Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 16

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“I only want to be with Zoe, only Zoe and no one else”

I finally found my notes for episode 15 and yes, I basically left out A LOT of stuff, especially Sam stuff. So much so when episode 16 began, I was like blur a bit until I remembered that was the part I left out, so I deserve this…

*face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm*

Ok, now that my face has swollen to the size of a big juicy expensive watermelon, a bit about what you will get to see in this episode.

Like serious overkill in so many ways.

Lovers of Adele will rejoice that there will be at least 2 times where her song is played, same song and if I am not mistaken, you will hear Adele 3 times in the series as in twice same song, one another song already played in earlier episodes.

Lovers of Sam-Zoe will rejoice there will be a heartbreaking scene between Sam and Zoe and that Souffle thing.

Lovers of Sam will rejoice there will be even more heartbreaking scene of Sam and the tri-angel.

Lovers of Holiday (yes I know there are fans, so come on, admit it!) will rejoice that well, this episode is half about her and you will get to see some striptease action (depending which country you are watching this episode but no worries, I got the link to the uncensored scene)

Lovers of Jayden will rejoice that he is getting some “action”.

But sorry Summer’s fans, she isn’t in here.

Basically this is an episode of Adele, STRIPTEASE, Adele, STRADDLING, Adele, SEX and some tears.

But before I begin the recap, let me recap what happened in the last scene of ep 15;

LONDON. Sam, Manna and Holly having cakes at home when Manna asks if Holly makes the grade as a pilot and Sam is reluctant to praise her but does say she has areas she can improvise. Sam shares a happy video with gwaimui Zoe and he and Manna look happy and all and Holly stares at him. Later Holly has a conversation with Manna where Manna says Sam is a good man who loves his wife very much and basically left his successful career as a pilot so that he can make dessert for Zoe who had no more appetite. Holly listens carefully. Later she goes in search of Sam who is fixing the stairs or something when she talks to Sam about ERROR RECOVERY, an aviation term. I think Holly is trying to draw a parallel with Sam as she knows his regret; he wasn’t with Zoe when she died. So she says to Sam humans make mistake, no one is perfect. Sam thinking it is a conversation relates to her a story about a cadet or pilot which shows there can be no mistake. Holly stresses that life is full of mistakes and regrets, one must know when to recover. Sam asks what she is talking about and Holly says “I am talking about Zoe” and Sam is shocked as he says “Zoe? Why do you keep insisting on talking about my wife and I which is a very private matter?” and Holly asks him if he has truly recovered from her death and now Sam is angry as he feels Holly is being very intrusive and basically raises his voice as he demands to know what has all these got to do with her?! Holly at her most sincere self says “Sam, I really do care about you, I do. If you won’t let go, you can’t move on. Why keep all these to yourself, all these pain, these hurt? Why can’t you release yourself by telling all these to someone?” and I think Sam is too angry for words and leaves as Holly frets about it.

That was when that episode stopped.

Recap will continue from that scene.

A repeat and Manna sees all that. Sam is alone, angry, sad, in denial, frustrated, everything when Manna gently says “Please forgive my daughter, it was not her place to say that” but Sam doesn’t really blame Holly as Manna looks at him and tells him a story; “You know, the London Eye is such a popular must see place. An old friend of mine visited me and we both went to see this special must see place so that we can both enjoy London’s view. By the time we got on, due to the long queue, it was at night and we saw only darkness. I felt very very sad because I only got to see that view with this friend who only visited me once a year. I thought if we had to wait until next year, what if one of us can’t make it? But I digress. Sam, perhaps it is time for you to move on with your life” and Sam now almost breaking down said “I know what you mean Manna, but I am not ready to see the view with someone else. I don’t want to get on the London Eye with another woman..” and now in absolute total breakdown he grabs Manna who hugs him fiercely as he cried into her shoulder “I only want to be with Zoe, only Zoe and no one else” and he cries very hard as Manna comforts him with her presence.


NOW THIS IS ABSOLUTE TOTAL BREAKDOWN. It starts with glum, then with quivering of lips, tears in eyes, some script and finally with the fierce sobs, entire body shaking. Francis, you are my acting God. Show them, SHOW THEM ALL how it is done!

