Episodic Thoughts: “Three Kingdoms RPG” (Episode 13)

Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國>
TVB Series 2012

Cast: Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan, Ruco Chan, Kaki Leung, Joseph Lee, Savio Tsang, Jimmy Au, Law Lok Lam, and Ha Yu.


This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologise if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“Your 2nd son will remain as the 2nd son, as always”

I find this episode troubling when it comes to ZGL’s character. You and I both know he is supposed to be genius, that’s why at his young age he was recruited. However as I watched this series up until now at episode 13, I find him rather inept in actually suggesting a first solution. His brilliance is upon other’s first suggestion, not from him first. Shun at least suggested something first, Man Yeuk as in Cao Cao’s adviser suggested something first, even Yuet Ying suggested something first but ZGL none. My impression is Yuet Ying is so much smarter than ZGL, perhaps Lau Bei should recruit her. In fact this series has made Yuet Ying so smart that her smartness cancels out ZGL’s brilliance and it doesn’t look good for ZGL. And one scene irritates me; that begging scene which I will recap shortly. ZGL will NEVER let Lau Bei beg in the way he did, he would in fact find ways to overcome that difficulty. But not this ZGL. He begs as well. Where is the arrogant almost egoistical ZGL? He doesn’t exist in this series. What we have is an almost TOO gentlemanly ZGL that I find him a total failure as an adviser. That is why the writing for the past few episodes with regards to ZGL troubles me deeply. Knowing Yuet Ying is smart is one thing, but to show how she thinks of simple things HE never thought of, especially politics which he knows and sees on a daily basis as opposed to his wife suggests to me an inept adviser.


And so it rains. And then there’s a battle between Lady Choi’s army and Lau Bei’s and Lau Bei is winning. Remember the flower petal falling scene in episode 12? Apparently it shows unease and one day when ZGL was sleeping, Yuet Ying stands outside looking at the rain and ZGL wakes and goes to her and asks “What are you doing here in the middle of the night? Come back in” as Yuet Ying sighs “The rain.. it is still as heavy. I fear for the people, how much they are suffering.. especially in Dongwu…” and ZGL says “This is not the only thing you worry about?” as Yuet Ying says “There’s Cao Cao, what if he sees the terrible situation at Dongwu and the conflict at Xiangyang and take advantage of it by attacking Jingzhou?” and ZGL goes “Why didn’t I see that before? Yes you worries are valid indeed!”

and I was like “YOU NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT?!”

and he relays the same message to Lau Bei during meeting and he says “I can only hope Cao Cao does not see this point yet”

so why not get prepared?!

Cao Cao’s adviser, Man Yeuk looks at the rain alone and suddenly he goes “Even the heavens is on our side” and he rushes to see Cao Cao who was napping his afternoon nap so the guard is reluctant to wake him and so Man Yeuk slaps him and says loudly “You inept servant. I have urgent news to inform his lordship!” and Cao Cao wakes and says “Man Yeuk? Come on in!” as the guard mouths a “thanks” to Man Yeuk and he walks in.


Man Yeuk is ok guy isn’t he?


Man Yeuk apologises for disturbing Cao Cao’s nap as Cao Cao says “I know you. You will never disturb me if it is not important. What is it?” as Man Yeuk says “My lord, the time has come for us to attack and capture Jingzhou. The heavy rain has affected Dongwu of Yizhou and this has kept Sun Quan busy and so Jingzhou being held by Lau Bei is practically undefended. Plus Lau Bei is now currently in conflict with Lady Choi, over the succession for the position of lord of Jingzhou. With his attention diverted and resources low plus with the heavy rain where morals of his troops are low as well, we can take advantage of this. We can win this and this is the time” and Cao Cao laughs “You have always been my most treasured adviser and your advice is brilliant! And so it shall be. I may have lost one afternoon nap but with that I would gain one Jingzhou!”

I see Man Yeuk more capable than ZGL from the way things are going. And he is right.

Long story short about what happens next. Hon and assistant escapes prison after he started a riot when he found out Lady Choi’s army is in fierce battle with Lau Bei and Chiu Chi Lung’s men came to prison and asking for the guards to join in as they don’t have enough men and everyone became very scared of the fearsome Lady Choi’s army.


I never heard fearsome Lady Choi’s army before and now suddenly they’re fearsome? I thought her army is weaker?


