said “You better do! I will check on your progress!” as she left when she looked back she saw Law Ba has walked into the front of the night club, unzipping and pissing in full view of everyone and directly onto a man with crutches who immediately jumped about to avoid Law Ba. Kris ran there and said, “What sort of a man are you?! Mister, I saw everything! Don’t you worry, I will be your witness!” as the man exclaimed, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?…Oh, it’s you,” and Law Ba took off his hat and smiled and said to Kris, “You sure you saw everything? Good! Remember everything, especially how he jumped a few times to avoid me, this Mr. Cheung and this will come in handy since he just committed fraud,” and Kris realised what had happened and said, “You’re Mrs. Cheung’s son?!” and the bald dude looked rather… weary. Inside the nightclub, Law Ba obtained a CD aka the security camera tape showing what happened. 

They were walking together as Law Ba smilingly said, “With this, the matter can be resolved!” and Kris said, “That despicable man. I will sue him for this!” and Law Ba said, “Why do you always talk about suing people? Do you enjoy suing people? You may but your mother and the locals don’t,” and Kris teased, “Or is it because you haven’t been to court for 7 years so you’re rusty?” and Law Ba said wisely, “They want to resolve this amicably and we should respect their wishes. Not everything can be and should be resolved through the courts.”

Next scene was a meeting with the bald dude and his lawyer and Law Ba said, “You are a filial son, you must respect your mother’s wishes to honour the oral agreement, so you will let this run for 2 years and after that you will grant a further extension of 2 more years,” and Mr. Cheung said, “Why should I?” and someone reminded him of the punishment for fraud which is max 14 years in jail and his lawyer whispered something and he said, “Fine, do whatever you want!” and he left as George said to the lawyer, “I will finalize the tenancy agreement with you later,” and everyone cheered and thanked Law Ba whose only request was for extra 2 fish balls the next time he pays Auntie King a visit when Auntie King led him to another room and there was a buffet feast. Well, Auntie King and gang must have been very confident at winning since surely between the time of walking from Law Ba’s office to George’s office isn’t enough to make all those things!

Anyway a happy feast and… next episode, remember the cafe shop owner with that dog following him around? He was accused of… MURDER!! Very happy this series doesn’t waste time on dragging their feet and go straight to suspense.

Ok, my comments.

Love the first episode even though some scenes are plain weird in terms of how they arrange all those buffet so fast and why Auntie King need to run when her shop is there and such. I am happy to note the legal aspect is realistic even if a bit of a show off as I have mentioned above. And the obligatory pub scene for lawyers drinking red wine but now we have the other aspect as represented by Law Ba; drinking pearl milk tea. I like that. And I don’t believe that someone who dresses the part plays the part well so I do think a lawyer dressing like Law Ba can be competent. From the description, he was also ambitious and very talented so why he chose this path? Don’t tell me! I shall find out soon enough. I love the fact that the first episode highlights the differences between Law Ba and Kris’ professional world.

Performances wise, no complaints except… frankly… Kevin Cheng is charming with that lazy smile of his and this role suits the laidback part of him but the uncouth part of him is not convincing at all. He can look the part, dress the part but if you want me to believe Kevin Cheng is the uncouth Law Ba, I don’t think so. Law Ba is supposed to be those people’s lawyer, with that sort of personality and I don’t think Kevin captured that well at all. But laidback is done to perfection. I read Bowie Lam was first choice for this role and I understand why. He would have given Law Ba that gritty edge, that uncouth look of a person who you know deep down is rather graceful but chose to behave that way. Kevin lacks that gritty edge but made up with his laidback attitude and his frequent smiles.

Myolie Wu looks very slim, her face way too sharp and I love her hair. Performance wise, I like her since she can do bitchy. No hint of overacting which is good and so all I can say is so far so good.

Jazz Lam seems a bit of a miscast as the well mannered young junior lawyer although again the idea of his casting is quite certainly as against type; again nothing much to say.

Sam Lee… nothing much to say except I thought his first appearance in this series was a rather funny scene.

Eddie Kwan who still looks good but a bit too old to play this role but then someone must be the obligatory best friend cop.

Worst actor is of course Stephen Hyunh, which is expected but I never expected him to look so short and bulky next to Myolie.

The rest no comment.

What more can I say? So far, so good!

And yes, the theme song is still stuck in my head.



I was told the famous butt crack scene is in Episode 1, after Law Ba met Kris. I swear, I saw this…

I saw this…

Wow. Super spray!

