Fala Chen at “Shang-Chi” Premiere in London

Premiering in London on August 27, the leading cast of Marvel’s first-ever Asian-led superhero film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings <尚氣與十環幫傳奇> including Simu Liu (劉思慕), Akwafina, Fala Chen (陳法拉), Michelle Yeoh (楊紫瓊) and Benedict Wong (黃凱旋) graced the occasion and took interviews from the international press!

Intense Training for Action Scenes Paid Off
Chatting with the media, Fala revealed that she accepted the role even before knowing about the action scenes she had to do, “At first I didn’t receive the script yet, and only heard [about the film] from everyone, When I accepted the role, I still didn’t know what the character required, whether it required fighting scenes or if I’d have training. I only signed on and said ‘Okay, I’d take it.’ Only when I reached the set did they tell me I’d have to begin formal training. On the second day, I was already aching all over, and when Simu got close, I screamed out and told him not to touch me. We were all [close to] dying, but everything was really worth it, as we saw how beautiful the film was when it wrapped. Martial arts paired with the magic of the movie–we had really made a great action film. [I’m] eagerly looking forward to viewers appreciating the film.”

Onscreen Mom, Offscreen Pals with Simu Liu and Meng’er Zhang

Asked about her onscreen family, such as her husband Wenwu (Tony Leung 梁朝偉), son Shang-Chi (Simu Liu) and daughter Xialing (Meng’er Zhang 張夢兒), Fala opined that Wenwu is not the antagonist, but just a “father who is very tense but harboring love, and spent a lot of time to seek answers.” Convinced that the film’s theme would strike a chord with viewers, she said, “Because no one is perfect, and no family is perfect, we’d all try our best to solve issues. These are all [evidence of] our loving emotional bond.”

Asked about the likelihood that she would appear in the next sequel like many Marvel film franchises, Fala replied that she had become close friends with the cast, in particular with Simu and Meng’er. Although she plays their mother, the three of them are around the same age and would often play pool, cook, and have fun together offscreen. “We really cared for each other and if we’ve the chance to shoot another film, our chemistry would definitely be even greater.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com

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    1. Ohhhh that was an interesting read.
      Funny how triumph in the skies 2 became her representative work at tvb, as I found it was far from her best. Good thing she now has other major works

    2. she has a tall slim figure, hard to not look good in most form fitting clothes

    1. I was about to say the same thing. Her type of face is the type that ages fast so that is not a shock.

      1. What type of face shape age the most to you? Her face is semi wide- to me those age better than the long faces like Sarah jessica parker or Moses

    2. Agree, but she had to look that way for the mother role. Still, I’m surprised she got to be the mother. I thought she would’ve been some sidekick fighter. She’s not that old! But pairing with Tony Leung seems quite a breakthrough if she was back in HK/China.

    3. well, she’s 40. if you look you at any 40 yo woman, age show in all of them. the only ones that don’t show are ones who don’t make big facial expressions. look at penthouse, the female leads there don’t really make big smiles. any display of happiness was through a small subtle upturn of the lips.

    4. I don’t think she looks old in either pictures. She looks her age. I even think she looks better in the film picture and the other picture where she’s heavily made-up.

    5. I don’t think she looks old in either pictures. She looks her age. I even think she looks better in the film picture and the other picture where she’s heavily made-up.

  1. If anyone has watched Shang chi, I thought she did a great job as Shang chi’s mother. I loved the movie, it was very well done and filmed very beautifully. Tony was also top notch.

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