Episodic Thoughts: Three Kingdoms RPG (Episode 23)

Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國>
TVB Series 2012

Cast: Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan, Ruco Chan, Kaki Leung, Joseph Lee, Savio Tsang, Jimmy Au, Law Lok Lam, and Ha Yu.


This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologise if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“He is now a small time secretary for Cao Cao but… in my hometown there is a person who can see the future and he is very accurate. He says that after the war, there will be kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu and this Sima Yi will one day conquer these 3 kingdoms and be the ultimate winner. I want to change that! I want master (Lau Bei) and you to win the ultimate war and become the ruler of 1 united kingdom”

Two more episodes to the end. However this episodes continues the idiocy of Episode 22, this time by a selfish Shun and a strangely cowardly Song Yau in a way. I know what the message Shun is getting at; better there be peace through alliance/surrender/truce than war. Normally I will agree but like how this series love to portray Cao Cao, just imagine England says “let’s have truce with Germany” during WWII.. what will happen? Nothing good will come out of it. War is inevitable solution to a problem posed by a despot and those being abused and all that sort of thing. Remember, Cao Cao’s army is reputed (as in this series) to kill, rape, pillage, plunder, have no ethics, ambitious to conquer, will not rest until he conquers all. And how does Shun wish to solve the problem of the impending Battle of Chibi? Well… it is stupid and I wasn’t surprised Lau Bei and even ZGL agreed but luckily Zhou Yu and Sun Quan are smarter. I feel Zhou Yu is even more defamed than ZGL but somehow, if you see through the attempts to destroy this character, through the attempt to vilify him, what Zhou Yu says has logic.


Sun Quan questions Zhou Yu on his orders to kill Shun with Lau Bei and ZGL looking on and Zhou Yu doesn’t deny it. He outright says “Yes I did give such an order because I foresee problems from letting him live. He knows too much of our secrets and our land and I will put the record straight; master does not know anything, I made the decision myself” as ZGL accuses him “You did it on purpose. King of Wu already said to let Shun live but you still wanted to kill him. Is it because he is my assistant? Is it to spite me? You did this out of spite!!” and Zhou Yu says “No I did not. I did it for Dong Wu, I did it for my master. My heart has always been in Dong Wu and so my love is for Dong Wu” and Sun Quan reluctantly says “Nevertheless, you did wrong Gong Jin. I already gave the order for Shun to live but you went against my order. For that you need to be punished” and Zhou Yu says “Yes my lord, I deserve to be punished, but may I suggest my punishment to be postponed to after the battle at Chibi? Because Dong Wu needs me and I am ready to serve” and Sun Quan says “You’re right. I shall deal with you after the battle” and so the matter is settled, much to the chagrin of ZGL and Lau Bei. ZGL says “King of Wu, as long as I have your assurance that Shun shall not be harmed…” ans Sun Quan says “I have already promised to let Wan Shun live. I guarantee this that he shall not be killed” and so that settles it for Zhou Yu as well. Sun Quan asks ZGL about his plans for Chibi since Cao Cao just added 300000 (or is it 30000?) men to his already huge 1 million men army and ZGL suggests using fire to create havoc and Sun Quan smiles “Yes indeed! The fire idea was also suggested by Gong Jin! Just imagine if you 2 get along well, we shall have confidence to win. Two great minds thinking alike, best if could work together!” and Zhou Yu smiles and says “Master, allow me to be given the task of preparing and planning the battle using the fire element” and so Sun Quan agrees, again ZGL is not pleased.

Meanwhile Shun arrives at a small town and stays in a motel when during the night he is kidnapped by 2 strange looking men and is brought before Hon! Basically Hon wants Shun to work for him and to bring fresh ideas in Cao Cao’s camp and Hon has already recommended Shun to Cao Cao and Shun disagrees, as he says “I see! You want me to think of ideas for you to please Cao Cao so that he may treat you better? NO! No way!” and he leaves but is stopped as Hon says “You don’t have a choice Wan Shun! For PM Cao, he appreciates talent. But if that person refuses, his fate will be death” and so Shun becomes Hon’s assistant.


Better wardrobe for Shun in fact, he looks good, like a Prince.


