Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 10

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“I mean all I can see with the way you’re behaving is as if you’re in it for play only. If that is your attitude, you have just insulted these candidates”

This episode is all about PPP, and acronyms and Jayden and Holly and Sam. PPP is mentioned a lot and every time I heard PPP I felt an urge to run to the nearest toilet. I was wondering why Pre Pilot Program and not Pilot Trainee Program. Well, Sam and gang will explain that not much later and what PPP is truly about.


Holiday is confused what is the answer to that 2 engine aircraft Vs 4 engine aircraft. She thinks perhaps Jayden made a fool out of her and the she is given a clue by one of the braniacs that in computing world there is an acronym called KISS. So Holly wondered, perhaps the answer is related to KISS? Perhaps Jayden did give her a clue?

In the end she and I think 3 others (?) formed a discussion group before our judges, Tony, Sam and some other guy. Jayden is not there. They discuss openly about what the difference is, Holly is silent, Sam is looking at her, Tony smiles as always, the 3 others I think busy discussing and all that and one guy is close to perhaps an answer, the judges ask him if he can elaborate and defeated he says “I don’t have an answer”. Holly then suddenly speaks up and says “Maybe it is not as complicated? You know, KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. And Tony impressed asks Holly to elaborate and she says what I also said in Ep 9 recap; difference is the 2 engine. If 2 engine and one engine fails, they must land. If 4 engines,then there’s still 2 back up and so they can still fly to their destination. The others continues along that line and all that stuff. Finally Sam and Tony both agree they have discussed fruitfully but Sam says of that I think brainiac guy (the one who has no answer) “If you have an answer, be brave and tell us. But if you don’t, don’t try to be a hero and pretend to know the answer”. Guy is embarrassed. Tony smiles at Holly and says he likes the way she thinks and feels she has potential. Sam maybe agree, I don’t know. Anyway discussion is stopped and they must leave so the judges may discuss on who to choose.

As Holly walks out, she meets Jayden and of course says she should thank him for giving her the clue. And Holly asks what he expects in return and here we have acronyms again and luckily for me I jot them down! Jayden says “Well, K.A.P…” and Holly is like what? and he smiles his most charming smile and says “Kiss Again Please” and Holly, not liking the idea and is probably one of the few who doesn’t fall down on her knees weakened by his awesome aura replies “S.L.A.P – Stupid Like A Pig” and she leaves and he stares at her, smelling perhaps a challenge.

Somewhere between these scenes, I really can’t remember which scene but one of these scenes, 3 are called into the room and judges explain 2 of them will be accepted and so gives them a question and before Sam finishes and why should they choose those 2. So this is survival time. Bookworm guy says he loves aviation, he knows the most, he reads most book, etc. Jim Jim says he has keen interest and etc. Holly feels knowing the most facts and procedures is not the only criteria but ability to work with others, team work is also important. Tony looks like he will agree with EVERYTHING she says whilst Sam looks like he will disagree with ANYTHING she will ever say.

Anyway back at home, Holly looks miserable. When Sam is home, she glumly says “Don’t look at me that way. I know I am not the most qualified and that Yung Siu Hung is much better than me and deserves the final place. I know I won’t get picked. But don’t be happy about it. I will work hard and somehow achieve my dream” and Sam asks her “So what now?” and Holly looks a bit defeated and Sam gives her an envelope and she opens it and sees a plane ticket to London. She is very offended and emotionally say “Fine! You don’t welcome me here. Ok! I get it! I will pack up now and go and leave you be!” as Sam calmly says “The trouble with you is you don’t look carefully. Look at this letter first” and he opens it up for her and she reads it and suddenly beams with happiness and says “I got the place? I GOT THE FINAL PLACE?!” and Sam says “Technically, no. That ticket to London is your ticket to the training in London” and Holly in disbelief wonders how on earth she got thru (me too) and Sam narrates …


Sam, Tony and the others welcome Jayden to the discussion group as he just I think stands and stare and all that and Sam and Tony both agree on the 10 candidates I think. Now there are 2 more places left and there are 3 suitable candidates; Jim Jim, Holly and I didn’t quite catch his name but the bookworm? Named Yung Siu Hung. They all agree Yung is the smartest and keenest of them all but Sam has trouble with his ability to make a stand. Tony really likes Holly, feels she has most potential. But Sam feels Holly may have potential, but does she have the interest? He explains PPP is a course meant for young individuals with keen interest in aviation. Potential is good but perhaps should concentrate more on someone who has the interest and the dedication, instead of just potential. He confesses “I know this Holiday as I know her mother” and Jayden immediately sits straighter as Sam continues “She may have the potential but I am not sure why she is joining PPP. I have observed her a long time and she has never shown an keen interest in flying nor does she have that dedication. I feel we should be reminded the difference between having a dream and having potential. PPP is to encourage that dream, someone who wants to be a pilot and not just having a potential and yet is just a playful aimless person in the program for the sake of it”.