And very very sad. Sam is always so calm but we all know how much her death affects him, but this scene shows the intensity of that pain, that loneliness, that longing and missing Zoe. Yes, I miss Zoe too. I feel your pain Sam, I really do.


PPP. Sam says since that day is their 2nd last day in London, they can now fly with the instructors and do those loops and all. Shouldn’t be fun with the whole G force thing? Anyway Holly wants to go first but Sam says; “You will go last, since you’re always the last to hand in your homework”. Holly pouts as Yat Mung says happily “Then I will be first since I always hand in my homework first!”. Holly protests and looks at Jayden and pleads “Mr Koo, that is not fair right? Mr Koo???” and Jayden says “Well, Sam, you can’t just impose such a rule all of a sudden without due notice. That’s not fair to the students” and Sam looks at Tony who smiles as he says “But Sam has a point. There should be punishment if you don’t follow the rules” and Holly frets as she looks at Jayden who looks apologetic and says “Sorry. 2 against 1”.


I have issues with the pouting. Why is it everything seems to be about Holly and why ALL 3 instructors seem especially supportive of her and I thought Him Law is in this series? He might as well just put his cardboard image there since he doesn’t need to speak at all.


One by one flew, yeah until the end there’s only Holly and she eagerly goes to get ready and..


I swear I was thinking how great it would be if it rains and she doesn’t get to fly.


… Sam says to Holly “Sorry Holiday, you can’t fly. There’s a thunderstorm warning, rain may be coming, not safe” and Holly is like “But .. I haven’t flown yet!!” and Sam says sorry and so my wish came true. YEAH!

Holly alone late at night playing imaginary pilot and Sam seems to want to talk to her about something but leaves as Holly is absorbed in her role playing.

Next day, truly PPP last day in London. Jayden walks at the hangar and let me just say, what a stupid scene. Taiwanese at least has the sense to show that the girl is some young girl so she can act innocent, cute and stupid and all. This one made no sense. Jayden sees a happy laughing Holly who is wearing some apparatus around her waist and it is like a small cockpit thing to which she then runs around, like she is flying and pretending she is the pilot. Minutes spent on showing her doing that and Jayden smiles to himself at the cuteness he is seeing.


How old is Holiday by the way? He behaviour is just … dumb. DUMB! DUMB!! If this is the only way to justify how Jayden is charmed by her, it is cliche. And no pilot to be will do that, not in a hangar in London. It may be cute for an 18 year old, but for I suppose 30 year old? It is just creepy.


Holly sees Jayden in her view and stops and I thought she should at least act shocked and embarrassed but she acts as if nothing has happened and even I think says HI! chirpily. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Fala, WRONG!!! Come on, however chirpy happy childish cute amazingly great you may be, this is quite an embarrassing situation to be caught playing flying. At least look a bit surprised! But nothing. WRONG! What a stupid scene.

We see Sam going to find a gwailo to inform him he likes to borrow a plane, of course to fly with poor Holly who never got to fly. He goes in search of her at her room only to be cornered by Yat Mung with her questions about her results and recommendation letter and he tries to avoid her when he sees the tri-angel on the table and another great Francis moment, he is so shocked, he looks stunned but yet try to act normally. He goes to the tri-angel, takes it, smells it and finds out it is Holly’s. He wonders why Holly has it and goes in search of her.

We see Jayden and Holly flying and that’s when my notes is written “ADELE!”. Yes, an Adele song. Back on ground, Holly is very happy when a gwailo throws Jayden’s keys to him and she sees that key thing (from Daniel’s jacket) and now it is her turn to look stunned.


Frankly, this is perhaps Fala’s best acting moment thus far in this series, all 16 episodes with that short moment of stunned look. Just.. you know.. don’t cry because the director just said he ran out of eye drops.


