Miss S Claimed That She was Threatened by Tang Chi-wai

In February, it was reported that Samantha Ko (高海寧) and Tang Chi-wai (鄧志偉) had already broken up. Their split was said to be due to the lack of communication from busy schedules. However, new developments are saying that their breakup had actually stemmed from Tang’s persistent cheating on Samantha. Miss S, who claimed she had dated Tang for 10 months while he was with Samantha, has come out to speak her truth.

Shortly after the rumor of Tang’s cheating surfaced on publications, Tang took the initiative to reach out to media on June 2 to clarify the rumors he deemed as wrong. He said not only has he never dated Miss S, the woman had also been persistently harassing him for months, threatening that she would only stop if he gave her an apartment. Tang had already pursued legal action, and Miss S was arrested for criminal intimidation on February 28.

Miss S, however, has a different story to tell. Speaking with reporters at HK01 today, Miss S said she was the one who was being constantly threatened, as Tang was afraid she would expose their illicit relationship. As proof, Miss S shared her text message exchanges with Tang to the reporters, which seem to suggest that they were indeed in a relationship.

“I wasn’t expecting him to treat me like that,” said Miss S when asked about Tang’s claims of harassment and intimidation. “He’s always been afraid that I’ll say something to the reporters, so he would warn me every time to not mention him to anyone. He’s always been careful when he was with me, but I didn’t expect him throw me under the bus like that. He took preemptive measures and said I was the one threatening him!”

Miss S said she dated Tang for 10 months. During that time, Tang was also dating Samantha. Miss S had long suspected that Tang was cheating, especially after reports claiming that he would soon marry the TVB actress. Miss S confronted Tang about their relationship, but he angrily brush it off, telling Miss S that he was only “using” Samantha.

“He would get really angry. Since day 1 he would tell me that he has many women, even from the mainland and Taiwan,” she said. “He has girlfriends everywhere, and that I wasn’t the only one!” She then asked him if it was the other women were his rumored girlfriends mentioned on the news, or even Samantha. He denied every single one. Miss S added, “He wouldn’t admit to it, but he would keep saying that he wasn’t a good person. Even to his previous girlfriend.”

Miss S said the “previous girlfriend” Tang was referring to was Cilla Kung (樂瞳). Tang had admitted to Miss S that he dated her, and that Cilla was the woman he had loved the most. “He told me he had treated her poorly. She was the girl he loved the most. But even then, they fought. It turned physical. He slapped her in the face, and she pulled him by his hair.”

Tang Chi-wai Has Connections with Triads?

Last September, Miss S promoted the single “The Moon That Leaves” <離人的月亮>, a song Tang wrote for Bibi Zhou (周筆暢). She thought she was doing a gesture of support, but Tang immediately told Miss S to delete it.

“He was starting to feel that the people around us were getting suspicious,” said Miss S. “So he told me to delete the post. He then messaged me and scolded vulgarities at me, saying that I was affecting his work.”

Miss S added that Tang never took photos with her because he was a very careful person, and also great at protecting himself. When Miss S would do something that Tang would find triggering, he would tell her that he once suffered from mental illness and “[could] do things without responsibility”. He also said that he had connections with triads, and could find ways to “get rid of her”. Similar with what happened with Cilla, sometimes Tang and Miss S fought physically, “but not to the intensity of injuring each other,” said Miss S.

After Miss S was arrested by police in February, Tang’s manager called her. “I told his manager whether it was necessary to arrest me, because I didn’t do anything wrong. His manger said, ‘If you didn’t do anything, then that’s great. You don’t need to be scared.’”

Months later, police asked Miss S to provide additional information about the case. That was when Miss S told them that Tang had threatened her multiple times.

“I already don’t care what the ending would be,” she said. “It has nothing to do with me anymore. I’m just doing what I need to do, and that is to speak out the truth. He was the one who threatened me. I did nothing. That’s the truth.”

Tang denying that he’s dating Samantha

Tang allegedly threatening Miss S

Tang in financial trouble

Source: HK01.com (1, 2)

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com

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  1. this guy sounds like a jerk but this girl knew that he was dating SK so she’s no angel either. dog man and woman.

      1. @hetieshou
        people are attracted to the same person over and over again just a different face. she could fall back in love w/ another just like him. hope she realizes and find someone better.

      2. @m0m0
        That is not necessarily true all the time. People do realize it and find better people. Who wants to suffer twice?

  2. Regardless who’s fault. He Definitely ungrateful for what he had, Samantha may not be perfect but she have the look & body that most women wanted..

  3. I’m sorry but this guy is just plain ugly. Outside and inside too obviously.

    I wonder what these hot women see in him?

  4. Yep. Just don’t get it. He’s not overly rich or famous either. And he’s claiming he has gfs everywhere, too.

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