Jayden listens and he says “If that is your reasoning for PPP, then there lies the hypocrisy of this program” and Sam, who is more curious than offended asks “Can you please elaborate?” and Jayden says “Not everyone is the same. Yes having a dream is good but so is having potential. May I know what is the purpose of PPP?” and Tony and Sam explain it is to find young people who are talented and interested in aviation, to encourage the love of aviation. Jayden says “Exactly. Talented and interest. We have one here who is talented, but may not have that interest, yet. PPP is the exact program to find the talent and instil in them that interest. PPP will be for some time and it is for these talented people to take that time to figure out if they’re interested. I feel that is the real purpose of PPP” but Sam and Tony still couldn’t agree on who to choose and so Sam in jest (but never angrily even if I made it sound like he is angry or frustrated, not yet, not in this scene) gives Jayden the files and says “If that is the case, Jayden, you’re part of our committee. It is time for you to do your duty. Help us choose which 2 to pick. Frankly Tony and I can’t decide” and Tony smiles (HE ALWAYS SMILES) and agrees.


Sam says “So you see, you didn’t get through officially but thanks to Jayden, we allowed for extra 1 more to join, and that is you. It is Jayden you should thank” but Holly is so happy she jumps up and hugs Sam very very tightly, almost strangling him and she doesn’t care she is the extra 1 as long as she gets in and she keeps thanking Sam who looks like he wishes he is elsewhere. After some time Holly asks what is Jayden’s Chinese name and Sam replies “Koo Ha Yeung” and Holly repeats the name. Can’t remember why she asked though.

Anyway, preparation for the London trip is done. Sam is told Tony and the others will take I think 6 candidates whilst Sam and Jayden will be responsible for the 7 others. Sam smiled and sighed as he says “That means I alone will be handling the candidates” and Tony smiles as they all know Jayden is always MIA when it comes to work in the PPP. As Sam leaves the airport, he sees Jayden drives up, out comes his current girlfriend and they both are pulling luggage. Now this is this episode’s best scene and the first “lover’s” tiff between Sam and Jayden. Sam has always been cordial with Jayden even if he doesn’t quite like Jayden’s attitude. Jayden has always been sarcastic to Sam but he tones down his sarcasm and wraps it in gritting politeness. So these 2 never came to blows. Here of course they will not be punching one another but you can say Sam feels like punching Jayden and Jayden, his eyes hidden behind his RayBan is smiling but the smile seems very very forced.

Sam calls out to Jayden “Hey Jayden!!” and Jayden turns with his girlfriend in tow and looks at Sam and politely introduces the girl as Elain and that they’re going to Hokkaido for a trip. Sam in disbelief says “Now? At this moment?” and Jayden says “Yes” and Sam now bursting with anger sorta angrily says “Jayden, what about the PPP training?” and I think Jayden says Sam can handle it, he needs to go for this Hokkaido trip and Sam now unleashes full scale of his anger as he looks at Jayden in this total disbelief sort of look as he angrily says “But.. you know about the London trip right? I sent you the e-ticket! I sent you all the required information for you to make the preparations! But now, you’re not going? You have never joined the PPP meetings or discussion but that day when you joined us in choosing the candidates, you contributed your opinion, we took it, we believed in all you have to say! We listened and you said so convincingly. So now what is this? Whatever you said in the meeting is nothing? What sort of an attitude you are displaying now? What sort of an example? I mean all I can see with the way you’re behaving is as if you’re in it for play only. If that is your attitude, you have just insulted these candidates” and Sam angrily walks away. All these time, the camera shifts between Sam and Jayden. We see Sam huff and puff angrily but Jayden stands very still, emotions hidden behind his RayBan and fixed with a tiny smile. In the end I just got this vibe that he may have been humiliated by Sam, feels perhaps Sam is right but nonetheless deeply offended and insulted by Sam’s outburst calling out to Jayden to stop acting so childishly and be serious in his duty.