Anyway he kills the guards, escapes, whilst running and being shot with arrows he grabs his assistant to block the arrow and as his assistant is dying he says “Better you than me!” and he runs away.

News reach Lau Bei that Cao Cao will personally lead 500,000 men to attack and capture Jingzhou. Lau Bei is very worried and so is ZGL even though Shun says “But we beat them before at Bok Mong City! We can beat them again!” but I think it was Lau Bei or ZGL who says “Back then they had only 100,000 men. Now with 500,000 and with Cao Cao leading them personally, their morale and confidence is increased.. it does not look good at all” and now Shun is worried. No one knows what to do.

Sky is bleak and maids and servants are all whispering rather loudly “Cao Cao is coming! I heard his troops will kill the men and rape the women. They’re cruel! What should we do?!” as Shun overhears and says confidently “Come on! We beat them at Bok Mong City before, remember? No worries. We will be fine! We will win!” but he isn’t so confident when he hides and sms his sis for the news on the battle that will soon to come.

Meanwhile, the 2 missus have been praying at almost all temples in Xianye. Significance of this scene? Well they’re contributing and Song Yau needs some airtime.

Song Yau sees Shun pacing around and she walks away.

Shun checks his SMS and sees 1 message when Song Yau interrupts him who rudely says to her “Aren’t you supposed to work?” and Song Yau wants to strike up a conversation and even offered to cook him some food but Shun says “I am not hungry!” as Song Yau says in a small voice “Brother Wan Shun, are you angry seeing me?” and Shun says loudly “Yes, the more I see you the angrier I am. So.. just go back to your duties ok? Just leave me be and just go!” and she looks very hurt by this very obvious rejection and walks away.

And a nice intelligent girl like Song Yau shouldn’t put up with such crap. Why she does is beyond me. Surely she must see that he is always avoiding her and now directly tells her to leave him alone?

Shun quickly checks his SMS and his sis basically confirms the worst news; Lau Bei will lose terribly. Shun decides to change history.


Shun suggests something drastic which he says “You may not like it, but it is our only hope in winning this impending war. My lord, you must go to Lady Choi and suggest a truce and to cooperate with those rebels from Xiangyang” and Cheung Fei and Guan Yu both say at different times “Cooperate with that sei pat poh? No way!!” as Shun says “My lord, with this truce only then can we combine our troops and work to expel Cao Cao!” and ZGL being the always backup man says he agrees with Shun’s logic, except he put them in much better words. Anything original dear Mr Zhuge? Shun says “However distasteful, we must change. A very famous black man from Wuyishan (?) once said we must change (change he says in English) and ZGL says “Both Lady Choi and Choi Muk are cowards. I have no doubt they will agree to our proposal” And finally everyone agrees, however distasteful it may be as Guan Yu says “Alright. Even if I shall need to cooperate with that sei pat poh, I shall listen to Wan Shun and accept (in English) change”.

Lady Choi is panicking as she hears Cao Cao is coming with 500,000 men and her.. brother? Choi Muk says “I can’t even defeat Lau Bei, more so 500000 men of Cao Cao!” and Lau Chung scared says “Mother, let’s run. I can never be Lord of Jingzhou. I don’t want to die!” when servants come in and says Lau Bei wishes to see her.

So she went, or rather maybe he came to see her, not sure and can’t remember. Anyway meeting took place and they suggested what they discussed to Lady Choi who says grandly “For 900,000 people of Jingzhou, I shall agree to cooperate with you Lau Bei!” and I think ZGL says “And so, Lady Choi and Lau Chung will guard the 4 cities in the west” and Lady Choi goes “Just 4 cities? and in the treacherous terrains of the west, how kind of you to us. What of Jingzhou?” as ZGL says “You and General Choi Muk knows the west terrains better than anyone. With you guarding the west, we will be secured against Cao Cao. As for Jingzhou, rightfully Lau Kei will be the lord of Jingzhou since he is first born. And after this is done, you may continue to reside in the west if you wish and the 4 cities are yours to govern. I have made some calculations, and 4 cities is not more and certainly not less for the number of your troops. 1 more city and your troops will not be able to handle it” as Lady Choi says angrily “And what a deal this is. Tell me, do you wish to continue to ignore my son Lau Chung?” as ZGL says deadpan “Lau Chung as the 2nd son will remains as the 2nd son, as always”


Lady Choi knows she has no choice and when she wants to fight for more rights Lau Bei and ZGL say “Well if you disagree, so be it. We shall leave!” when Lady Choi stops them and says “For my people I shall agree” and she does so with a sneer on her face.