Stunned, she asks Jayden in a stunned voice “Where did you get that key?” and Jayden says “I can’t remember” but I think maybe he does remember. Anyway Holly shows Jayden her bracelet and Jayden uses the key and unlock the bracelet. All these with ADELE song as background. Holly now sorta crying as she says stuff that means she appreciates his presence in his life, that she search and search and realises Jayden is the one who is always there to help her, to assist her, that he is the one, the only one (uhhhh… nope, it is Sam who’s there. Sam gave her tuition, Sam exposed her, Sam advised her, etc) and she grabs his face and Jayden is all cool but quite surprised at her tears and she (not he but she) kisses him and I do mean smooch smooch and not peck peck. Sam arrives and sees them kissing and he looks like urgggh because he wants her to reply some of his questions and he holds the tri-angel to his lips and sorta smell-kiss it deeply.

Truly last day of PPP. Speeches are made, champagnes opened and we are told Holly is not there, she is in France and Jayden is also missing and the worst kept secret; everyone knows Holly and Jayden are together.

Then we have like 10 minutes or so of a music video about French countryside with Jayden and Holly in a nice looking car and then at night, they kinda breaks the law by entering into a chateau illegally and then also stealing candles and opening people’s wines which Jayden pays by leaving money on the table. And the next scene is excruciating to watch.

Jayden says they can spend the night listening to music and he plays a music from his phone which is an old Chinese opera music, Holly laughs heartily as she plays her and then suddenly she stands up as Jayden is sitting on a chair and she actually does a sexy sort of dance and a bit of bum shaking and all. And all I could feel is it is so not sexy because the sweater is ugly, the boots is ugly and Fala, in her most daring scene yet, seems way too chirpy to the point of awkwardness. She then half dance, half strut to Jayden who is amused as she parts her leg to sit on his lap, like riding him? Anyway when she does that I laughed because I don’t think Jayden is as wide as a horse or a motorcycle but sorry to say, and however graphic I may be, I am really sorry to say she parts her legs so wide when she is trying to sit astride Jayden, it feels like she is climbing a horse, literally. It was just not sexy but awkward. Then our ASTRO channel censored to the point where I keep seeing a blindfolded Jayden’s hands rubbing Holly’s face, again and again and again, ending with a censored part and then a second of searing kiss.


The real uncensored video is here at http://video.sina.com.cn/v/b/111570594-1893802153.html

The rubbing of face is not repeated but rather a flow of the same scene where in between the censored parts were Holly removing her ugly sweater and you see her bare back and her bum straddling Jayden’s feet right near his crotch (sorry I had to be graphic about this to tell you what I mean) and grinding his (technically) thighs. But there were grinding actions.

And I am very glad the uncensored scene is censored. First I am not a prude, I’ve seen more than this before. This is not a sex scene but it is a make out scene that is not the first in TVB but quite daring for recent times. Fala sacrificed a lot by showing a bit too much of her back and the whole grinding action. However it isn’t remotely sexy. It was awkward. Because from her dancing, miming (which she does pretty well) to the seduction to eventual sex with Jayden looking stunned and practically doing nothing is all wrong. It is too sudden. Nothing about too soon since we know Holly is a woman ruled by her heart. She thinks of Jayden as the second Daniel. She probably sees him as Daniel’s replacement and relationships such as these is bound to fail. But the fact that this came out of nowhere I feel is just wrong. Why not show a bit more of them flirting with one another, sexual innuendos and all? That leads to the seduction. It is like so rushed. Too rushed. And I hate it that Chilam did nothing from the uncensored version. He seems to shocked that Holly, that is Fala is leading him, letting him touch her face, her body, etc. It is not exactly 50 Shades of Grey but I think that is the meaning of that scene; how sexually liberated Holly is, how Jayden is surprised that a woman takes the initiative at sex and so he is stunned, how good Holly is at EVERYTHING, sex included. I hated this scene. But I like to see Holly doing the same thing to Sam. Sam will be shell shocked. But that man needs a bit of passion in his life. Glad to know Holly in the end will give him great sex.

Since they’re using so much of Adele, why not copy a scene from Casino Royale which has less nudity (of the woman) and much much sexier? That raining scene and Bond and Vesper run into the room and just both fall onto the bed kissing passionately and giggling. That to me was way way wayyyyyy more sexier than the whole mime-dance-stride-ride-grind-remove ugly sweater scene.