A fantastic confrontation and both sides acted supremely well. A pity the eyes is covered by the sunglasses but I feel that is deliberate. If without sunglasses, I feel Jayden might even provoke Sam more! Jayden is quite irresponsible some times. He muscled his way into PPP and yet.. did exactly nothing so far!


At the airport. Holly is accompanied by Coco and Isaac and Sam also there asks “What are you 2 doing here?” and they explain that they are friends of Holly too. Holly is beaming with happiness as Sam reminded Isaac about his CT3 and CT4 exams and sternly says “Go home and study”. Anyway they left.

The candidates arrive and everyone introduces to everyone, that is within 7 in the group. I assume Tony and the 6 others went earlier. We have York, Billy, Jeffrey, Hero Yung, Holly and 1 more I can’t decipher my own handwriting. Jim Jim arrives late and of course some grumbled because he is Adrian’s nephew. Anyway they call Sam Captain Tong and Sam reminds them “You are not cadets yet, therefore you may not call me Captain Tong” and one asks “Sam Gor (Brother Sam)?” and of course that is forbidden and Sam says “You may call me Mr Tong”. Ok, even Holly!


So I see! As cadet and fellow pilot you can him Captain Tong. But PPP is not a pilot program. It is a PRE Pilot Program or in my definition, an induction course only. So they’re not cadets and must address the captains and Mr so and so. Wow, the hierarchy is so strong here. But then you need to earn you right to call Captain a Captain I suppose.


On the plane every chats but Holly puts on her headphone and sleeps. Sam sits next to I can’t remember who? Billy? That Jayden fanboy. Anyway he excitedly says hi to Sam and says Sam is his idol . Sam says “I thought Jayden is your idol?” and guy says “Jayden too! I mean isn’t Jayden cool? I bet he gets all the good looking girls!” and continues “You too! You’re the first Chinese captain! I bet a lot of girls have the hots for you! I mean wow, be a pilot and get the hot girls’ attention!” and Sam seriously says “I think when we are in class, I will drum that assumptions out of your head first thing first!” and poor guy squirms.

Mid way Holly is awaken and Sam says “Ok, now that you’re awake, can anyone tell me..” and the next few minutes Sam tests them and ended up with Holly not being able to answer the question until she is told what type of plane she is on and she says “If you’ve told me sooner the type of plane, I could have answered you!” and her partner next to her says surely she knows what sort of plane she is on and Holly sarcastically says “How will I know unless I jump out of the window and look?”

Oh Holly, how you are in this program again?

Anyway some small talk, short lecture about PPP and how if at the end of the program they show promise they will be given letter of reference/recommendation to enter into any aviation academy of their choice to be a cadet and then to realise their dream to be pilot. HENCE, the name PRE PILOT PROGRAM. For me this is like front row seat to a good show, you get to participate but in the end you’re just the audience. Why not straight go into academy then?

And finally scenes of London.

They have arrived! At their dormitory. As Sam leads them inside, Jayden greets him and Sam a tad surprised to see Jayden here is nonetheless unperturbed by Jayden’s sudden appearance. Jayden himself is cool about whatever happened. Inside, Tony greets them and says Jayden and Sam can choose their room and for a moment I thought if they’re room mates that would make for some interested TV moments. Jayden sees a room and says “I’ll take this” and I can’t remember what exactly was said but I think Tony or Sam say thanks to Jayden for coming to teach these students and Jayden cryptically says “I can teach them, but can they accept my teaching methods?”.


Remember Isaac? I think the candidates are in for some roller coaster time! Jayden is a strict teacher.


Holly goes into a room with 2 single beds, sleeps on one until a girls walks in asking why she is sleeping on her bed and Holly jumps up, introductions and the girl is I think Ming Yat Mung. Anyway Holly unpacks and the girl sees the tri-angel and laughs “You’re still like a little girl, carrying your doll around” and Holly smiles and says “I like dolls better. They don’t talk back and they’re the best companion”.