But I never saw this!

I SWEAR!!!!!! Anyway looks like from either the grape seed scene or the fish ball store scene. 

Censored? NO!!!!!!! UNFAIR!!! Although seriously no big deal scene. The pants should go lower!

This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at Point2e.com

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  1. Thank you Jayne for posting this up. I must stress, it isn’t verbatim and huge huge spoilers. Please… be … kind… arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. haha Funn.

      I like how you wanted the last pic which shows Kevin’s pant was hanging loose there showing half of butt crack keke.

      I think kevin did a good job in portraying this Ghetto looking lawyer.

  2. Great job!

    I must say that the timing is impeccable with this quote “Worst actor is of course Stephen Hyunh, which is expected but I never expected him to look so short and bulky next to Myolie.” and his exclusive interview above this post. haha

    1. I think I can say that is PURE coincidence but that being said, I suppose there must be some divine inter(vention) but really ruption. It is funny though!!

  3. Haha great read! Thank You Funn for giving up your time to write this. Will you write all 20 episode of the reviews?

    1. Yes I will, I have in fact written up to ep 4 and right now writing ep 5 since that was the last episode I watched.

      1. Funn,
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts on “Ghetto Justice”! Your writing is very vivid and makes the scenes replay in my head as to what happened. Although I still prefer more commentary, more viewer reaction rather than recap of scenes. The dialogue bits are good though. 🙂

  4. “In Hong Kong, there is a distinction between 2 types of lawyers, a solicitor (Loot Si) and barrister (Dai Look Si). They’re different from Si Yeh (who is not a member of the bar but you can say an assistant).”

    And the most famous Si Yeh of them all: Yu Lok Tin who looks very much like a certain standup comedian called Wong Chi Wah. He was so proud of his job (or should I say insufficiently equipped in the English language dept) that he filled out the job position space for his legal firm’s HR form as C Yeah!

  5. It would be helpful if you do research and write on it instead of thinking out your tots and trying to bring us along with you and your questions. Some of the context are very hong kong cos this is hk drama and hk scenario. It would help if you find out how barristers and solicitors differ in msia and hk and not bring us through your own agony. Hk girls is a hk pun. Please do research instead of sharing your ignorance

    1. This series of articles are called ‘Episodic Thoughts’. It’s Funn’s thoughts from watching the series. It’s not an official review. Nothings wrong with sharing her thoughts on various matter related to the series. That’s the reason I enjoy reading Funn’s episodic thoughts.

      I’m sure Funn know what ‘HK girls’ mean. But, pray tell, what words/names do you suggest Funn used to recap the dialog if not ‘HK girl’?

  6. I enjoy reading your comments and would prefer if you would do an actual review or more commentary and thoughts rather than recap of each scene. It is a lot of writing (and reading) to recap each scene.

    1. But, if funn just do commentary without recap, readers who have not watch the series might not be able to make head or tail of her commentary.

      1. So Funn is like writing cliff notes for people too lazy to watch the series. Not good news for tvb business.

      2. Maybe.. maybe people might want to watch after reading my summary? No? Hasn’t everyone watched Ghetto Justice??

    2. Thanks for your comments. An actual review may never materialise with the way I write these days, at least with this episode per episode recap it is easier for me to write even if I do agree a lot more longwinded.

  7. Of all 2011 series I still think this is the best, Kelvin act this Law Ba character very well and very different from all his previous movies. I dont expect that he can act so well. I hope Ghetto Justice II will be even better.
    Looking forward to that.

  8. Thank you, Funn, for your “thoughts” which I find very useful as recaps. You have well to find out the difference between a barrister and a solicitor which I do not think many people do, especially in Malaysia, as I found out. Yes, the censors did their job well and omitted the very scene which has been most talked about, the butt-revealing one. I am quite sure this is not the only part that has been censored. I like watch this episode, one of my favourites, as it makes a very good intro to the whole series. I just enjoy watching Law Ba and his antics, also his serious moments. Well done, Funn.

  9. Is already have a review on this drama ,why write other review ?

  10. Thanks for the effort but way too long to read, especially for one episode. Lost me after the first paragraph.

  11. Wow. This has to be a lot of effort. Funn are you a watch-maker by day cause this is some is some serious watch-maker’s perseverance. You just made me think, wouldn’t it be great if someone reviewed your episodic thoughts? hahahahha

    1. And someone review someone’s review of my review and this will never ever end!!

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