Next morning they are intimate, goes walking (ADELE song!!) when approached by a black guy who almost forgot his own lines selling them the same key bracelet that Holly has. And I distinctively remember Coco said that bracelet is limited edition. So those must be fakes. Jayden doesn’t believe in the lock thing and says he believes any relationship should be casual and not too serious (probably said that which is like uh-oh moment to me). Holly doesn’t want to buy but later runs back to the same spot as Jayden waits for her, thinking she wants to buy that bracelet when she is there, alone, crying, making a heartfelt speech or as heartfelt as Fala can muster in a badly acted moment about letting go, that she has to let go of Daniel, she wants to begin anew again with Jayden and she leaves her bracelet amongst the railings filled with locks (I think you are supposed to buy a lock, make a wish and lock it there or something). Then she runs back happily to Jayden, shouts JAYDENNNNNNNNNNNNN and runs to him and he picks her up and swings her around. Ahhh young love for the 30s.

By the way I suppose later when she is bored with the whole romance/passion/hot sex thing that’s when she realises she wants a man who can give her stability and that is Sam.

Ok, be gone Holly! ENOUGH!

Skylette plane, PPP group having a lively discussion but all Sam is concerned with is the tri-angel in his hands as he smooches and smells it deeply, looking distraught and probably at that moment the loneliest man in the world.

Back at home he is in his room gloomily unpacking when Isaac and Coco, like a breath of fresh air stand before him and in unison in movements, pose and words said loudly together “SOUVENIR!” as they show their hands.


THAT WAS FUNNY!! Seriously so cute!


He gives them each a box and Isaac says “Ahh so rare!” or something like that as they sit next to him, Sam in the middle and Isaac sees the tri-angel and exclaimed “The tri-angel! Brother, you bought a new one?” and Sam says “No, this is Zoe’s. Smell it, it is the same” but Isaac refuses to smell it. Then Sam explains he found this in Holly’s room and wanted to ask her where she got it but he couldn’t contact her. Coco asks where is Holly but no answer. Then Sam teases Coco about the proposal and happily Coco shows him his engagement ring and Sam is very happy for Coco and Isaac also insists on being the big brother of the bride and that Coco should serve him tea at the ceremony to which Sam reminds Isaac he has to pay I think HKD10,000 ang pow to which Isaac quickly says he will be Nick’s best man instead, much cheaper. So Coco and him hilariously arguing about that when things becomes a bit awkward in silence as Sam slips into his moody self. Isaac says “Well.. we are here for the souvenirs and we got the souvenirs. I suppose we should leave you alone to unpack, bath and smell the tri-angel” and Coco and Isaac leaves. Sam sits alone on the bed, looking and smelling the tri-angel as he looks sadly and..


Zoe, pale, very pale looking frustratingly at Sam who looks crazy, devastated as he tries to make the souffle and Zoe throw the stuff away and Sam says he must make the souffle and Zoe shouts “Stop it! You can make it all but it won’t taste the same! Stop wasting your time here with me, stop making excuses and stop waiting to die with me!!” and Sam distraught cries “What can I do? What should I do?! I see you getting weaker each day and I can’t do anything! I already miss you!!” and Zoe says sadly “However much you will miss me, I will still have to leave one day” and Sam hugs Zoe fiercely and cries tears of frustration as Zoe cries tears of sadness.


Sam on the bed, smelling and kissing the tri-angel deeply, as if he could smell Zoe’s presence and it would be all right but he isn’t alright.


So damn sad!!! I was like poor poor Sam, poor poor Zoe. That why Zoe left him I think to die alone because she knew how devastating her poor health has been on Sam, more so death!


Coco and Colby goes shopping and Colby buys Coco the dragon-phoenix bracelet modern style because she says Nick’s parents are very old fashioned and won’t get her the modern style. What a good friend Colby is!

Next we have Isaac and Sam and Coco and Nick meeting Nick’s parents. Father is ok but mother doesn’t like Coco and they ended up arguing about wedding preparations when Coco wants simple, mother wants full package, Coco doesn’t want to stay with the parents, mother insists, mother wants grandchild, Coco not so soon and she keeps looking at Nick who looks helpless as Isaac is as offended for Coco but keeps his mouth shut and Sam tries to diffuse the situation.