Anyway Holly now unpacked writes a letter to her Daniel and says something like “I am finally here! I will pass this program and be a cadet. I am now closer to my dream of experiencing why you love the sky so much”

Anyway knock knock and it is Jayden who personally invites them to the pub, and Jayden will not take no for an answer.

At the pub I think 13 people are there with Jayden? Anyway they chit chat and all that. Drink a lot as well.

Next morning in class, Sam and Tony walk into the room and notices their tired faces and says perhaps it is jet lag. Anyway today they thought perhaps to let them fly a bit to get a bit of the taste of flying. Jayden in all seriousness walks in and loudly says “They’re not tired because of jet lag. They’re tired because they spent the whole night last night drinking in a pub and I will recommend that they’re not fit for flying”. The candidates realise they have beed duped and some said so, maybe Holly and someone calls Jayden Jayden but Jayden sternly reminds them “You’re not candidates, you are to call me Mr Koo”. Anyway complaints and all and Jayden says “Every pilot knows they are do forbidden to touch alcohol if there is a flight the next day” and complaints pour in about Jayden’s the one taking them to pub but Jayden reminds them this is their duty and up to their own self discipline and they should have known better. Holly isn’t happy, etc and Sam shuts them up when he sternly says “Enough! Captain Koo is right. And you’re not to talk that way to him. He is your teacher and he is here to teach you and you should have more respect for him than to speak in that way to him”. Everyone quiet as Jayden says “If you want to fly today, you must past 2 tests, the Reasoning Test and BAK test and one smart alec explains BAK is Basic Aircraft Knowledge and gets sorta booed by his fellow students for being the know it all. Jayden lands the final blow as he says “If one of you fail, everyone is not allowed to fly today”.

Yeah spiritof team work!

Holly looks like she is reading Greek. Jim Jim looks like he rather drown. Sam notices Holly and is that pity on his face? I think he doesn’t agree with Jayden’s trick. But he and Tony keep quiet and let Jayden run the show.

Jayden marks the test papers immediately and finally says curtly “You will not flying today” and groan from the candidates and Jayden hit the final nail into the coffin as he curtly says “Thanks to 2 of you who failed. Ho Nin Hei and Jim Chi Lun” and they both look like they wanna bury their heads in the concrete as everyone is like “I will kill you, chop you up, cook you and feed to the dogs!”. Poor Jim Jim and Holly. There will always be weak students but I suppose Jayden is right in his approach; to make the weaker student match up to the stronger student and perhaps to encourage team spirit by making the stronger student help the weaker.

Everyone leaves the room with head hanging and finally Jayden stops Holly and gave her that charming tone/smile/pose and asks Holly to go with him for a drink and Holly says no thanks since she shouldn’t be drinking and all that as taught by Jayden and in my mind perhaps she also shouldn’t be fraternising with the captain outside of class, not Jayden and he says seductively “Whether inside or outside the classroom, I am still your Mr. Nice” and Holly smiles and turns and leaves an Jayden stands there looking at her.

I believe in Ep 9 with the kiss scene, she may have called him Mr Nice, I can’t remember. She also called Sam the same in this episode when she hugs him I think. Hence the Mr Nice comment.

And so we shall have a Jayden-Holly relationship starting soon. Jayden makes a strict teacher, sometimes unfair but he does teach well. Again look at Isaac even if Isaac had to do Jayden’s dirty work so to speak. Sam is a stern teacher as well but he doesn’t bargain for anything. But I feel he has this preconception of Holly which isn’t entirely wrong. Holly isn’t serious in this work but then this is only an induction or introductory course.

Story wise, PPP is interesting but the candidates seem less suited for PPP. They can’t be all that clueless?

By the way, no Kenneth and no Myolie. I don’t remember seeing her.

Performances wise, two pillars is now two foundation. Bomb them, shake them, hack them, nuke them, they’re are here to stay. Love the scene between Sam and Jayden. In a way Sam shamed Jayden into doing his duty and in a way when someone said something like that to you, what more can you say? You’re called out and shamed!! Sam was right when he scolded Jayden. Love Francis and Chilam. They’re best when together and I love the sorta strained but still respectful relationship. How they’re super cordial and polite and yet in Sam, there is a hint of disbelief and frustration when he is dealing with Jayden, like the way with Holly as in does not know what to do with either of then. In Jayden, there is a grudging respect and deep deep deep jealousy. I wouldn’t say Jayden hates Sam but I can say Jayden perhaps deep down wants to hate Sam but can’t help but admire and respect him.

