Fala Chen Had a Fight with Daniel Sit?

Fala Chen (陳法拉) has been in a relationship with Neway heir, Daniel Sit (薛世恆), for many years already. Although their relationship looks stable, recently, Fala posted a message on her blog stating, “A man needs to be genuine and trustworthy,” clearly aiming it at her rumored husband. It was reported that because of Fala’s wish to study in New York this summer, arguments ensued between the pair.

Career-driven and Ambitious

Fala has always come across as a strong-headed career woman who continuously looks to strive to climb up the ladder in the entertainment industry. After eight years with TVB and losing the TV Queen title in 2011, Fala decided not to renew her contract when it expired this May. While reports claimed that Fala was not on good terms with TVB after the expiration of her contract, she stated that after she finishes filming Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ> and Will Power <傳愛事務所>, she will continue working under a per series contract.

Coming from a musical family, Fala was not satisfied with just being a first-line actress and eventually ventured out into the music industry. However, the response she received was mediocre compared to Kay Tse (謝安琪) and colleague, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣). Shortly afterwards, she started her own company and attempted to recruit newcomers in the entertainment industry. It was said that studying in the United States was to further enhance her entrepreneurial abilities  before coming back to manage her company in Hong Kong.

Daniel was the majority investor in Fala’s new company. However, since Daniel’s younger brother Ernie Sit (薛嘉麟), had control over the family business, Daniel’s ability to help Fala was limited. Due to the fact that Daniel’s parents would not let him help Fala, the pair allegedly fought over Daniel’s broken promise.

No Road To Take

Normally, Fala has a chauffeur and lived in an upscale property near Celestial Heights that was provided by Daniel. Recently, she was seen to be taking the taxi, evidently suffering from the aftermath of the rumored argument. An insider claimed, “Fala’s new business needs roughly $10 million HKD; of course Daniel’s dad wouldn’t fork over the money! Fala was angry that her plans were ruined, so she decided to separate herself from Daniel for a while.”

Since Ernie’s wife and Fala’s rival, Marie Zhuge (諸葛紫), announced her pregnancy, it was speculated that Daniel’s parents now favored Marie. Prompted about Fala’s rumors, Marie quickly left in order escape the press while she was out for lunch last week.

Source: Oriental Sunday #811 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Yikes! Fala sounds so bold, inconsiderate, demanding, unappreciative and takes things for granted. There just isn’t “$10 million HKD” to fork over to each and every family member who wants it. Yeah, let her ride the taxi for a while. LOL 🙂

    2. Does she even think she is worth it for the Sit family to fork over $10 million for her?………If she really wants to make it in the business world, go sleep with wealthy millionaires who will pay her first and then sleep with her after……she spends all these years with Daniel and expects to get HKD $10 million now?…..What a joke…….Just hope she never sings again with that awful untalented voice.

      1. It should be : “she sleeps all these years with
        Daniel and only expects to get HKD $10 million now?

        …..What a joke…….?

        Bad bzness decision! Loser!!

  1. Life is truly unpredictable and anything can happen. Also, it is always better to rely on yourself instead of thinking you can get a rich boyfriend/husband and then rely on them. Life is not that simple..

    1. Agree. One must rely on oneself to get ahead in this world, relying on the rich and famous never really works out in the long run. With Fala’s beauty and brain, she is going to achieve what she wants in life.

      1. uhm. i use to think like that too. but it applies to certain people. some people can have it work out. to a certain degree -ignoring the moral aspect i would think the successfull ones did quite a good job on the financial-career aspect.

    2. life itself could be simple. its oneself what life he/she wants to live,in the case of fala,she just using her boyfriend as a money tree.

      1. Agree cocho, life is simple. Is you that make life complicated. Life itself is beautiful, it is certain people in this life who make life unpretty .
        I have a husband who work 8-5 job, who come home every dinner with me and our son. Life can be simple as that.
        Sure, we don’t have 10 millions like Fala. Do I want 10 millions? Nope, more money more trouble, more stress.
        Just like there a news about this man who won hundreds of millions USD lottery. After the won the lottery, many women try to sue him for child support, LOL!! Hilarious, how no woman come looking for him when he poor, now he have money, they all said he is the father of their children, LMFAO!

