Faye Wong Spotted with Wedding Ring?

Since rekindling their romance, Faye Wong (王菲) and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) have moved in together and live a life similar to that of a married couple. Although the lovers are frequently rumored to be getting married and breaking up, none of the allegations were proven true thus far. However, recently, Faye was spotted wearing a ring on her ring finger.

The mother of two was at the Beijing airport dressed in all black and traveling light as she prepared to fly out of the capital. Despite wearing a black mask, fans still recognized her and asked her for autograph, which she obliged. It seems as if she was in good spirits, contrary to her usual cool nature. The media managed to photograph the ring on her left hand, sparking a heated debate among netizens.

Some asked if Faye remarried on the down-low, while others claimed she always wore rings casually to accessorize. “There is no special meaning,” a netizen said.

Source: Oncc

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Life really is unbelievable sometimes. Dad loves women young enough to be his granddaughters and son likes much older women. lol haha…How interesting indeed!!

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