Fred Cheng Wins “2013 Sexiest Man Alive in China” Award @

This year will be remembered as Fred Cheng’s (鄭俊弘) breakout year. Fred has been in the entertainment industry for eleven years, and he set out to make his name wider known by competing in talent show, The Voice: Stars’ Legend <星夢傳奇>. His popularity rose dramatically after he won first place and landed a music contract under TVB’s new music label. Aside from a promising music career ahead, Fred continues to take on more prominent roles in television dramas.

Fred Cheng muscles 1

In Stars’ Legend, 30-year-old Fred revealed his earnest, passionate, and dedicated character. When Fred cried on stage, viewers cheered and hoped he will finally find success after a struggling early career. Although he possesses a youthful face, Fred’s music talent, athletic prowess, and emotive eyes won fans’ hearts and helped him win the “2013 Sexiest Man Alive in China Award” at With 5,483 votes, Fred received 22 percent of total votes.

Ruco Chan 9aaLast year’s Sexiest Man Alive in China winner, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), came in as first runner-up with 3,917 votes or 16 percent of total votes. Ruco’s acting talent and onscreen intensity continues to make him a favorite and future Best Actor material. Ruco’s intimate scenes in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> were a first in his career, leaving many eager to see more of his uninhibited performance.

Wallace_ChungSecond runner-up, Wallace Chung, (鍾漢良) received 3,132 votes or 13 percent of total votes. Since the 39-year-old Hong Kong native expanded his career to Taiwan in the 1990s and China in the 2000s, Wallace’s popularity has only grown. This year, Wallace’s performances strayed away from his trademark “beautiful man” roles to more mature film and television characters such as Qiao Feng in Demi- Gods and Semi-Devils <天龍八部>, adding to his sex appeal with viewers.

The complete results of the “2013 Sexiest Man Alive in China” poll at are available here. Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting our poll, making the race a close and exciting one!

Our “2013 Sexiest Woman Alive in China” poll will be released on Monday, December 30, 2013. Make sure to vote for your favorite sexy female celebrity then!

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  1. LOL what. He’s voted as the sexiest man…? He beat Raymond Lam, Ruco Chan, Bosco Wong and many others..? lolololol okay. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely not ugly, but sexy? I don’t think so. Look on the list! There are men that are way better looking. If this was a “well rounded actor” or “most popular” contest, I wouldn’t be complaining, but “sexiest man”? K.

    1. To the one who won, thank the fans.

      To the ones who lost, blame the fan.

      This is a fan voting system. There is no rigging. So the results is 100% fan vote and if his fans think he is sexy and they made the effort to vote, then to the majority who voted for him, he is sexiest.

      The rest can wallow in arguing what if, could be, almost, maybe, perhaps, probably, possibly, reasonably, WTF, OMG, LOL, whatever, it doesn’t matter. Unless you can prove cheating, rigging, if not,

      respect the fans, respect the votes, respect the winner.

      Hey I am upset too since I got my Ruco with a huge crown ready like what I did for Dayo when he won Best Actor and also allocated a space at my blog as well but well, Ruco’s fans didn’t vote enough or as feverishly. So bad luck.

      1. if what you said is true,thus who has the most fans=the winner,then what is the meaning of sexy? i mean even benz hui could be the most sexy man of china if he has the most fans? lol is this the new definition of sexy?

      2. Yes is my simple answer. You may not think Benz as sexy, but those who voted for him probably do.

        Again, this is strictly vote based poll. So highest votes win. Tough luck to those you think should be the winner because his fans never voted enough.

        And def of sexy is not who you think is sexy. It is each person’s own choice but collectively the winner is the one with the most vote.

        Is it that difficult to understand? Some slam the results, name calling and all that but that’s the result of democratic voting system; majority wins. If it is left to the Jaynestars committee panel, maybe and I stress MAYBE the results will be different (ok it IS different).

      3. @kolo: In my opinion, Benz Hui has his sexy side. That one was merely a vote for fun made under the name “Sexy man”, nothing to be argue. From the beginning, it’s for whoever has more fans wanna vote in it everyday.

    2. To be honest Raymond lam is not even that handsome. I don’t understand why are people so obbessed with him.

      1. beauty is in the eyes of beholders, so is sexiness. some like lam fung, some like fred, some like ruco, it’s ok .every artists are sexy 🙂

      2. me too..i don’t understand why r people so obbssed with him..still don’t get it

      3. for the same reason, some people think Raymond Lam is the BEST SINGER, do EVERYONE think so?????HAHA!!

    3. ”Obviously not very ugly but obviously kind of ugly face gestures needs attention.
      His voice hasn’t the x factor and his acting is rather lousy as Tony Hung’s but than Tony is a good presenter.
      Fred has been an extra for too long and his singing, sorry seems to be the hardest words.”