This is the only scene thus far Sam has ever mentioned Joe Ma’s character, not in name but when asked by the mother shouldn’t Coco’s family be involved in the discussion and Sam says “Coco’s deceased brother was my best friend and I treat Coco like my own sister. I will represent her family”.

No mention of Belle.


Coco rinsing plates and Isaac and Sam both approach and Sam gently tells her maybe she should tone down her fiery nature when dealing with a difficult mother in law. Coco says that is why she wants to live apart, to avoid arguments and Isaac warns her not to put Nick in a difficult position and not to bully his friend. Coco teases “Won’t you miss me when I am married and out of this house?” and Isaac says “Miss you? Nahhhhh… I will have more space!” and Coco like a mother then nags “You know, you 2 should start dating!” and before she can say much, Sam and Isaac runs away.


I do believe there is an improvised scene here, where Isaac says “Miss you…” and all that. Because look at Francis’ expression. He looks like he is about to burst out laughing which is so un-Sam if you know what I mean. Love their interaction and yes, Mother In Law from hell, since Nick is the only child.


Heather and Tony having a celebration and I thought Divorce party? Nope, wedding anniversary party and I was like, editing problem here? Because didn’t they say divorce like I think 2 episodes ago? Well, we shall know more…

Meanwhile Roy, Isaac, Nick and Coco plan to announce Nick and Coco’s impending wedding at the same place later, with Sam dropping by to make a speech as the brother of the future bride. Signs were hidden behind certain places and Coco scolds Roy (I think) for forgetting to include Colby and Vincent. Roy looks on dumbly.

But Heather and Tony finally reveals they’re more friends than lovers and so they are getting a divorce though Roy tries to stop Heather to say this must be a joke but they confirm that is the truth. Rachel is shocked. Everyone is shocked. Sam arrives and Rachel says “Did you know? They made the announcement…” and Sam thinks it is the engagement announcement and says “How can they? I have been waiting for this happy moment for years!” and he rushes in as Rachel looks at him like what?

Yeap, funny stuff here.

Sam arrives, quickly toasts them a happy marriage and as Isaac tries to stop him, Sam reveals that he is so happy right now, he has been waiting for this moment for so long he can’t wait and everyone is like Sam Sam Sam no no no and Sam pulls down the fabric and inside is of course Coco and Nick’s name and he happily announces the engagement and Coco says “SAM GOR” and Sam knows something is not right when Tony explains he and Heather is getting a divorce and Sam looks at them in shock as Heather smiles and nods to say it is true. Sam is momentarily looking very very stunned.

Next episode, more of Holly-Jayden goodness, I “don’t” hope?

You know how much I love Jayden but I feel when Jayden is with Holly, he is so boring! This episode like I said at the top is way too much of everything. If not for Isaac, Coco and Sam moments I feel like switching it off. I forgot to mention somewhere along this episode there is a recap of some Zoe moments from Triumph In The Skies. Myolie really looks so different now.

Performances wise, Chilam falters a bit as Jayden especially in the sex scene where he basically just sits there like a piece of wood, censored or uncensored version. A bit of reaction like throwing her onto the floor and leaving… I mean and throwing himself on top of her would be great but then we may see Fala’s breasts! Oh bring back Summer! Jayden is at his best with Summer and Sam.

Francis Ng… is acting god. If he doesn’t convince you in episode 14 and 15, episode 16 should convince you many many times. His pain, his sadness, his devastation, his “I am about to lose control” moments and that heart breaking scenes first with Manna and then with Zoe and finally with the tri-angel, that simple act of smelling the tri-angel with such intensity, you know he can’t move on from Zoe. And I don’t know when Zoe died, but I hope Sam will move on and will then perhaps stop those Holly-silliness at its tracks and give us a better more mature Holly. Francis Ng excels in all of those scenes and he is at his most uptight with Fala but his most relaxed with Ron and Nancy. Love those moments. Francis, may I declare my utmost undying love for you! Reject 10 movies so that you can film more TVB series! TVB needs you, I need you, my sanity needs you! If I watch another of those Fala moments and those Adele moments, I will go insane!

