Episodic Thoughts: “Three Kingdoms RPG” (Episode 12)

Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國>
TVB Series 2012

Cast: Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan, Ruco Chan, Kaki Leung, Joseph Lee, Savio Tsang, Jimmy Au, Law Lok Lam, and Ha Yu.


This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologise if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“I must admit, I am neither as smart as you Adviser Zhuge nor as strong as my 2 brothers, and yet I could command such loyal supporters in my bid for a kingdom. Do you know why?”
This episode is all about 7 men against 1 woman. And that 1 woman is very formidable but alas, she losses in the end. Yes, this is the 1st fall of sei pat poh. Anyway my memory is a bit jumbled up so this may not be an accurate scene per scene as per the episode but is true to the spirit of this episode.


Lau Biu wants to give Jingzhou to Lau Bei as Lau Bei exclaims “You .. want to bequeath Jingzhou to me? But why?” as Lau Biu says “You will be a good ruler. You are kind, you will show my people compassion..” as Lau Bei sincerely says “Brother, you will be well enough to rule Jingzhou!” as Lau Biu says “Can’t you see brother? I am very sick. My life is hanging by a thread and  I will be damned if I ever should leave Jingzhou at the mercy of that devious woman! Brother, say yes to my request!!” as Lau Bei frowns.

Meeting time and Lau Bei explains what is going on and everyone is like “If he wants to give you Jingzhou, then take it! You’re the best person to rule, brother!” as Lau Bei says “I can’t. If I accept I will be accused as ungrateful for having taken Jingzhout away from my benefactor” as Shun says “But my lord, you’re not taking it. You’re bequeathed with it. If someone wants to give you something so badly, who would blame you for taking it!” as Lau Bei says “Adviser Zhuge, what is your opinion in this?” as ZGL slowly rises (NO!! SIT! SIT!!) and says earnestly and in that Raymond Lam breathy way “My lord, if neither son is deemed suitable even by Master Lau Biu himself and he has chosen you as his successor, my opinion is you must take it. No one will talk badly of you since it is the will of Master Lau Biu” but Lau Bei says “NO! I will not! It is not a matter being given the city but it is a matter of honour. It will be against everything I hold true if I were to accept this offer. I will be deemed ungrateful and unkind, to which I shall not wished to be accused of!” and he I think stormed off.

ZGL walks to the main hall and sees Lau Bei sitting alone, frowning. He walks in and Lau Bei nonchalantly says “Oh Adviser Zhuge, come in” as ZGL walks in and says “My lord is reading at this hour?” as Lau Bei says “A habit of mine, to read before retiring to my sleeping chamber” and ZGL says “Do remember my plans when we first met? Jingzhou will be your stepping stone, then conquering Jiangxia in order to establish what will be the eventual 3 kingdoms I have envisioned” as Lau Bei nods and shows him the book he was reading and in it there’s a 4 word thing where basically it says “Just and honourable” or something like that and Lau Bei says “When I was little, I asked my father what would be the most ideal way to govern a kingdom and he wrote for me these 4 words. I must admit, I am neither as smart as you Adviser Zhuge nor as strong as my 2 brothers, and yet I could command such loyal supporters in my bid for a kingdom. Do you know why?” as ZGL perplexed as Lau Bei says “These 4 words were a huge influence in shaping the man I am today. Just and honourable, just in my ruling and honourable in my behaviour, which is why I can’t accept Jingzhou” and ZGL moved said “My lord, you have opened my eyes today. You’re truly compassionate and benevolent, as you’re just and honourable. I shall do my best to persuade others to understand your reasons” as Lau Bei says “I know I can depend on you to understand my reasons Adviser Zhuge”.

I can’t remember what happened next but I think there was a meeting and Lau Bei told them his decision and he proposes to support Lau Kei in his bid as the successor.


I don’t know why they’re so keen on Lau Kei except perhaps Lau Chung is so bad Lau Kei seems an obvious and only choice. They keep saying Lau Kei is kind, etc but I have yet to see what sort of kindness they’re talking about so I will assume he has done good deeds. But it sure looks like Lady Choi is such an obvious wrong choice, ANYONE is better than her son Lau Chung.