He is introduced to Man Yeuk and another adviser whose name I didn’t catch and Man Yeuk looks at him, evaluating him silently as he and his colleague questioned Shun about the situation at Dong Wu. Basically his answers are very basic, very broad as he says “The army there may be few but they’re strong” and very wide description on what sort of weapons and stuff. In a way they got nothing specific out of Shun. Then Shun asks “Is the PM Cao here?” and someone answers that “The PM is a busy man. He may not attend this meeting” and Shun says “Oh I see, was hoping will see PM Cao” and suddenly Cao Cao appears and Shun mumbles loudly “Speak of Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrives!”


This is actually a saying of when talking of a person,that very same person appears, which can be used negatively or positively. English equivalent is Speak of the devil and he appears.


One of them reprimanded Shun, “How can you refer to the PM Cao by his name?” and Shun smirks a little. Cao Cao greets Shun and hopes Shun will prove useful and Hon praises Shun about his 18 stratagems of HK Men and told him to explain the stratagems to Cao Cao and Shun says “Oh, like the first, Jong Ga Gau is like how ZGL used the straw men in place of real men on those boats when he was borrowing arrows from PM Cao. Bok Dai Mou is his brilliant use of the fog to cover the boats and giving an illusion that they were attacking your fort” and everybody winced at that memory, including Cao Cao and Cao Cao becomes rather embarrassed and left and Shun smiles at his small victory against Cao Cao.

Cao Cao meets with Hon and Man Yeuk and Hon praises Shun and says “His 18 stratagems of HK Men is truly brilliant. His brilliance is equal that of ZGL and he knows Dong Wu” and Cao Cao looks at Man Yeuk and asks “What do you think of him?” and Man Yeuk says “Even I myself is impressed with his 18 stratagems of HK Men. There is no doubt Wan Shun is a smart and capable advisor and will be of good use. However, I can sense that his heart is still with Lau Bei. When I asked him about the alliance, he answered generally and nothing specific. He revealed nothing. I can sense his loyalty for Lau Bei and for that he will be of no use to us” and Cao Cao says “Then he is not useful then, useless people are not to be used” but Hon protests and Man Yeuk says “Look at Xu Shu. We have his mother, and therefore his heart stays with us” and Cao Cao asks “What about Wan Shun?” and Hon says “He has no family… he sees ZGL as best friend…” and Man Yeuk says “We can’t kidnap ZGL” and Hon says “…but there is one person…”

Song Yau at the market when she sees someone on the floor hurt, she rushes to help and is knocked and kidnapped.

Shun is asked to see Cao Cao and walks into a room and see a distressed Song Yau and he is shocked as he exclaims “Song Yau?” as Hon says he invited Song Yau back but Song Yau protests “They kidnapped me!” and Shun says to Hon “Why you bring her back here?” and Hon says “Because I thought you might be lonely, so I bring her here to serve you” and Shun says “And you dare bring such an ugly maid to serve me?!” and Song Yau looks a tad hurt as Hon says “Don’t fake it! Everyone knows you two almost married, you’re both in love!” and Shun says “Yeah right! And everyone knows I did not marry her, I refused to marry her, I feel nothing but disgust for her! She is just a maid, not good enough for me, not even pretty enough for me! Let her go! Looking at her makes me want to puke!!” and Hon does look shocked but Man Yeuk calmly says “Alright. We get your point. But since you hate seeing her, then you wouldn’t have any problem with us killing her, easier than releasing her. Guards, kill her” and Shun shouts “NO!! I don’t love her but she is someone I know…” and Man Yeuk says “That is good enough for us. She is not your love but she is your friend and you do care about friends. And so Miss Song Yau stays” and Song Yau looks at Shun who looks back at her guiltily.

Later Shun goes to see Song Yau in her room as guards out there guarding her room and Shun says gently to Song Yau “I am so sorry for getting you into this mess” as Song Yau says “It is alright, I understand. Don’t worry about me, think of the bigger picture” as Shun says “No! I will think about you first! I didn’t mean what I said back there, I only pretended, hoping they will release you and I almost fooled Hon Leong but I couldn’t fool that Adviser Xun (Man Yeuk). I am so sorry…” as Song Yau says “It is fine. I am ok. Don’t bother with me, do what you must for master. I mean I am not important, I am just… me” as Shun says “No of course not! You’re not just ordinary you. I don’t see you that way! Song Yau, I…anyway, I am afraid I will need to keep up the pretense of hating you. So that I could divert their attention and keep you alive” and Song Yau looks intently at Shun as Shun walks away and opens the door and loudly shouts “I ALREADY SAID I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!! WHAT A PESKY WOMAN YOU ARE!!!” and storms away as the guards look at him and Song Yau look at him too.


