“Fly With Me” and “Sisters of Pearl” Suffer in Ratings

TVB announced last week’s ratings from May 17th through May 29th. Sisters of Pearl <掌上明珠> (featuring Bowie Lam, Jessica Hsuan, Michael Tao Dai Yu, and Kiki Sheung Tin Gnor) had average ratings of 26 points, peaking at 30 points. The estimated number of viewers was 1.65 million people.

The Monday through Friday broadcast of Fly With Me <飛女正傳> (featuring Ada Choi Siu Fun, Moses Chan Ho, Raymond Cho Wing Lim, and Kenny Wong Tak Bun) had average ratings of 26 points. The Saturday night two-hour finale peaked at 29 points. Nearly 1.85 million viewers watched the show, with a 13% increase.

Jayne: Those are terrible ratings! I enjoyed watching the first two episodes of “Fly With Me,” but did not watch the advanced episodes to comment further.

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  1. Negative publicities may be the chief reason for Sisters of Pearl’s rating. That and the fact that there are no characters you can really root for although you will sympathise with them. but it did crack 30 points.

    Fly With Me, haven’t start watching yet.

  2. i watched fly with me, first few was quite corny.. but as i watched on.. i find it very funny. exp ada,, i really love her acting!! its quite a funny show.. light hearted!

  3. Boring boring boring… can’t imagine i actually completed the series but its a darn boring show. No storyline and nothing to shout about.

  4. Fly with me is ridiculous at times, but i found it to be really enjoyable. Ada’s flawed character makes it a joy to watch, the show feeling slightly like old hk slapstick humour. Lols, too bad people didn’t enjoy it. I actually found alot of the characters endearing.

  5. Sisters of Pearl is really good! it shows how different people can be evil in different ways im addicted to this series now!
    fly with me was frankly boring i watched a few episodes then gave up it was pretty funny though

  6. i wonder y i want to watch fly with me but i still have to wait for its release and sister of pearl viet dubb!

  7. I like ‘Fly With Me’. It’s a wacky and funny series.

  8. I don’t think the two dramas was that bad cuz when i watched it, it was ok but maybe in some part it was kinda boring to others but i think the ending was not bad

  9. Fly with me is wackiest tvb show I seen, its very stupid at the beginning but it does get kinda interesting as for sister of pearl 2nd rate stars brought down the rating.

  10. Hong kong is so celebrity craze that any movie that doesn’t have tavia, moses, raymond, stephen is like a risk.

  11. What? Sisters of Pearl is really good, but sadly only the 2nd half. The first half got really boring so i skipped alot of eps.

    1. Same here, I only clung on because I am a fan of veterans Jessica Hsuan and Michael Tao. I actually liked the fact that nobody was purely good, because it reflects more of the personalities of those in reality.

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