Fans Are Upset Over Dilraba Dilmurat’s Dating Rumors With Johnny Huang

At the peak of her career, Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) is currently sitting in 11th place on Forbes China Celebrity 100, a list that ranks the influence of Chinese celebrities. Following Dilraba’s rise has been fervent fans who are increasingly concerned over her brewing rumors with Love Designer <幸福,觸手可及!> costar Johnny Huang (黃景瑜).

Their sizzling onscreen chemistry is said to be the result of their real-life romance. Netizens discovered that the pair are using the same cell phone case and accessories, dressing in couple clothing, and share the same bodyguard. It is also rumored that the two have secretly traveled to Japan for vacation. Johnny allegedly visited Dilraba while she was filming new drama You Are My Glory <你是我的榮耀>, but a crew member later denied this.

Dilraba’s fans do not feel that Johnny is a worthy match due to the many negative rumors in his past, including accusations of domestic violence and cheating. Johnny’s ex-girlfriend later attempted to commit suicide and was in a coma. Angered by the actor’s controversial past, one of Dilraba’s fans even posted on Weibo, “How can such a beautiful girl like an abusive, cheating, creepy man? And he is ugly. The two of them together look like a rich girl with her bodyguard.”

The actress’ fans are very angry and are requesting that her workshop officially deny the romance. Many fans threaten to stop supporting Dilraba and accuse Johnny of using her for fame. The actor’s fans rushed to his defense and neither side are giving in. Related searches, discussions, and read topics have reached over 1 billion regarding the controversy between Dilraba and Johnny.

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Johnny Huang is Blamed for Ex-Wife’s Attempted Suicide

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  1. serves her toxic fans good who think nobody is good enough for their idol. Same fandom who tried to take Vin Zhang down with rumours of plastic surgery and dating manager because as they do not find him good enough for him. Same fans spread rumour of wife for Gao Wei Guang when they think Jaywalk is favoring him over her. Now they keep digging black materials to tear down Huang Jiyu, demanding her studio to say something. Why can’t she clarify it herself if not true? Or maybe because it is? #dilrabadilmurat

  2. How come I’m not surprised? They trashed practically all her rumored boyfriend. Vengo Gao has been her rumored boyfriend for years and got trashed by her fans saying he is too old for her and not popular enough like her. I think it’s an open secret within the industry that they are dating. Her fans thinks she is some perfect goddess that’s so above all the hot guys.

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