Myolie is best as Zoe. Maybe it is because of my affection for Zoe, also because Myolie is at her best with Francis. Zoe is such a positive character, I feel so sad she died. Summer to me is just not well written at all. That pulls Myolie down and because it is so restrictive, it shows Myolie’s inadequacies in certain areas. Zoe is such an open character, I am convinced by Zoe’s cheerfulness. I am just not convinced with Summer’s gloominess.

Fala Chen is terrible quite simply because she is a total and absolute with utmost certainly a miscast. Some scenes suppose to show her Holly as a more grown up Zoe; cheerful, happy, deep down sad but trying to move on. Like we should feel for her. We should cheer for her. And she is brave enough to initiate sex. She is also sexually beguiling and all that nonsense. All I can see is immature, childish, idiot and a very bad performance by an actress who seems more awkward than beguiling.

Ron Ng should do more comedy. Has he ever paired with Dayo Wong? He should. I am sure both as deadpan will create fireworks.

Nancy Wu is sorta wasted. I find her role not that important and yet not “not” important.

Episode 16 shows more of the past but I think perhaps it is time this series should seriously move forward and give everyone a closure. Holly right now with Jayden is a fake closure. For Sam, until he is with Holly, he will have no closure. Jayden is now not working hard at a closure with Summer. At 16 episodes, this series is now dragging a bit. I love the flashbacks but I feel ep 17 should reveal all secrets so that everyone can just move on to the next stage of the script instead of reliving the past.


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/.

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  1. I stopped watching after episode 5. Thought it would be better to wait till the entire series is out and then watch it in one go. But from all these comments about Fala…. I’m tempted to just sneak peak an episode to see wth is going on. Lol. Cause some of you make her sound absolutely HORRIBLE almost on the level of Toby Leung.

    1. Nobody is as bad as Toby, nobody. Fala is a disappointment in this series though, I expected a bit more from her.

    2. Holiday is just a very badly illustrated character by the scriptwriters. Her character is just too complicated and unreal for any young actress to act. However, due to her age (29), TVB cannot cast her with a mature and more experienced actress. Even if Holiday is acted by an experienced actress, Personally I don’t think she will be convincing, likable, and consistent.

      I think TVB should hire better scriptwriters to write their scripts. It is a total waste of money to film this big production in 4 countries. If they want to show off the excellent acting Francis Ng and Chilam Cheung, just focus on their characters and forget about making a weird Holiday and a dull and boring Summer.

      1. @sandcherry Agree! It feels like 10 different writers wrote the character and didn’t bother to communicate their work.

        Francis did say that he collaborated with Ron and Chilam to change up their scripts, so maybe that’s why their roles are so much better?

      2. Francis and Chilam had more power to change their scripts due to their veteran status, but not Fala.

      3. @sandcherry –

        Myolie also didn’t have the same power as Chilam and Francis to change her character.

        The blame can be placed on the scriptwriters but performance wise – Fala just isn’t there. I am so confused with the way she acts. I think her biggest problem is – she doesn’t know how to relax and her character in the series is very relaxed.

      4. I haven’t watched Ep. # 17 yet, but Myolie’s character and acting are pretty bland and boring. I remember that Funn said Myolie (Summer) only had 2 to 3 expressions from Ep. 1 to 16. Her character is not as complex as Fala’s anyway. Summer is just a cold tom-boy who loves to play with engines and machines, and is angry at her brother, Jayden.

      5. Summer also treats her team very well. She is a very nice team leader, and her team supports her highly.

      6. The main problem is Fala, don’t blame the scriptwriters. Eventhough, Holly isn’t a lovable character but if Fala at least try her best to act her role well especially those emotional breakdown, I believe still alot people like her Holly. Sad but true: Fala can’t mean can’t act!

  2. I think TVB Website says Holly is 29?

    I’m so glad Manna was by Sam’s side when he broke down. Much better than Holly.

    They could have made a shorter version of TITS, focused on Sam and Zoe (she still dies, but we see memories and eventually unravel the mystery of how she died alone). Cut out the extra story-lines.

