Eric Li Becomes a Personal Trainer After Leaving TVB

After 24 years with TVB, Eric Li (李天翔) has finally made the decision to leave the nest in hopes of better opportunities. Despite his good looks and strong stature, the 42-year-old actor has not been able to break away from portraying villainous or despicable roles. His stagnant career, typecast roles, and increasing age are some of the reasons he decided to part ways with TVB.

Eric candidly expressed, “The main reason is because I am getting older. TVB also hopes to meet to discuss renewing my contract. I would be getting a raise. However, if I sign the contract for another few more years, then I would be in my mid-forties already. When I seek out other companies by then, these companies’ bosses would think ‘I can easily find a 20-something. Why would I need to find a 40-something?’ So I decided to leave. Why not come out and take a risk. Even if there is no further development in my career, I can still at least find another job more quickly. I’m sure everyone knows how much TVB pays. I am one of the lucky ones. Every year when I renew my contract, I would get a raise, albeit a small one. This is also one of my reasons for leaving.”

Having been with TVB for more than two decades, does Eric feel bittersweet about leaving? “Not really. If anything, I will miss the backstage crew, like the hairstylist and makeup artists and wardrobe staff. We have worked together for many years.”

Perhaps due to his recognized villainous roles, the 42-year-old actor has not been able to secure a new management contract at any other companies yet. Instead, Eric is considering becoming a personal trainer in the meantime, both for earning an income and because it is one of his passions. “Right now, no companies have sought me out yet. Since I have time, I may try becoming a personal trainer because I love it. I earned my license, so I hope to be able to use it.”

Eric stressed that this new direction is not solely for money, as he and his wife are still in a financially stable situation. “Fortunately, the financial burden at home is not huge. Currently, we are earning what we need to live comfortably. My wife and I do not have a mortgage payment. We both are also financially independent of one another, so there’s no need for me to take care of her monetarily.”

Source: HK01

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