I am surprised Song Yau doesn’t just kill herself since she is now a burden to Shun and to her master. But she never thinks of suicide as a solution. Which is strange to me.


Lau Bei is looking for Song Yau who is missing when Sun Quan sends word to see him urgently and there was Lau Bei, ZGL, Sun Quan and Zhou Yu. Sun Quan says “There are news that Song Yau is at Cao Cao’s mansion” and Lau Bei is shocked to hear that as Zhou Yu says “And there are news that Wan Shun is there too” and ZGL is surprised too as he says “Couldn’t be. He should be in Yizhou” as Zhou Yu says “Nevertheless, we have spies everywhere and he has been sighted there. This is the sort of crisis I was trying to avoid when I wanted to kill Sima Shun. Look at the mess we are in now; he is now adviser to Cao Cao and he knows our secrets. He knows our strength and weaknesses, our terrains and our plans. Surely now Adviser Zhuge will agree with me when you beg for his life, you made the biggest mistake?” as ZGL argues “I am convinced Song Yau is used to threaten Wan Shun. He would never betray us” and Lau Bei agrees too as Zhou Yu says “How sure are you that he is not in it for the money, the glory that Cao Cao can grant him” and ZGL says “Very certain. Shun will never betray us, never. And if had to be Cao Cao’s adviser, he was most certainly forced” as Zhou Yu says “Does it matter if he is threatened or he volunteers? He still reports to Cao Cao either way and so there lies the potential of him betraying us. Looking at the situation now I must re plan the battle of Chibi” which Sun Quan agrees and so again ZGL is shut out from the plans of Chibi.

Hon tells Shun to look over some military reports to see if there is any mistake in the reports so that he can complain about the person who wrote the report to Cao Cao. Shun wonders who that person is and Hon says “He is the secretary for Cao Cao” and Shun says “He is just a small time secretary, why waste time finding faults? Just because he dared to criticise you?” and Hon says “He criticise me in every opportunity he has. That Sima Yi is like a wolf… his face may face the front as he walks but he constantly turns and bite back when there’s a possibility” and Shun thinks “You mean you?” and then Shun hears the name Sima Yi and thinks “Oh, so that’s Sima Yi. Why everyone bothers with the war anyway? In the end Sima Yi will eat up the 3 kingdoms and emerge as the eventual winner”. Hon demands Shun think of a way to impress Cao Cao and Shun suddenly finds a solution.

Before Cao Cao, Hon says he has a brilliant plan where they stop the war for 1 year which will gain them much more for the next decade and asks Shun to explain Hon’s plan (taking credit for himself) and Shun’s plan is to ask for truce for 1 year from Dong Wu and Cao Cao disagrees and says why he should stop the war and Shun explains “My lord, there is a way to not lose a war and that is not to start a war. If you don’t start, you won’t lose” and Cao Cao says “Ridiculous. I feel this war can be won” and Shun says “And there is a small percentage you can lose too. That is because you are not good at battle on sea. You could have had that advantage but you killed the 2 men who could have given you that advantage (Choi Mao being one of them)” and Cao Cao actually winced at that memory (only Shun can make Cao Cao wince twice without being executed!) and Shun continues “1 year truce will give you 1 year to train your army, this will ensure success” and Hon agrees as Man Yeuk says “There is good logic in that”. And so Cao Cao agrees.

ZGL receives a letter and it is from Shun. They meet in secret at some place and ZGL looks carefully at Shun as Shun explains why he is working for Cao Cao and that he is now the secret envoy to propose a truce for 1 year. ZGL surprised says “A truce? I am afraid King of Wu will not agree” as Shun says “I admit I was selfish when I thought of truce. I wanted to ensure that myself and Song Yau is alright and if there is no war, we will still be alive. Moreover, you have 1 year to take in more men, to train them and to strengthen your plans. Just imagine now Cao Cao’s army is 10 to 1 of Dong Wu, with 1 year hopefully with more men it will be 10 to 5 or even equal” and in the end ZGL agrees when he knows they will give their men time for well needed rest. Shun says “I don’t want this war. I really don’t. If I can change history, I will” and ZGL says “History? What is that?” as Shun says “One more thing. Beware of Sima Yi” and ZGL says “Who is he?” as Shun says “He is now a small time secretary for Cao Cao but… in my hometown there is a person who can see the future and he is very accurate. He says that after the war, there will be kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu and this Sima Yi will one day conquer these 3 kingdoms and be the ultimate winner. I want to change that! I want master (Lau Bei) and you to win the ultimate war and become the ruler of 1 united kingdom”


I laughed. Lau Bei as the ultimate emperor so to speak? Yeah right!!


