Eric Li and GF of 6 Years Have a Hasty Wedding

TVB actor Eric Li (李天翔) and his girlfriend of six years, BoBo Tam (譚寶怡), have tied the knot! The couple took their relationship to the next level last week, when they signed their marriage certificate at their lawyer’s office. In a short ceremony, the couple cutely brushed their noses against each other and recited their vows. BoBo was in tears.

After Eric signed the papers, he and his good friend Hoffman Cheng (鄭世豪) delivered the good news to the press together. “It was simple,” said Eric. “We both signed our marriage papers in front of both of our parents. Our betrothal ceremony was a few days ago. We’re told that these past few days were good days [for marriage]. We completely mixed everything up this morning—we had our tea ceremony at the bride’s home first, and then went to our lawyer’s outfit. Traditionally, it should be the groom’s first.”

Eric admitted that the wedding was done in haste. Asking if he was on a tight schedule of expecting a baby soon, he laughed and said, “No! But yes, it was a bit of a rush. We only took about two to three months to plan it.” Baby plans? “Not yet. We’re both very impatient people.” Honeymoon soon? “We’ll be going to Okinawa soon for some wedding photos and a [Western] wedding ceremony. We’re only inviting close family for now. We’ll also be inviting Hoffman Cheng and Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂). We don’t be having a ceremony in Hong Kong.”


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  1. Eric acted well in OCTB. He needs to explore more opportunities outside of TVB. His talent is wasted there.

  2. Congratulations to Eric Li and Bobo Tam. May you 2 have a very happy and loving future.

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