New TVB Contract Allows Artistes to Appear on Other Stations

Insiders are saying that TVB has a new contract that allows artistes the freedom to appear on other Hong Kong television broadcasters.

For years, TVB maintained a strong monopoly hold on the Hong Kong television industry. Artistes who signed a contract with TVB were not allowed to make appearances on other television stations, even if it was to promote their own work.

But with the recent exodus of TVB talents and the struggle to convince ex-TVB artistes to return, it appears that the Hong Kong television giant is reconsidering its strict requirements.

TVB has six known contract types: the management contract, the general artiste contract, the outsource contract, the singer contract, and the agent contract. Each contract has its own separate set of requirements and arrangements, but they all share one common agreement: contracted artistes are not allowed to appear on other Hong Kong television stations.

But this is apparently changing.

According to various sources, several artistes have already signed a new TVB contract, which allows artistes to accept up to six outside jobs, including appearances on other television stations.

TVB artistes such Burning Hands <莊思敏> star Jacquelin Ch’ng (莊思敏) and Tianjin-born actress Snowy Bai (白雲) have admitted that they signed the new contract. Jacquelin said, “Six shows per year, I get to appear on other television stations. There is more freedom, but I don’t see my career being affected too much by it.”

Jacquelin said despite the extra freedom, she won’t be appearing on non-TVB shows anytime soon. “My priority is still TVB. I’ll consider the other ones after that.”

It has been hypothesized by netizens that the purpose of the new contract is to retain its talents from leaving, but not all actors are interested in returning. Eric Li (李天翔), who ended his contract with TVB in May, said, “I was asked to come back for Sinister Beings <逆天奇案>, but it clashed with my film schedule. If [TVB] wants me back, I’ll definitely come back and help out if I have the time, but I have no interest in signing a contract. I want to have more time to search for other things that I may find suitable.” Eric’s last TVB drama is anniversary drama The Man Who Kills Trouble <解決師>.

More freedom leads to more job opportunities, but it has been said that not many artistes are willing to move out of their comfort zone to appear on other broadcasting stations. According to reports, many artistes do not want to carry the label of “traitor”.

Nonetheless, this new contract can benefit “green leaf” actors or struggling rookies who are finding their careers at TVB plateauing. The freedom to appear on other broadcasters may help boost their careers.


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  1. So that’s why Jacqueline asked me to gimme the contact of my old agent in Toronto. I was kinda hesitant cuz I mean, c’mon, background acting!! She’s beyond that stuff already.

  2. Sure, on the surface, it looks like TVB is “allowing” artists under those contracts to appear on other TV stations, but we all know that when it comes to TVB, it’s always the “unwritten” rules that dictates their actions, not the written ones. So basically, nothing changes, as there’s nothing that prevents TVB from still taking action against an artist for appearing on another station, especially when their modus operendi has always been to do so underhandedly anyway. Most of the artists know this, which is why very few are actually going to pursue it. Jacqueline Chong doesn’t count, as she was never managed by TVB in the first place and her main career was never with TVB…she can do whatever she wants pretty much and it won’t affect her career. As for that other girl (Snowy?) — most people don’t know who she is so probably don’t care, plus it’s not like she’s a popular artist at TVB (I’ve personally never heard of her) so in a way, she doesn’t count either. I would be very surprised to see any of the currently promoted popular artists sign this contract…my guess is that TVB won’t have too many takers with this one, lol.

      1. @m0m0

        If by ET industry you mean only within HK then I believe the exclusive agreement applies only to TVB. I don’t think ViuTV and Fantastic TV has these agreements. The HK movie industry, on the other hand, is a different ball game.

      2. @anon Yup, you’re correct. I don’t know about Fantastic TV (or shall we say “HK Open TV”…argh, hate that name,lol!) but Viu TV went way opposite direction from the start in that they don’t even “sign” artists at all…pretty much everyone who works with them is freelance (with a few exceptions of course), which is one reason why they’ve been able to get a variety of artists from all sectors to film for them. To me, that’s the smart way to go…who cares if artists show up at another TV station…as long as they fulfill their filming and promotion obligations for the series/show they worked on, that should be enough.

    1. @llwy12 i mean if this is a new thing they’re trying out, then that means TVB has thought about it & decided to let artists appear on other stations. So, I dont think nothing changes.

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