Fala Chen…what to say when I’ve said everything about what I want to say? Maybe perhaps she doesn’t strike me as naturally perky. Her Holly is still darn annoying and worse than Jayden’s attitude.

The other PPP candidates are mostly forgettable except for Him Law which we all know will have something to do more than the other ke-le-fes.

10 episodes, 33 episodes to go. I feel like the airplane thing is slowly exhausted and then I am sure we are left with just love stories. And 30 episodes or so about love story, unless has some major upheavals is a bit too much. I am not sure I can keep up with this. At least in TITS 1 we have a jealous unsuspecting husband, a confused wife, a sick girlfriend, a pilot grasping with his conscience for his best friend and his hots for his best friend’s wife and in between the young ones, one of whom is not a supportive father if I remember correctly and a young man with temper issues. In this series as in TITS 2, so far everybody’s attitude is kinda flat line. If not for Francis and Chilam, I really am not sure if it is still that interesting as well as long winded. A Japanese series would have finished in 2 more episodes. A k-drama at least may have some major personal tragedy or some siblings in love with one another or something. Taiwanese series will have a lot of voice overs and bed scenes I suppose.

I am hoping somewhere along the way there may be a scene or two of a plane in trouble. And I don’t mean those turbulence trouble. I mean all engine failure and pilots have to glide the plane to safety which by the way really really happened before! But then is TVB ready to show a faulty plane or pilot error? I doubt it. What a waste though. This need a major Airport ’77 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airport_%27770) to be beyond mere love stories.


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/.

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  1. I think that PPP is actually a training programme for them to be pilots. The recommendation letter is for the aviation companies if I’m not wrong.

    1. No, I heard I think Sam said it very clearly; he did not say PPP is an introductory course. But he did say at the end of the course if they pass they will be given a recommendation letter to join the academy. If they’re cadets they would have been allowed to call them Captain this or Captain that. So they’re for the want of better words, Pre-Cadet.

    2. Of course you can it is a training program to be pilots. Let’s see if the series skip that part and straight to pilot. But I suppose they need to fill in the gaps for the next 33 episodes.

      1. Hmm I see I see, let’s see how this plays out. It’s interesting to see how Sam and Jayden contrasts as coaches.

  2. Funn, I think KAP is kiss again please, not “kiss me please”, which is KMP? Will watch tonight and check.

      1. Yes it is Kiss Again Please. Thanks. Will amend.

  3. the other person in the group of 7 you missed is peter.

  4. Funn, KAP was for “Kiss Again Please” not “Kiss Me Please”.

    And the PPP thing lol. Pee Pee Pee. 😀

      1. Suppose they are trying to tell their viewers to go pee more often. Detox. (Y)

  5. Why do they have to fly all the way to London for the training? Funny how they can’t do it in HK

    1. In North London there’s a flight training school. Yeah, London is 12 hours away from HK. Whereas HK to Perth is just over 7 hours. But they probably don’t want to go back to Perth/ Joondalup Australia since they’ve used that for TITS.

  6. Can I knw what is the song holiday listened to on the plane?

    1. Frankly I didn’t rewatch so I can’t answer that.

      1. I will check it again later unless someone answers you first.

  7. Not gonna lie but the series is slowly getting boring for me to watch… Although ive been loving it so far, story wise, its pretty slow. Im missing TITS1…

  8. Let’s speculate a bit about what happened to Daniel the missing boyfriend of Holiday. I am speculating that…

    one day he went out to fly a plane (not commercial one, surely she will know what happened to him) and crashed and died somewhere unknown to anyone. Doesn’t seem like that kind who will you know disappear all of a sudden and resurface and married to another.

    What do you think?

    Or maybe he went back home to become CEO of his karaoke empire.

    1. LOL on Funn….your last statement tickled me. kekeke

      possible eh? i mean if there’s that ring in that scope, there’s intent of a marriage proposal so i guess Daniel wouldn’t ran off with some gal. so, very likely he met a tragic end?

      btw, i totally hear you on your summary (2nd last para of your recap). i guess 43 epi so writers are stretching the development…. s-l-o-w-l-y- 😛

    2. @Funn: Sounds like your guess is pretty close — according to the summary for episode 13, Daniel died in a plane crash…so the ‘mystery’ of what happened to Holiday’s boyfriend will finally be solved.