Next day or whatever, Lau Bei comes back into the hall and everyone listens as he says “I have told the chief of Jingzhou (should be lord of Jingzhou but since I used Chief since day 1, I will continue with chief) of my decision and that I will support Lau Kei as his successor. He was very happy to hear what I have to say” and so it is decided.

And then it starts to rain.


It seems every time any urgent dilemma caused by Lady Choi, there is heavy rain. I thought that was rather funny.


Lady Choi is here to see Lau Bei, probably to get him to support Lau Chung. Lau Bei doesn’t know what to do as Shun says “Don’t see her my lord. Because since she tried to bribe you and failed, she will probably use force this time” and ZGL says “I agree. Since you’re not answerable to her, my lord need not see her at all” and so Lau Bei made an excuse he is in an urgent meeting. Lady Choi in her palanquin says she will wait, and the day turns to night turns back to day and the rain is persists. Some servant brings out hot drink and says Lau Bei still busy and Lady Choi angrily walks out of the palanquin, threw the tea and angrily say “LAU BEI!! I WILL REPAY YOU FOR THIS DISRESPECT!!” and then she leaves. Poor servants who waited whole night and day in the rain. I can imagine all of them dying of pneumonia.

When Lau Bei hears she is gone, he is relieved and Shun proposes a lunch to celebrate and ZGL’s 2 friends suggest steamboat which they liked when Cheung Fei says he has wild boar meat and Shun suggests BBQ and Cheung Fei goes “Ba Ba Kiu?” and Shun explains. Lau Bei excuses himself whilst ZGL is excused as everyone teases that he probably want to go back to see his wife.
ZGL and wife playing chess, not raining and ZGL is sorta upset his wife deliberately plays to lose just to make him happy.


Yuet Ying knows military strategies, dead foreign languages, plays chess, etc etc. I would have think perhaps the real ZGL is Yuet Ying!! She is way too smart as this series depict. And I have someone asking “Since his wife is so smart, Shun also as smart in thinking ideas, why need ZGL?”. True. This series spends too much time showing how others are smarter than ZGL that I find ZGL’s intelligence and wit is so subdued as he is overshadowed and that is not good.


Wife apologises and says she will play for real as ZGL smiles and says he will practice hard to win for real as well. And I swear for a moment ZGL does looked pissed. They see Song Yau and hints that military meeting is over, Shun is as ZGL says “Brother Wan Shun is with the others, and doing something got to do with roasting meat (not sure what he says in English) called ba-ba-kiu” and Wife says “Then they must feel very hot after. Better to get ready with cool tea then don’t you think husband?” and ZGL says “Indeed” and Song Yau smiles and says “Thank you Adviser Zhuge and Mrs Zhge” and she rushes off. They both smiled.

Everybody ba-ba-kiu-ing (funny!) and the weather is bright and sunny. What happened to the rain?! Anyway everybody sees Song Yau arrives and moves away as they want to give the lovers space to chit chat and Shun isn’t pleased as Song Yau served him tea, but to Shun he only wants her to leave and thinks “Why is she butting into my BBQ with friends?!” and Song Yau feels she is not wanted there and sadly looks on as Shun makes excuses and leaves her alone.

I think by now Song Yau should get the idea but she doesn’t.

It is raining heavily and everyone sighs the people will suffer. Lo and behold. Mrs Zhuge knows agriculture as she explains how the rain will affect the ordinary farmers and people and ZGL expresses his admiration. And then she sees one petal of the flower falls and she looks worried like as if she also can see into the future. Not sure what is the significance of that scene.

Meeting time. They all think how best to defeat Lady Choi in establishing Lau Kei since she does have military power when Shun says “I often seen this in my hometown, families fighting over inheritance and always the step mom will use devious schemes. We call it “Tong Sam Fung Bo”..

Heart Of Greed’s Chinese title. Quite funny.

And they all go “Tong sam fung bo?” and Shun explains “She will use devious schemes to grab everything in sight. We must be faster in action. You must go out and expound Lau Kei being the eldest is therefore the natural successor. Get the ordinary citizens’ support. Then use your influence and talk to the older generals and ministers, get their support as well. This will strengthen Lau Kei’s chances and diminishes the support of that Lady Choi” and everyone agrees.