ZGL says “Better not to place to much trust on seers, these are just predictions” and Shun smiles “Yeah yeah” and they grow silent as they both look at the sunset.

Shun then says “I never thought I will see you again” and ZGL says “Me too…” and Shun says “Now we part ways again I am not sure when we will meet each other again” as ZGL says quietly “We will meet again, I am sure of it” and ZGL recited a poem and Shun sings as they both face the sunset together, dreading separation again.


ZGL and Lau Bei discuss about Shun’s plan and Lau Bei agrees but to persuade Sun Quan and Zhou Yu will be difficult. Both know Zhou Yu is not telling them anything, leaving them out of war plans and hope by 1 year rest they can slowly become more independent and plan their own strategies and to assert more control in the war plans. But first Lau Bei says “We must rush to meet Sun Quan and to urge him to consider Wan Shun’s proposal”. Off they go.

ZGL, Lau Bei meets with Sun Quan and Zhou Yu and you know it may look like Zhou Yu controlling the scene but seriously, Sun Quan is under control but he acts through Zhou Yu who takes the role of the bad guy in my humble opinion.

Sun Quan looks pissed as he says sarcastically “Imperial Uncle Lau, I thought we are in an alliance but it seems you have been keeping secrets from me, which makes me wonder what is the point of this alliance in the first place?” as Zhou Yu says “Our men say Adviser Zhuge has been meeting secretly with Wan Shun” and Sun Quan says “We have spies everywhere, you think I will never know?” as ZGL admits he met with Shun and Lau Bei says “But we are not hiding anything. Wan Shun has bring to us a proposal which we feel must be discussed and ultimately be decided by you” as ZGL or Lau Bei explains Shun’s plans and Sun Quan shocked says “A truce for 1 year? Cao Cao actually agrees to that?” and ZGL explains the benefits but Zhou Yu who this time I feel made some good points counters “It sounds good, but in the end it doesn’t. 1 year truce will allow Cao Cao to rebuild and strengthen his army” as ZGL says “1 year would not allow him time to properly train his men” and Zhou Yu says “How sure you are of that? What I am sure is Cao Cao is weak now in sea battle. I can bet him, our men may be outnumbered but we have the advantage now. 1 year later, Cao Cao will have more men, bigger army, more resources. It doesn’t benefit us and this truce in the end benefits Cao Cao. I say we continue with our plans” and Sun Quan says “I thought you both were thinking of our benefit, but why then Imperial Uncle Lau are you so eager to bring Dong Wu on the path of death? No. War is inevitable, it is now or never. I agree with Gong Jin. I declare war against Cao Cao!” and ZGL and Lau Bei look on fretfully.


I agree with Zhou Yu. He has a point. What makes them think 1 year and Cao Cao will lose? He already has 1 million men. 1 year later he will have 2 million men who good training in sea battle. In the end Dong Wu will be swarmed by enemies even if they know sea battle well. Zhou Yu made an eloquent argument and thought this series may make it sound like he was only against ZGL, I feel he made the right decision for Dong Wu. Truce is not possible with Cao Cao, when enemy is weak, destroy them! I doubt Cao Cao will show the same mercy to Dong Wu if it is the other way around.


Cao Cao receives the rejection letter, Hon and Shun is shocked and Shun says “It must be that small minded jerk Zhou Yu. He hates ZGL! He did this on purpose!” and Hon says “Why not we send someone to speak directly with Sun Quan” as Cao Cao thundered “Enough! If war he wants, war he will get!! I declare war against Sun Quan!!”

And so the war shall begin.