  3. Should have been 19, not 29. Ok, Holly did complete a Master’s. So, I’ll say mid-20s will do.

    1. I think someone mentioned TVB site put her age at 30 or so. Makes sense.

  4. Ahhh, can someone tell me all the songs that they use through out these episodes. I really like them! Thanks!

    1. I think all the Adele songs is in her first album, 19. There’s Fly Me To The Moon but not Frank Sinatra version. That miming scene, old song, can’t remember the title. That is all I got.

      1. The miming song is ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’, which I thought was hilarious and so appropriate cause Jayden is a pilot. ‘No matter where you are, no matter how far’.

  5. Funn, you must love episode 17 since there is no Holiday.

    But to me, it is absolutely boring.

    1. @Jackson – u are alone on this.

      I actually enjoyed episode 17, especially the exchange between Myolie and Chilam at the end.

      This episode was also interesting as it introduced a new character, which complicates the Elena and Kenneth relationship.

  6. Hollys dancing took me right back to Falas “links to temptation” which is a bad thing. I took jaydens wooden expression to be thinking “god she is clingy” and running through scenarios to hide from holly like he did with Oceanne Zu.

  7. stopped watching cos i think there is only so much of Fala and Myolie i can take ;p

  8. Funn, thanks for this episode summary. I don’t usually read episode summaries of a drama I’m currently watching, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading your very entertaining recap for Episode 16 and concur with your view on many of the scenes mentioned – so, a job well done. 🙂

    You have a zany sense of humour. I was chuckling so much at your paragraph describing in vivid details the Holiday-Jayden seduction/love scene. RIDING HIM LIKE A HORSE OR MOTORBIKE….LOL. Oh dear! 😀

    Well, it’s pretty apparent by now that the Adele songs are designated especially for the Holly scenes…so you know TVB did put in extra effort trying to make Holiday a stand-out new character to appeal to TITS fans…therefore, it’s ironic how messy and unconvincing Holiday’s story arc and character turned out to be. Each time TVB attempts to put in a Holly scene that should be emotional or exciting (ie. the sex scene with Jayden or her saying a sad monologue about her dead bf Daniel), hoping to move or impress viewers, they get a rather critical or indifferent response instead. Surely, TVB’s ambition for TITS 2 should be commended, but the quality of script and performance of the new heroine Holly in many scenes just isn’t up to par.

    Frankly, if it wasn’t for Francis Ng and my curiosity over how the main characters ( Sam, Isaac, Roy, Coco) in TITS have grown in the sequel, I would have stopped watching TITS 2 after 10 episodes, as I am not at all interested in Chilam’s one-dimensional and cliche playboy chracter. Thank you for pointing out that Chilam’s acting was a bit too wooden and shy in that seduction scene in the chateau. It doesn’t jive with his aggressive playboy character to be the passive partner. You’re right, he should at least throw Holly back on the rug and pin her to the floor kissing her with authority or something…You’ve said all there is to be said about Fala’s awkward seduction scene – which screams “trying too hard” to me, hence the result is unsexy and comical. Lol. I also agree with you that the Adele songs would be better used to enhance the emotional scenes of Sam reminiscing over Zoe….but Francis Ng is such a terrific actor, he gets right into the heart of Sam and can depict his pain and longing naturally without the help of heavy-handed melodramatic music or the soulful voice of Adele to force a tear out of us. I think it’s better this way.

    And speaking of the songs in TITS, much has been said about the theme song of TITS1 being more enchanting and appropriate for the series than the themesong for TITS 2. I agree. While the theme song by George Lam has grown on me and I don’t mind it now, it doesn’t capture the feel of romance, dreaminess and soaring sensation that Eason Chan’s song does. That was a classic tvb theme song, one for the ages. Flora Chan’s subtheme was also perfect to complement the romantic storyline, and the tri-angel scenes had its own haunting song, Aine by Phil Cunningham. Too bad that it is not being used in TITS 2 (that would be a nice touch of continuity). On the other hand, the subtheme songs (excluding the borrowed Adele songs) by Raymond Lam and Meg Lam for TITS 2 are both very forgettable to me. Sounds like your average tvb ending song, nothing special.