      2. Well said LeilaFan and who said that having money is everything and can buy happiness? Having too much money is a pain and can introduce other problems that did not exist before when you were the average joe/jane.

  2. her bf looks like benjamin in tvb. scary family drama…

    1. Yea, being in a rich or well off family is not always necessarily a good thing. There is good and bad to everything.

      1. really? i thought that there were only good things in life.

      2. stop kidding yourself…would you rather be rich and deal with this kind of person? or be poor and don’t have to deal with it?

      3. Honestly, I would rather be poor than deal with this kind of stuff. Drama with the in laws is a BIG pain… Also, who said that women had to marry a rich/well off guy in order to be rich?? Women can work and make a living for themselves instead of rely on the guys all the time. No wonder people look down on women who go after rich guys. Money is not everything and cannot buy happiness…

      4. And poor/avg people dont have crazy family drama? Lol. You have to deal with this in some form or other irregardless of status. Unless you are gonna vet your other halfs whole family before committing.

      5. Poor or rich both have problems in their life.
        You rich, you have to stress about your stock, business. Headache about how to make business profit instead of goes bankruptcy.
        You poor, you work your a-s-s off to bring home money to pay for food and rent.
        This “money” thinking is important to Asian countries, because in Asia everything need money.
        But if you in western countries like USA, Australia, Canada: you don’t have to worried much about money. Here in western countries, education from pre-school to high school are public and free. College/Univeristy is free too if you poor. Many blacks here in USA get Financial Aid that pay for Everything for them in college, all they have to do is show up to classes, LOL!!
        Here in USA, healthcare is also free for poor. You poor and have medical bills, the government will pay for you, if you have low income.
        There also housing for low income where the government will pay for your rent, if you have low income.
        Here in USA have welfare and foodstamp, and medical.
        So you see, poor people in western countries don’t have to worried about a roof over their head and food.
        You can ask Jaynestars, or anyone who in USA, Australia and Canada. They will let you know.
        Happy or not is not from poor or rich. Someone who have big ambitions, they can be a millionair and still don’t feel that is enough. Someone who have no ambition, a normal lifestyle with a normal job is enough.
        It all depend on the individual viewpoints.

      6. LeilaFan,
        There will always be a hierarchy of needs floating around people’s minds. When money is no longer an issue, there will be other issues to contend with. Many immigrant families, in which our parents struggled with money when we first planted roots in the USA, can attest that our problems are now different from our parents.

        Also there’s a set of “first world problems” in which individuals from developed countries experience. Such as annoyance/complaints over things such as “Someone on the Internet disagreed with me”; “My smart phone is not fast enough”; “He didn’t buy gifts for me on Valentine’s Day” etc. It’s easy to forget what we have and focus on the missing elements, when they may not even matter in the end.

      7. Agree with Nicole. Rich or poor, every family has got their own drama, some just got it worse than others, no matter which end of the economic spectrum.


        Every family has a difficult scripture to chant which also loosely translates to every family has their problems.

      8. True, but from what I have seen, the poorer have problems that aren’t as complicated. They definitely don’t have the problems relating with money and how the split assets and all. But of course, they will have other problems. However, I still do not feel it is as complicated as any major money related problems which can get really really messy…

      9. Actually, the poorer do have money issues too but I still don’t feel that it is as serious as the richer families do.

      10. Hi HeTieShou! 🙂

        Yea I know what you mean, generally when rich people have money problems, it’s usually very messy as it involves many parties, many lawyers and a lot of paperwork. Poor folks generally their financial problems usually involves immediate family and smaller groups of people. Maybe not so much paperwork, but still can get messy.

        Money, whether too much, too little, or just enough, can always cause a problem.

      11. Hi Siying,
        I know what you mean and you are right, but I guess I was trying to stay on topic when talking about Fala’s money problems with her in laws. Some think that marrying into a rich family is great and all, it looks like it from the outside. However, there are many internal conflicts that can be really stressful. But of course, poorer families can have stressful problems too. Life just cannot be free of problems.