  9. Agree that Fala suits more of the quiet type role and the the goody goody type. She fails to convince yet she is that perky girl.

  10. I really don’t like this episode. It is just about Jay den, Holly and PPP…. NotHING SPECIAL AND VERY BORING. Btw has to wait for the best part when is about Francis Myolie ron and Nancy character developed. Want to see more about Summer with Isaac character also with Sam there too.

  11. Funn,
    Thanks for taking your time to do the review. However, there are some mistakes in your review.
    The scenes where you said that they called 3 of them is not correct. It should be 2 of them where Jim Jim was not called. Only Holly and the bookworm guy.

    Another one is about the test. When they were told that they will be having 2 test, Clever was booed by the others for being ‘smart” that he knows the first test is reasoning test. And then he asked the rest whether they know what is BAK? And the rest answer him that it’s Basic Aircraft Knowledge.
    and also,
    After the test when Holly was going out the classroom, captain Koo did not ask her to go for a drink. He was just asking her whether she was still angry with him and Holly replied her that of course not because you’re our teacher. How dare us. (something like that)

    1. Thanks for the corrections. The part of the BAK is something I am aware of but that is too specific to point out.

      The one on 3 candidates, I really thought it was 3 persons being asked to defend themselves. I went back to see that scene and indeed. So it would seem Jim Jim was already chosen. I will amend that part in my own recap. The one posted here will remain as it is.

      Ok the last part I really have no recollection. I thought he asked her out to drink. I think I may have mixed it with the earlier scene where he was asking the students out to the pub! Again I will amend that in my own recap.

      Thanks again!

    2. Wait! That means Jim Jim got chosen earlier than that bookworm guy WHEN later he failed his test?!

      1. Jim Jim is a nephew of the General Manager of Skylette Airline, so preference has to be given to Jim Jim in selecting candidates for PPP program.

      2. That is not fair! No wonder he got the attitude. I suppose between all 3, he would have scored the lowest? And being the nephew, surely he can just jump straight to being a cadet somewhere which he clearly can afford.

      3. Jim Jim was selected not because of his relationship with Uncle Adrian. He was chosen over bookworm guy because the bookworm guy acted like he knows the answer during the 4 people interview. But the fact he doesn’t know. Sam mentioned this during the discussion with Tony and Jayden.

      4. Yes now I remember the reasoning. But frankly I don’t see why Jim Jim is chosen over the bookworm guy who will probably graduate top of his class. I thought Sam said something about potential and does Jim Jim have that potential? That’s why in my mind I thought I saw 3 of them in the room instead of 2.

      5. Uncle Adrian, G.M. at Skylette, did mention to both Sam and Tony that Jim Jim was his nephew, and both Sam and Tony did say something that Jim Jim should be included in the final list. They also said there were only two people in doubt, i.e. Holiday and Yung Man Chuen. They had to choose one of these two. I think preference was also given to Jim Jim right from the start.

        Good connections always help in any case in getting selected (or jobs) in any interviews. That is life!

      6. Sam said Jim Jim had potential as he’s a athlete and they have discipline and tolerance which are good qualities for pilots that’s what Sam chose him. Sam didnt know that there was a connection between Jim and Adrian until tony pointed it out.

      7. Sam doesn’t know they have connection at the first place and he was quite okay with how Jim Jim answer during the interview after Holly. Sam feels that he has the potential and should be in because of his charisma? or something like that. I strongly believes it’s not because of connection. For Tony, maybe yes. For Sam to choose, No No 🙂

  12. At the end of episode 10 Jayden said, “I’ll always be your Mr. Nice.” That’s because Fala called him Mr. Nice-to-women-only when he took the PPP candidates out. Then, he motioned for her to leave and it ended like that.

    Seems like Jayden is very interested in Holly.