My question is why they look so impressed? Because olden times don’t have such incidents? They look as if this is something revolutionary. Sometimes I feel too much credit given to Shun for his recycled idea. Rather like TVB.

Anyway they did all that to great results. Lady Choi hears of what is happening and curses Lau Bei and vows to counter their preemptive strategy.

Lau Kei returns to his mansion in a bid to see his father, but he hears “His lordship is dead!!” and he rushes to his room as he was stalled when Lau Chung and mom opened door and Lady Choi accuses him “You unfilial son! Don’t even want to see your father before his deathbed!!” and Lau Kei rushes in, cried before his father’s body as he says “Father, I tried to see you, but they won’t let me! Forgive your unfilial son!”

And so begins the tong sam fung bo incident as predicted by Shun.

Anyway Lau Bei and some elders go to see Lady Choi and as Lau Bei expresses the final wish of Lau Bei (no will, just his intention as communicated to Lau Bei and I assume some others) some I believe months ago but Lady Choi suddenly pulls out a rolled up Will and says Lau Biu stated in his will for Lau Chung as his successor. Lau Bei argued strenuously but Lady Choi accuses “Why didn’t you reveal the fact that you met with my husband before he died and he wanted to bequeath Jingzhou to you? I will tell you why. Because you wish to install Lau Kei as a puppet ruler and you rule behind a veil, so as not to be accused as ungrateful to your benefactor!” and  Lau Bei is defeated.

Rain. Meeting time and Shun argues the Will must be fake. So Lady Choi agrees for the Will to be examined by 2 respected retired generals and they confirm it is Lau Biu’s signature although Lau Bei argued the Will could have been written by anyone else but can’t be denied it was the dead man’s signature. Again lau Bei is defeated.

Some more rain. No one knows how to defeat Lady Choi as Shun says more to himself “We know the Will is fake” as Lau Bei says “Unless he changed his mind and I wasn’t informed” but ZGL says “No, his intention was set. The Will is a suspect” as Shun suddenly remembers real news of 2 brothers fighting over a Will and the signature was contested because one of the son says the father was influenced and Shun says “Wait! I mean she could have done something for the months of isolation we know Master Lau Biu had before his death. She could have influenced him. I mean it would be easy; starve him, deny him stuff. If we can prove that, then the Will is not valid!” and is that a modern concept? Why they look like they’re so amazed by his suggestion? Remember, 3 Kingdoms is in AD.

And so final round and this time entire room of men against 1 Lady Choi. I actually quite admire her steely guts and find the men against her is kinda bullying her in a way. But she deserves it.

“I will give you one last chance Lau Bei and I will not argue about this anymore!” and so not sure who said what but mostly Shun as Shun says “The Will is forged. We believe you influenced Lord Lau Biu. He had months of isolation with you, you could have done anything at all!!” as Lady Choi says “Are you questioning my integrity? Believe me when this is done I will have you executed!” as Shun backs off holding his neck as ZGL says “My lady, it is a fact lord Lau Biu was isolated months before his death. You did not allow anyone to see him” as Lau Bei confirms Lau Biu’s dying wish and Lady Choi laughed and open the Will and says “This is my dead husband’s will. His very own words. What made you think he won’t change his mind after talking to Lau Bei? When he dictated this Will, he was very sick and his hands shaking so much. All these arguments are wasting time! The elders have confirmed his stamp and signature! The official ceremony will proceed and my son will be lord of Jingzhou” and she left. Sigh, Lau Bei defeated again.

Meeting time. No idea how to defeat her, and suddenly Shun remembers a statement of hers and brought this up and final meeting I think. I lost count. Lady Choi is losing her patience when I think ZGL did the talking as he says “You said Lord Lau was very sick?” and she agrees and he says “His hands were shaking badly?” and she agrees and I can’t remember who says this but I think probably Shun says “But if his hands was shaking so badly, how he could sign the Will so neatly?” and JACKPOT!

