Eric Li Cheats on Girlfriend with Cilla Kung?

Welcome to the first steamy scandal headline of 2013, starring Eric Li (李天翔) and Cilla Kung (樂瞳)!

According to the latest issue of Hong Kong’s Sharp Daily magazine, Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! <點解阿Sir係阿Sir> star, Cilla Kung, has been cozying up with her Days of Days <初五啟市錄> costar, Eric Li. The 36-year-old Eric is best known for his villain roles, Fred and Sean Yen, in the D.I.E <古靈精探> duology series. He is also well-known for his portrayal as Law Yat in 2011’s Bottled Passion <我的如意狼君>.

Eric and 26-year-old Cilla first met on the set of Love Exceeds the Coastline <情越海岸線> in early 2012. An insider claimed that Cilla warmed up to Eric quickly on set, and that she “could not” take her hands off of him. When she found out that Eric already has a fiancé, Bobo, whom he plans to wed in 2013, Cilla appeared willing to be the third party.

A source close to the pair said, “They grew a lot closer after working together in Days of Days. They play a couple in the drama.  Cilla often treated the crew for lunch, but we all know that she really wanted to eat lunch with only Eric!”

Before Cilla signed with TVB in 2011, she was romantically linked with her previous boss, DJ Tommy. With her petite stature and sweet looks, Cilla had many active pursuers in the industry. However, Cilla reportedly only had eyes on Eric. Allegedly, Eric was very touched with Cilla’s generosity and kindness, and decided to start an underground relationship with her.

Cilla Lok Responds

It turns out that the Eric and Cilla scandal had been circulating on the Internet for a while, and Cilla had once rebuffed the rumors before, calling them “nonsense.” However, she admitted that she and Eric are really good friends.

After Sharp Daily’s report was published, Cilla clarified the rumors once again through her Weibo. She wrote, “Thank you, fans, for your support and trust! As for the false accusations by that certain magazine, I don’t know if it is because I have been busy filming, so I don’t have much news, and [they] decided to gift me with such a big headline. As for reports indicating that I am the third party, I feel very helpless. [They] used my Weibo pictures to fabricate news. I am a girl; I am very focused with my work, and when [I] go on vacation, I will spend it with my mom. Why obliterate my hard work and efforts?”

Source:, Sharp Daily

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    1. though he’s still now relatively unknown, he has better acting skills than some of the siusangs. so dont diss nor underestimate him.

      1. Agree too!!
        Loooo should watch COME HOME LOVE!!
        All the casts are mostly kelefes but they did a great job and everyone shines!
        And I feel he can act better than Ron Ng >.<|

      2. Agree very much. This guy can play villainous roles very well. TVB needs him for the bad guy roles.

      3. Totally agree he acts much better than many siusangs. And he is not bad looking too. Eric Li, Ngo Ka-nin, Joel Chan (before he left for better opportunity) all belong to the category of not too bad looking guys who can act but don’t seem to be getting their deserved break. Sometimes, one really needs luck in the entertainment industry. Look at Johnson Lee. Was a nobody until Fun with Liza and Gods.

      4. this guy his eyes are crazy when he play a villain, and his face makes me hates him so much when he plays bad in series, so I agree he is a good actor.

    2. Yes yes… i think he is good! And do agree, some kelefe really are good in acting but just not given the opportunity to shine. Pity them… This is very obvious when some new pagents winners / participants got signed up by TVB and given the opportunity to have important roles when their acting skills are disaster. Some can’t even speak proper cantonese!

  1. Eric is a good actor, he just never got famous. Perhaps its because he refused to take nude pics or sell his butt.

    1. nah, he just doesn’t have the looks.

      plus tvb want to use his face for the kelefe villain roles.

      he’s a decent actor though.

      1. Truth being told I find him quite handsome. His acting is also good but I dont know why tvb doesnt promote him….

      2. Looks don’t matter…. Bobby never had the looks he still made it… I remember back then when Kenneth was still a “kelefe” people said he looked like a pervert… Look what happened he’s now regarded as one of the hottest TVB actors along with Raymond, Ron and Bosco.

        Eric Li just got unlucky from my point if view but who knows he may rise to top status like Wayne and Ha Yu

      3. Poor him he may just be like Nancy Wu, even how good you are then you will still stay as supporter or kelefe.

  2. He has better acting skill than a lot of people. Say, Jason Chan, for eg.

  3. Eric’s acting is not bad at all and it’s unfortunate that be always gets typecasted to play the villainous roles. All he needs is a breakthrough role.

    Throughout watching Bottled Passion, I kept thinking to myself that his character would turn evil on Raymond Wong but luckily he never did. I think that’s the only good role he ever portrayed in my memory.

      1. Yeah, I blame TVB for stereotyping him as the bad guy. Whenever I see him, I always will when he’s gonna turn bad too. Not cool weh.

    1. agreed. It seems like he’s in the same position as nancy (back in the days) as she used to be typecasted in villanous/b*tchy roles as well. Looking forward to the day he rises up as one of the first line siusangs.

  4. The only reason he is kelefe is cos the big wigs at tvb don’t cast on talent and leave him with villain or minor support roles. In most of his roles, he outshines the actual leads. As already mentioned, see him in To Catch a Thief. Even in roles where his character has no room for development such as the evil kung fu master in A Fistful of Stances or King Maker, he does pretty well

    1. True. He is a person who can really act and never given an opportunity only mah …sigh

  5. Cilla has improved a lot in her acting over the years. I really enjoyed watching her in Missing You.

    Hope these rumors are false.

  6. I remembered when Eric first appeared, he was often compared to Gallen Lo.

    He’s a fantastic actor. He was good even in his short scene time in Three Kingdoms RPG. But yah, he’s so stereotyped that when he was a good man in To Catch a Thief, I was expecting him to turn bad anytime!

  7. Never trust a man!!! Bobo shouldn’t marry him. Whos Bobo anyways??

    I like Cilla acting. She’s a pro. I like her since Daddy good deeds.

    1. “never trust a man”

      what the heck?! dont generalize all men as jerks just because you might have one or a couple of bad relationships.

  8. Eric also has that “gangsta bad boy” face, which makes him an easy target for the bad guy roles. He does them very good also! As for Cilla, she’s ok, still have a lot to improve, especially since she’s petite and fairly new. Cute as well. She does spoiled brat roles pretty good. As for their relationship, it’s their own conflict. Hope they resolve it.

  9. Great news, more news for Eric who is underrated for many years!!!!

  10. He always look like a bad guy to me even if he is acting as a good guy in the drama.

  11. Poor Eric Li. He seldom has any news and when he has, it’s something negative like this.

    1. Agree. Poor Eric Li. He is a good actor and in fact has a handsome face. Unfortunately, he is a designated villain in TVB. People know right away that he must be a bad guy in a drama series as soon as he shows onscreen.

  12. I first started to like him after watching ‘Dicey Business’.

    1. dicey business, eric looks very gangsta-bad-boy yet attractive handsome especially when he been forced by the casino management to “strip” down moments due to his cheating while in casino. this moment look like he is doing s atriptease

  13. I like Eric. He’s a good actor. Should promote him more!!! He is now a kelefe!

  14. He is a good actor. They should cast him in a comedy. If he could handle that it would prove that he’s really good. I like Cilla’s acting, too. Really sad that it weren’t better news to make their faces wider known.

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