  13. i actually didn’t enjoy epi 10. at best, the scene at the airport between Issac and Coco tickled me a bit. 😛

    initially i was kinda “what the” with Jayden’s attitude towards the PPP. i like Sam’s commitment to his job/training program. however, towards the end of the epi, i was proven wrong. Jayden is committed to the PPP program as well but in his own ways. charming as Chilam is and i like him as an artist but i honestly didn’t feel him as a convincing pilot. for me, Joe Ma fit the bill better. besides, in the first installment, Vincent’s flirtatious behaviour is subtle and is not “fan gan”. maybe it’s just me. i think his role in RP stores firmly in my mind so i see Chilam as his role in RP which i totally enjoyed. 😳 😉

    1. I love Chi Lam. I think he is amazing so far and fits his role to a T.

  14. I don’t think Chilam looks that handsome in Ep. # 11 when he speaks as an instructor in the class. However, when he flirts with the girls and smiles, he is super handsome. Therefore, the playboy-pilot character suits him very well.

  15. My ep 10 got some serious mistakes as to the dialogue. I consider it major because whatever Jayden says is major. My apologies everyone but thanks for pointing them out!

    1. Funn:
      Don’t worry about your mistakes. When we watch the episode, we will find out the exact dialogues. It is very hard for you to write such long recaps in such a short period of time. We all understand that it is not an easy task to do it.

    2. You did a great job by writing this review Funn! Of course there will be mistakes here and there since the drama is 45 minutes long! 🙂 There’s no way for you to write each and every dialogue that was in the series.

    3. No worries Funn, it’s nice to read what you wrote and it gives all watchers a chance to share their opinions too.

  16. This time mistakeS galore!!!

    why? Really dun understand why?? why do you need to rush out the reviews instead of correcting yourself? What so great about AOD is it keeps repeating itself. Re-watch it!

    It is more like the case of “Funn is always right” that you do not want to self check yourself.

    Funny thing is that i only watch it once and i remember better than you. why? because i am not busy judging and criticizing while watching it.

    KAP stands for Kiss Again Please. Duh!

    1. Well, you are obviously busy judging and criticizing Funn when you are not watching TITS2.

      Question: How come you waited till now to air your vengeance? Why didn’t you say so earlier in episodic thoughts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8? Why did you wait till all there’s heat on Funn’s reviews before you took your opportunity to strike?

      You could have just said her review contained some mistakes and wish she had been more thorough. You didn’t have to say it so vividly that you could remember it better than her even after just watching it once and you didn’t need to insult her character by saying she’s so busy being judgmental and critical that she forgot some details.

      You know in martial arts, they have this respectacle practice of not continuously attacking their opponent when he/she is down.

      For your jumping on the bandwagon like this, I wouldn’t be utterly surprised if people mistook you for appslim who has got this major personal thing against Funn and lives near Ampang, who probably also watches AOD as well.

      Well, if you think you can remember better than Funn and you think of yourself as being non judgemental and critical, why don’t you try submitting your piece of review to our resident Grammar Nazi, Rebecca?

      1. one more thing, “don’t hit someone when they are down” – didn’t know Funn is down… is she down, was she down? how u know she is down? suddenly got this “weird comment” from nowhere.

        Seriously i am not wrong, if anyone care about their work, they would have checked it and recheck and made it perfect first before presenting it.. I don’t understand where u go by attacking me for wanting better quality from a seasoned reviewer.

        hopefully the next episode review (if any,urgh!!) be better.

      2. Well tusk,
        Funn is not down, why should she be when its obvious she has been the bigger person here.

        When I said it, it was because just a few hours before your comment came up, we were having this thing with our Rebecca who also critique Funn’s review in a somewhat unkind manner.

        Now I don’t know if you were following the events just before your comment came up, or you really had no idea.

        What I meant to say was it would seem too much of a coincidence if your somewhat unkind critique came just slightly after Rebecca’s. Why didn’t it come way earlier? That’s why I said that it seemed like you were jumping on the bandwagon and attacking Funn as well at this juncture. Seizing the opportunity maybe?

        Hence I gave you that martial arts practice, to tell you that if you knew Rebecca already went in and tried to do what you are doing, you didn’t have to jump in and join in at this point.

        However, if you did not know about the whole Rebecca fiasco, then you would know that alot of people gave Funn their opinions and all of them put it courteously and kindly, even those mistakes which they wanted her to correct, they were put forth respectably and politely.

        Your comment with the reasoning that you are a viewer demanding better quality, you could have been more polite or courteous. Look at how you attacked Funn and then make it seem like its your given right to belittle her for her work.

        Funn does not work for you, you are not her boss and you do not pay her for these reviews. You could have been kinder instead of using an insulting, sarcastic, begruding and superior tone.