Cao Cao is not having a good day. His general, General Cheung Liu or something like that comes back and reports they are losing in the west and he needs 10,000 more men I think as Lady Choi suddenly deploys 3000 more men there to combine with Lau Bei’s forces. Cao Cao says “Aren’t Lau Bei and Lady Choi fighting?” and Man Yeuk says “I have never thought they would call a truce!” and so more army are deployed as General says he will win this! Yeah! He will!

I suppose they never thought there will be a truce and in a way I find that logiocal. And I thought however selfish Lady Choi may be she won’t be so stupid as to throw away Jingzhou. I was wrong.

Hon wants to see Cao Cao, being denied when Man Yeuk sees him and invites him in.Apparently they know one another. Actually small world lar!!

“Thank you for seeing me. I still remember when we were both young men at the start of our career looking for a good master when we first met at Peng City. I am touched you still remember me…” as Man Yeuk says “I have always admired your brilliance when we first met and I have followed your career with Lau Bei very closely ever since as you were Lau Bei’s most higly regarded adviser” as Hon spits “Lau Bei! Don’t talk about him! He would imprison me on such trivial evidence. My heart is dead. My loyalty is no longer with him and I am in search of a better master to pledge my loyalty to so that I can assist him in defeating that ungrateful Lau Bei!” as Man Yeuk nods and says “My master, Cao Cao is always in search and in need of brilliant man such as yourself. If you can propose a good strategy, he will regard you highly but make no mistake, of he thinks nothing of your strategy, he will be wary of you and may even have you executed”. Hon says “Oh I have a brilliant idea that can help Prime Minister Cao to defeat Lau Bei” and Man Yeuk asks “So how long before we can capture the west?” and Hon says “In 30 days..” as Man Yeuk says “No no, too long” and Hon says “15 days” and Man Yeuk says “I am afraid my master will not be happy with that” and Hon says “7 days. In 7 days your master will even capture Jingzhou!” and Man Yeuk smiles and says “And I think his lordship will be very pleased to hear that”


Is Man Yeuk genuine?


Hon sees Cao Cao as Hon himself is busy eating and Cao Cao was very courteous and hopes the food is good as Hon says “I am deeply moved by my lord’s generosity towards me. I have always envied brother Man Yeuk for having secured a good and capable master and I wish the same” and Cao Cao says “Enough with the flattery. I have heard enough of flattery. So what is your plan to capture the west in 7 days?” and Hon says “It is not a plan but a mere trick. That is turn Lady Choi and Lau Bei against one another” and Man Yeuk explains the brilliance of the idea and Cao Cao agree.

Lady Choi is told someone from Cao Cao camp is here to see her and in walks Hon and everyone is surprised as he smugly says “Why are you all so surprised I am now working for a worthy master like Prime Minister Cao? And what is this? Not even a cup of tea to welcome your most honoured guest’s representative?” and Lady Choi carefully says “Tea for Adviser Hon! What is it do you want?” as Hon smugly says “As you know, PM Cao is on his way with 500,000 strong men. Save yourselves and pledge allegiance to the great PM Cao” as Lau Chung angrily says “You dare to suggest that?!!” as Lady Choi says “What’s in it for me?” as Hon says “Lady Choi, I know you’re a practical woman. Let’s face the reality here. You working with Lau Bei, what will you get in the end? Just that 4 cities because Lau Bei will force you out of Xiangyang, the land where your husband built his city in his lifetime. And you wish to just let that Lau Bei take it? And after that, after giving Xiangyang to Lau Bei, your worth is zero. You were a pawn and you will become a worthless pawn. And didn’t you know? Lau Bei and his men calls you sei pat poh, and he curses you death every single day! You were too giving to cooperate with that devious Lau Bei. Join PM Cao, and he promises that once the war is won and Lau Bei is defeated, you shall get Jingzhou and nothing will change, it will be the same like it was with your husband, and your son Lau Chung will be Lord of Jingzhou and you my lady will be appointed as the ruler behind the veil”


Something like that, behind the veil meaning she will hold true power.


Lady Choi and Lau Chung look at him and agrees.


Dumb isn’t it? Cao Cao will eat them for tea time I tell you! And how she knows what sei pat poh means since it is a modern term unless she understands the sei (death) word?


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://3kingdomsrpg.blogspot.com

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