Shun with Hon who is scolding Shun for his idea being rejected making him look bad in front of Cao Cao as Shun says how he would know Zhou Yu will disagree when Shun sees a maid holding his handphone (who makes a reentry into the plot!) and he rushes forward to take the maid and scolding the maid who left and Hon takes the phone and asks what is it and Shun says it is a toy given by Lau Bei’s 1st wife I think and Hon accidentally pressed the on button and the phone is powered up as Hon exclaims “Wow, there’s.. light. And there’s a sound too! Fun! I want this, I will borrow it” and Shun says “No! Give it back” as Hon says “Can you stop me?” and Shun smiles sheepishly and says “But it is an unlucky item, it is a burial item..” and Hon suddenly looks cold as Shun says that thing is bad luck for those born in the year of the pig, will destroy those in the year of the pig and luckily Hon isn’t born that year and Hon doesn’t want it anymore and left as Shun says to himself “Luckily I remember you were born in the year of the pig!” and then he sees a new message and his sister writes “Brother, professor says you can never change history because history will heal itself. Anyway professor says there is a chance for you to come back. In December there will be an opening but it will require a place with high temperature and the location is…” and no more battery. Shun could only see two writings, Tou Tou and he asks Song Yau where is Tou Tou and Song Yau says why not ask Hon but Shun says don’t and they were thinking and thinking when Shun suddenly remembers and says “Tou Tou are part of two words… Chi Bi! The location is at Chibi and.. and there will be high temperature because there will be fire at Chi Bi!! Song Yau, the professor is right! I can’t change history, the battle will happen anyway and I can go home. I will bring you to Chibi. I want to take you home with me.. to my hometown..to be with me” and basically Song Yau looks… errr… thrilled? Shocked? Or doesn’t get a word Shun is saying? I think the 3rd one is correct.

Zhou Yu, ZGL, Lau Bei, ministers minus Sun Quan discussing about war strategies at Chi Bi and the ministers are asking a lot of questions when 2 men walk in and they are General Huang Gai and the other brilliant adviser of that time, Pang Tong.


Read wikipedia and it says Pang Tong was actually Lau Bei’s adviser.


Both protested about the Chibi war with Cao Cao as the general who is much older argues with Zhou Yu about his eagerness to win titles and merits disregarding the safety of his men.


Complete BS. Sun Quan wanted the war too. Poor Zhou Yu became the “number 1 person to be blamed”. Kinda unfair whilst Sun Quan is blameless.


Anyway arguments escalated to Zhou Yu shouting “If General Huang continues to question my orders, this is disturbance to the peace of the army. I have the authority to execute you! Guards, take General Huang out!” and Pang Tong argues “He is just voicing his opinion as he is also loyal to Dong Wu” and Zhou Yu shouts “Pang Tong, you’re a smart man, I am surprised you will do such a stupid thing! You should have advised General Huang, and remain in Luoyang where you were assisting General Meng instead of running over here” and Pang Tong remains silent as Zhou Yu shouts “Guards, take General Huang out!” which is to execute him until ministers beg for Huang Gai’s life and Zhou Yu relents and says “Fine, I can forgive him for his insolence and spare him his life but he must still be punished by 50 strokes” and basically Zhou Yu personally administered that 50 strokes of errr… beating, is it the right term? Using a stick? Or more like big stick?

Anyway Lau Bei and ZGL alone and ZGL says “Strange… I have no doubt General Huang Gai is a man loyal to Dong Wu. So is Pang Tong. But why would Zhou Yu invite me to this military meeting when usually he will leave me out? My only answer is he wanted me to see what he did to Huang Gai. But why? What is he thinking? What is he planning?”

I also don’t know. But for me the more important question is are Huang Gai and Pang Tong in Zhou Yu’s scheme as well? Doesn’t look like it so how does Zhou Yu know these 2 will come and make a big ruckus about it?

And Sima Yi finally appears, in name, no sign of him yet. I am so disappointed at TVB. This could have been a great series but it is becoming a very poorly written one. I was hoping Shun will be Sima Yi, for his rivalry with ZGL but in the end they’re the BFFs. What a poor tactic to take as a story when it could have been really something.

Frankly right now I am not caring anymore. I mean this series runs on its own logic, I will just go with the flow. Whatever TVB chooses to dish out to me, I shall eat it eagerly. TVB is correct, TVB is true, TVB is ever so right.

I have been brainwashed.

This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://3kingdomsrpg.blogspot.com

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