Film Director Confirms Zhang Ziyi’s Pregnancy Rumors

Speculations of Chinese actress and model Zhang Ziyi’s (章子怡) growing belly filled local tabloids ever since she earlier made a trip to the United States. Reportedly several months pregnant, the 36-year-old artiste’s due date is scheduled for late December or early next January. However, Ziyi and her alleged husband Wang Feng (汪峰) never publically confirmed the tabloids.

While Ziyi was absent at an earlier press conference in Beijing for her new film production, the director of the film, Wei Nan (魏楠), spilled that she is indeed pregnant. Wei Nan revealed, “Actually, we don’t know exactly when she got pregnant. And it’s not just her! Half the cast in the film are pregnant!” He jokingly added, “The film title is Oh My God <從天兒降>, and whoever joins the team gets pregnant!”

Wang Feng Speaks Horrible English?

On the other hand, one netizen earlier spotted Wang Feng and his assistant wandering around in Melbourne Airport. The netizen uploaded a photo on Weibo, and remarked that Wang Feng spoke horrible English while passing customs. He was also seen constantly chatting on his cellphone with someone who is assumed to be his friend.


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  1. I remember on the last JS article someone said ZZY does not look pregnant. Obviously a very young kid cause anyone can see she is ready to pop within the next month or so. Congrats to her and WF on their impending bundle of joy.

    1. @abc123a seriously? How can someone look at her and not think she’s pregnant? She’s bloated all around and since she used to be so skinny, it’s more obvious. Happy for them for sure. Always a blessing to have kids.

      1. @happybi . Yes, she has always had a petite body and face. That was the article before this one where the person said…..”she does not look pregnant o me”. Don’t know why they were trying to deny the obvious. Only her face was primarily shown but she was so glowing with the pregnant look in her face, it was obvious for even a small child to see she is pregnant.

        Check out the article.

  2. i never knew pregnancy could do so much. Zhang Ziyi always and a tiny face (because her face doesn’t ever seem to have a lot of meat on it) but she looks very plump in the picture above. Anyway, congrats to her and her husband.

  3. the picture of her above is puffy…some women look good during pregnancy but ZZY definitely looks bloated.

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