    1. I seriously hope Adele will be asked a very serious question;

      “How does it feel with your album, at least 4 songs in that album, is used in a Chinese TV series called TITS 2?”

      I hope her reaction will be “TITS eh? Whatever rock you boats, I’m game for it”

      My last count – 4 songs from album 19. Am I correct? Or 3 but one song, Crazy For You repeated often. Great songs but overkill.

      TITS 3? Rolling In The Deep, I am sure of it!

      1. Adele’s Chasing Pavements was one if my favourites used in TITS2 ♥

      2. Lol….yup, Adele is quite a cool chick. She’d be tickled to hear about her songs being used in a chinese drama called TITS 2. Perhaps the next installment should be called ASS? 🙂

        I am not keeping count of the Adele songs used so far, but 3 or 4 sounds about right. IIRC, they used Chasing Pavements, Crazy For You and Make You Feel My Love.

  9. Am I the only one that thinks the ‘love scene’ is meant to be comical? I thought that fit in so well the what Holly was supposed to represent.

    Also they had wine, seduction just isn’t sexy when people are tipsy… To me that was just a TVB reminder to parents to warn their kids about drinking and their behaviour.

    And I also feel like I am one of the few people that doesn’t want Sam and Holly together. He is a father figure to her IMO.

    And I don’t think the love scene was rushed. They have been flirting with each other since they meant, I thought that was a build up. Also with the bracelet pad lock bridge, I thought it was to symbolize how she will always love Daniel, that he will be in her heart always but also that she is ready to move on from her grief.

    But these are just my opinions, my very biased opinions because I do like Holly and Jayden together. I know the acting is terrible but I don’t usually have high expectations for TVB shows cause they make me cringe so often so I ignore it now. I just wished that they would develop both characters! They need to make them realistic not 2 dimensional.

    But thank you so much for writing your episodic thoughts! I love them and wish there was one of these for every series I watched!

    1. Comical at first, dead serious in the end, sexy throughout.

      Fail, Fail and Fail in all 3.

  10. What is the name of the song when Francis kissed the triangle on the plane?

    1. Anyone know? I liked that music but idk the name of the song:(

      1. Thank you Erica T.

        I can’t find it on YouTube, but I found it on iTunes.

  11. Omg, Funn, I love all of your reviews:) They tell everything That’s happening in the drama instead of summaries, together tell the whole entire story ♥!
    I like your sense of humor you used for some comments to relate the whole episode out here !
    I hope to read more of these reviews from TITS2:)
    Thanks for spending time to write and type the reviews

    I was told the black guy Holly saw was selling locks and not lock-bracelets.

      1. I thought so too but a reader told me it is locks. Not her bracelet.

  13. I don’t get why Holiday goes all crazy and snogs Jayden out of the blue and turns into a relationship just cos he happens to have the key to unlock the bracelet?

  14. Far out Francis! absolutely nailed it ..! fantastic acting!

  15. @Funn: I read an article yesterday that was entitled: “One Fala Chen is enough to ruin Triumph in the Skies II”….I thought of you the entire time I was reading it…LOL!

    Anyway…I don’t have much comment about the last few episodes except this — Francis absolutely rocks!!

    1. Where? Where? See! I am not the only one! And now there’s TWO Fala Chen, one Fala the original and the other Fala the pirated aka Rebecca Zhu!

      1. @Funn: Here you go…the article is in Chinese though (I’m sure someone will probably end up translating it into English at some point). It’s an opinion piece from a Mainland paper, so take it for what it’s worth — though I do feel the writer does bring up quite a few valid points…I’m sure Fala fans will be pissed after reading this though…


  16. If this doesn’t deserve a best actor award, i don’t know what can.

    (Ps, i know it means nothing to Francis anyway..but still you can’t deny the amazing amazing acting compared to the rest @ tvb)

  17. Episode 16 has a rough edit where Fala sit on Chilam’s lap and make it out. TVB should never delete that scene! Overseas version has it.

  18. The bridge scene with all the key locks !!! Omg. Kourtney kardashian was there hahaha , she bought the lock and locked it there with her son, madon. Exact scene haha

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