      12. Jayne, things like “Someone on the internet disgree with me” are everywhere in China. Welcome to Chinese software chatroom or even any Chinese forums, there tons of people who fight with each others there. There even a boy who sale his kidneys to buy an Ipad, LMFAO!!!
        In China, if you don’t have a house, no girls parents will let you married their daughter. Right now in China, have house and money is one of the requirements to get married. Look at girls in Shanghai, many married to foreigners for passport.
        I don’t want to get to China political things here with you Jayne, but I can tell you right now in China, 二奶 are everywhere. The society of China now have goes downhill, New China now people are not like the old days, now what come in their mind first is money.
        I’m sorry but I love my life here in USA, USA given me so much more than anything the Red Communist Party of China can ever give me. And I am thankful to be here in USA, it just a pity that I see many of my own Chinese people are still suffering in their own homeland.
        Anyways, this is a Entertainment page, not a Political page, I’m just getting off topic.
        By the way, you are in control of your own life. You fight with your spouse on what ever issue that is your choice.
        Fala is a celebrity, husband is rich or what ever, that does not make her any “better” or make her lifestyle is more “right” than a black couples who in line waiting to get welfare and foodstamp.

      13. LeilaFan,
        “By the way, you are in control of your own life. You fight with your spouse on what ever issue that is your choice.”

        I like that quote. It diminishes the severity of spousal fights when presented in this perspective. Much needed at a time when I have been working through some petty marital disputes. 🙂

        As for the “sliding ethics” of mainlanders, there will always be such desperate measures when there are financial gains involved. There are stories of parents selling their kids as child prostitutes in some countries too, but such desperate actions are signs of financial disparity that people have suffered for too long.

      14. And to ask Jayne, do Jaynestars have a Weibo page?
        Maybe you should make a Weibo page for Jaynestars, where people can follow.
        Seem like many here use Weibo to follow their favorite actors, LOL!

  3. 10 million is little too much to be paying for that kind of booty especially when you already had it for so many years

    1. Yep. She chose the wrong brother. If she wants access to the money then she should have married the brother holding the purse string. Maybe it’s real love after all :-).

      Of course, the media took the most negative slant possible with regards to her little comment. She could have meant the total opposite – her husband came through with the money and therefore her comment is praising him for being genuine and trustworthy.

      1. Haha, I also thought of the positive meaning to that quote. That quote could go both ways. 😀

      2. Dating goes both ways. Fala can choose Ernie, but that does not means Ernie will choose Fala.
        Want something and actually able to Have are two different things.
        And beauty is also in the eye of the beholder. To you Marie is ugly, but to Daniel’s brother, she is pretty.
        Also, she is pregnant. If she pop out a grandson for the Sit, then guarantee Ernie will be more favor to his parents.

    2. I agree with you.
      i think Ernie is more handsome than Daniel :d

  4. I think Fala should go for her dreams. she’s seems strong-minded adn determined. Hope all goes best for her

  5. Marie Zhuge has the airs of an elegant tai tai. Fala pales in comparison.

    1. fala is just a “normal” (average / cheap) looking model type of lady.

      Certainly she can’t be compared to this marie who is really high class & elegant.

      1. Marie is high class and elegant? I beg to differ. She never missed a chance to take a jab at fala. That isn’t “high class” or “elegant” at all.

      2. I wouldn’t classify Zhuge as high class or elegant either.

        “Marie, who was born in Beijing, said her family migrated to Canada when she was six but the media found that this was untrue.

        She also claimed to have graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Canada and Hong Kong University, but both institutions have denied Marie was their student.

        Marie also claimed to be the 63rd generation descendant of Zhuge Liang – a smart and great strategist during the Three Kingdom era, but could not provide evidence to back this.”


        Yup, Fala certainly can’t be compared. She’s in a way better league of her own.

      3. @Siying: Marie sounds like a karena, lying through her teeth to paint a false picture of her family background and education qualifications. I wonder what the neway heir sees in her?

      4. Sometimes all it takes for daughter in laws to sugar coat everything when they speak to their in-laws, especially rich people. They like to hear praises, they love it when you’re not rebellious and illustrate that you’ll follow their ways. That’s really all it takes to be a favorite.

        On top of that, Marie is pregnant. She got all the right cards in her hands.

        I don’t think Fala is a lesser class of Marie. I just think its all about preferences and perspectives. Some people love others for their ambitious and strong-minded personalities, others prefer the more easy-going, do as I say type.