        When you commented on her work, you used her mistakes in her work to attack her personality. Is that not true?

        You just did it again now in this reply to me.

      3. Your attack is so similar to pot calling the kettle black isn’t it?

        Hard to get through to fanatic who is so set on 1 mindset. Waste of time.

        I don’t follow the whole Rebecca saga and I don’t care. If Funn is entitled to her opinion so am I. If you see beyond that, then stop wasting my time.

      4. So you are pissed at my attack. Well well, just giving you a taste of your own medicine of what you did to Funn.

        Unless you are doing the dirty work for all of us by using your own time and effort to do the recaps for us, there’s no harm in being polite in your request to Funn. Its not pretentious, its just basic courtesy. A little bit of humility goes a long way.

        Its like you are given free food and then have the audacity to be rude about it when you didn’t even need to pay, prepare, cook or serve it.

        Surely didn’t sound like you knew the difference before you called me a racist.

        Yes, I wouldn’t dare to waste anymore of your precious time. Precious time that you could better use to search and hunt for mistakes galore! Duh!

    2. Oh I forgot this. Initially, I thought Rebecca was being brutal in the manner she chose to critique Funn’s review.

      Then your comment showed up and proved a Chinese saying, ‘One mountain is higher than another mountain’.

      1. Haha, You actually think any review that disagree with her will get a fair assessment from her fan-si??

        My comments are brutal?!!?? This is what we call better to be brutally honest upfront than pile a load of sugary fake compliments. If you really want to help improve her, then tell things like it is. Her inaccuracies are very hard to stomach, peppered with her confusing comments.

        Why wait until Episode 10?? coz this is the worse one yet???!!? Why also lead to the question, how come there are so many reviews, normally we don’t have to endure so much.

        I don’t bloody well care who Rebecca “whatever her name” is. You can call her fussy or meticulous or bias or whatever person but it is wrong and racist to call someone a German Nazi.

      2. You obviously think that after insulting a person’s character, its a way to help them improve in their writing.

        I did not call Rebecca a German Nazi, I called her a Grammar Nazi. Btw, Rebecca came up with this term herself. Grammar Nazi. Its not racist, but of course I expected you to call me a racist since you would attack my personality even if you have misread or misunderstood.

        I’m not saying that everyone has to agree with Funn, I’m just saying one can use a more polite way to point out her mistakes.

        You want a preview of what a somewhat fair and objective response to Funn sound like? Here:

        ‘ Dear Funn Lim,
        I appreciate that you have taken the effort to do some recaps for the viewers, I noticed some errors, such as KAP to be kiss again please. I would like to suggest if you would make the amendments to your original review before making the final submission in future? Thanks’

        That wasn’t even really polite but still how does that sound compared to

        “This is more like a case of ‘Funn is always right’

        I only watched it once but I remember it better than you! Why? Because I’m not busy judging and criticizing.

        KAP – kiss again please! Duh!’

      3. Oh god so pretentious rehashing of my statements. Thank you ! I learn something new
        You actually missed my point. I just did wat Funn did, taking creative liberty with the script. I know it was grammar not German, I just letting u know how annoying it is to read.

        My last post. Time wasted 28 mins

  17. Stop criticizing fala Funn. I’d like to see you try to play her character. She was chosen for a reason and before this series finishes give her a chance. You’re so set on hating her that every single thing she does annoys you to the core so how are you supposed to enjoy her performance when you are already so set on hating her. And honestly in all your reviews you are just hating on her which i think is honestly an iniquitous deed for she has tried her best and deserves credit for that. I’m not trying to be mean or anything and I truly appreciate your reviews but I really think you should stop hating on fala so much. There really is a significant reason why she is a tvb fadan after joining the industry for just a few years. So I suggest you look at things from a different viewpoint and embrace what she has to offer.

    1. I think I am hating Myolie more. Oh I can’t wait for the reaction. Like double whammy. I don’t hate Fala. I just don’t like her Holly. Note the difference. I think I am more critical on Myolie and that is because I expected more from her.

      1. Then aren’t you hating all of the main female characters? You don’t like jayden as well leaving you to like only one of the main character. LOL. We haven’t even watched a quarter of the series. I know that with different idiosyncrasies we should all have different viewpoints but I honestly think you haven’t given the characters that you are so set on hating a chance yet

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