Lady Choi stunned says “My husband was always strong and vibrant in his signature” and ZGL comes forward with a theory; “No doubt the signature is true but the words are forged” as Lady Choi says “If my husband didn’t want such contents, why would he sign then?” and ZGL says “I believe you stacked up the official reports for him to sign and slipped in a blank one. That was when he was healthy. Months later you filled in the blanks. The elders can check the ink; the signature looks lighter whilst the words are heavier, meaning they were written recently” and elders checked and like mindless robots say “Yes, it is true!” and Shun shouts “You lost!” and Lady Choi knowing she has lost cried loudly “YOU ALL ARE BULLYING A POOR WIDOW AND HER SON!!!! ARE THESE GENTLEMANLY BEHAVIOUR? SHAME ON YOU!!!” and she runs way with her son.


Whilst they all have a point they were also presumptuous until the ink thing checks out and that came out of nowhere. So many men against 1 woman and she won 3 times.


Everyone back at mansion and still raining as Cheung Fei says “Finally we defeated this sei pat poh! The sky will clear up soon!” and right on cue, the rain stops and the sun shines!! And someone says “And you’re right!!”. I think Guan Yu or someone says “Hopefully this will be the end of it” and Lau Bei thanks Shun and ZGL and ZGL says graciously “It is all Shun’s idea” as Lau Bei says he wants to reward them and ZGL again graciously says “My lord, award Shun then, I seek no reward” and Shun says “I don’t know what I want yet. I will say later?” and Lau Bei laughs and says “And I shall wait then!”

Somewhere along the way Song Yau is confused and ZGL and Yuet Ying see her and ZGL wisely steps aside as Yuet Ying asks her what is the problem and Song Yau asks “I don’t know how does one relationship goes on. Perhaps Mrs Zhuge can teach me, how does a couple behave?” and I can’t remember what she said specifically but basically even Yuet Ying doesn’t think Shun is good enough for her or rather she thinks Shun doesn’t love Song Yau as much as Song Yau loves him and in the end since Song Yau loves him very much, she must follow her heart and poor Song Yau, confused as ever.

I think at night Kan and Shun alone and Kan is very tired as he says “I am very tired Brother Wan Shun, how long more you want me to accompany you?” and Shun cries “WHAT? That bad to sit down and chit chat with me?” as Kan says “No! No!.. is this about Song Yau?” as Shun says “You know, I felt her presence everywhere in my room today and I felt chilly inside. She is like this pesky spirit who follows me around, haunting me! Just because she is supported by the 2 missus, now she is like this annoying pesky spirit!” as Kan says “But she is a nice girl. Why won’t you just give her a chance?” as Shun says “She is in the end just a maid! NO FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!!” and suddenly Shun says “But you like her don’t you? I am perfectly alright if you want to date her. I mean I will even send you a bed as a gift when you marry her! I am ok with that!!” and Kan says “No no I don’t! I don’t!” as Shun says “What am I to do? I can’t shake her off!… wait… master Lau Bei agrees to grant me one wish! I will ask her to help me to settle this problem for me. After all those pesky 2 missus must listen to their husband and back off!”

Yeah right. It is Lau Bei who listens to them!

Shun rushes to see Lau Bei to tell him his request when Lau Bei says “Later. Urgent meeting, now!” and meeting!!

So many meetings.

I think it starts to rain again.

Word has it Lady Choi has gathered an army to fight Lau Bei and Cheung Fei, Guan Yu both say “We can fight her! We are stronger! We can defeat her!” as Shun agrees and ZGL says “My lord, we have a strong army and capable able bodied men. We can certainly meet her in this battle and win” and so Lau Bei decides to go to war with Lady Choi.

Next episode I assume Lady Choi losses. But what is the significance of that falling flower petal? My memory is so jumbled up, I am actually not sure when is where except I know for sure the start and the end. I need to write more notes but I was busy munching on my fried chicken wing as I watched this episode. Problem with writing recaps is I can’t enjoy this series like I usually do where I munch on biscuits, chicken wings, whatever because I would be making notes, but not tonight hence my jumbled memory. This episode was good in a tong sam fung bo way although I still don’t get why they are all so amazed at Shun when his ideas is already since BC, you know what I mean?

Tavia is wasted. What a meaningless character.

And I have only ONE major question.

Shouldn’t Shun’s head itch by now? Or is that now his real hair, since it has been 8 months or so without haircut?

This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://3kingdomsrpg.blogspot.com

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