      5. Yea, Marie does not sound elegant or classy at all. She seems like the typical empty eggshell that resorts to lies to make themselves look good when they have nothing.. Once the eggshell pops everything will fall out…

      6. @ 939393,

        Hmmm..I would think Marie’s case is somewhat different in the sense that the media confirmed her family’s background case as well as her educational qualifications to prove both untrue. Also claiming to be a descendant of Zhuge Liang is a little pushing it.

        As for Karena’s case, the media has not actually confirmed if they were in Australia or not, also she did not pose to be from a renowned university but rather it was reported that she did not do well in school hence went to some uni in hk for her associate degree. Also I think she did clarify that her family isn’t wealthy but is normal and isn’t dirt poor like tabloids alleged.

        As for what the neway heir sees in her, guess only he would know best. I would think this quote applies.

        “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”

      7. I said Marie has the airs of a tai tai. It comes across in the way she dresses and acts in public. I didn’t say anything of her character. It’s a pretentious society.

      8. rich families like this normally don’t really like a woman that’s too headstrong or career oriented that’s why you see most actress who marry rich give up their career and spend time taking care of their offsprings. the rich wants good offsprings to carry the wealth not a super strong headed career oriented woman who will spend more time working than be at her husband and kids side. wasn’t there a report that daniel felt neglected by workaholic busy fala recently? fala either choose one, her career or life with daniel as his wife

    2. Out of interest, I googled Marie Zhuge.

      Marie and Fala seems to have different images and styles.

      Marie as a model looks very sweet and coquettish, with a sharp chin, like an anime girl.

      Fala is more beautiful elegant princess.

      Marie looks like the sort to say sweet words to please her elders, and I must say that she looks very good dressed up as a rich girl, with her youthful looks.

      Fala comes across as more straight-forward and direct in asking for what she wants.

      I am not saying which one is better, just different styles.

      1. fala does look more of the elegant type.

        funny thing is i can see a little kiki sheung in marie.

  6. Not sure whether to believe this. HK media likes to write bad things about Fala so they very well might be blowing things about of proportion.

    1. Are you saying that Fala is very cheap ( much cheaper than our china hero – zhang ziyi) ??

      1. people thin zhang ziyi was cheaP/ thought they like her now?

  7. At least Fala has great ambitions for her future.

    1. Then zhang ziyi will be even 1,000 x more ambitious..

      1. Zhang ziyi also a greedy money person, but she is more tallented than Fala. Zhang ziyi also way more popular than Fala.
        Zhang ziyi make it to Hollywood, you ask white people and they will said they know Zhang ziyi. But if you ask them who is Fala Chen, they don’t know. Lol!

      2. Who aren’t greedy for money and all??? At least Zhang ZiYi has reached a high level that many actresses have not reached.

    2. maybe too ambitious if she wants to achieve everything at once. become a singer, want to win oscar movie award, want to be movie actress, want to manage new company recruiting newcomers. remember that her singing failed and her acting career still so so.

  8. Remember the previous rumors about Fala being hard to work with, late on the set etc but was downplayed by many as misunderstanding. She is just a spoiled diva. I have to work for a living to get what to where I am at and definitely did not try to connive or burn bridges to get ahead from family, relatives or friends. Satisfaction from doing it yourself is one of the joys in life unlike her or Joel.

  9. He looks like the ugly version of that Mr. HK. I forgot his name, hes in that doctor series which paired up w/that mandy woman?

    1. you mean benjamin yuen? benjamin’s way hotter, yeah.

      1. YES, YES and YES hahahah…thats the dude i think. thats what i am saying, hes the UGLY version? hahahah LOL n looks way older MR. HK.

  10. did ‘t know that fala has started a new company and get newcomers

  11. Why does the younger brother, Ernie, control the family business and not daniel the older one?!?

  12. haha daniel sounds like an heir without the key to the family fortune. Fala fished the wrong heir.

  13. Seriously, whenever they say “an insider claims” it’s literally screaming out “made-up bs” imo lol. Everyone are potential ‘insiders’ … -.-

    1. Clementine,
      Sometimes the “insider scoop” is indeed true, such as Moses and Aimee’s wedding and baby news. HK entertainment circle is small and people do talk.

      Fala is at a crossroads in her career. Also her spending several months in New York will make people wonder about her relationship with Daniel Sit. Perhaps they are perfectly fine, but a long-distance “marriage” (even for a few months may not be ideal situation for couples.

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