    4. Fred is cute and adorable … maybe he has a bit of a sex appeal, but not the sexiest

      I voted for Louis Koo, too bad he didn’t win. But congrats Fred.

    5. yeah i think too 
      but he looks quite cute but not the sexiest man in china (2013):)

    6. Love people here who voted for their own sexiest man in mind but congratz to Fred for winning. I think that is the right attitude. This is on voting basis, of course whoever had the highest votes won. Different people have different views, should respect the one with the highest votes. I think both Ruco and Benz Hung are sexy, but to me, Fred is the sexiest especially when he is singing with his guitar. Way to go, Fred!

  2. how about we all just set our differences aside and accept the results as it is? there will never be a result that satisfies every single person who visits this website so why can’t we just let it be and not let it affect us?

    if there are dissatisfaction with the results, there is always next year and the year after. the results are not the end of the world, it’s just simply something fun to end the year with.

    wishing everyone a (belated) merry christmas and a happy new year. may 2014 bring many more blessings and joy to everyone! 🙂

    1. rachel,

      “If there are dissatisfaction with the results, there is always next year and the year after. the results are not the end of the world, it’s just simply something fun to end the year with.”

      Agree with rachel’s suggestion. Fred won the poll because his fan voter turnout was the highest in this poll compared to other artists.

      The results are fair and there is no need to argue with why such an outcome if the majority of the voters came to support Fred.

      Let 2014 be an opportunity for voters to decide again!

  3. Thanks to Funn Lim for explaining the logics to some who still can’t get it and complains non stop. If you all here can accept Ruco’s winning last year in peace, why attack Fred’s win? The poll is using the same mechanism. What is not sexy to you maybe sexy to others, and if you want someone else to win, why don’t you pull some effort to vote?

  4. What is the point to complain that much? It’s just a poll. Honesty I don’t find anyone of top 3 sexy or close to the word “sexy” but it isn’t the matter. The fans voted for their idols and when they win, it’s fans’ effort. If you can’t accept the winners, maybe you can create a poll yourself in your own place and ask your friends/other fans to vote, then your idol will crown there. That kind of poll can be set up anywhere.

    Some became/is becoming sore losers.

  5. If u have watched the recent Malaysia TVB Awards or the MAMA show or Anita Mui s 10yrs Annivery show or HK Gas Company Dinner show, u will understand why Fred s fans think he is sexy. His moves, charisma even his eyes can exude sex appeal. Infact he has multi looks, very versatile, with glasses n without can also looks different. He can look cute, sweet, handsome and defintely even sexy with good body if u have seen him wearing a singlet when rehearsing one of his shows. His fans are not dumb, they have seen n truly agreed that he is really sexy b4 voting for him. Not voting blindly!

    1. I agree I’m not a fan of Fred, I’m a Ruco fan but Fred has his appeal and charm as well!

    2. Eileen,
      Actually Fred has a baby face, but he has a nice build and filled out his suits well in “Voice of Stars”. I noticed his strong arms and thigh muscles when he was singing on stage in the first episode, when he rolled up his sleeves.

      I think he has a nice physique, and is fit and strong.

      1. Thank You for agreeing, Jayne. Yes, not only body can show a person’s sexiness but eyes, moves and body language. He is sexy in a very natural way, showing it especially when he sings on stage. His baby face makes him handsome and cute looking but does not affect his sexiness as he just shows it naturally when he starts moving when he sings.

      2. Lol Jayne u are blunt haha! Besides a fit physique, I think Fred naturally exudes a sexy charisma onstage:) I think if fans are motivated enuf by what they view as sexy to them, and vote feverishly, the votes and results shld be respected.

        All the nominees are sexy in their own way:) Congrats to Fred – he had my vote too:)

  6. In showbiz all you need is one breakthrough to open the door of recognition. From a nobody to a somebody… I am happy for him.

  7. With 5,483 votes, Fred received 22 percent of total votes.

    it is not a high vote…maybe other fans don’t care about this event!

  8. Jayne: I am very curious where you got that photo of Fred at the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 from (the one with of him in the red jacket with the TVB logo behind).

  9. as a fellow vancouverite, i’m happy for him (not a fan of his though) since he’s worked hard for many years to get his name out there. It’s perseverance and not all based on luck like some speedy rising fadans.

  10. Although my friends and I voted and think Ruco is the sexiest and Fred is only cute boy next door, we accept the results since it is a public poll without rigging.

  11. Don’t get me wrong, Fred is definitely very good looking, but I consider him more “adorable” than “sexy.” I can’t believe he beat men like Huang XIao Ming, Him Law, Benjamin Yuen, Matthew Ko, Eddie Peng, and Nicholas Tse….

    But I do like him very much as an artist. I’ve watched him in dramas ever since I was a little kid. I hope that his popularity continues to rise. He deserves it. 🙂

    1. You must be joking ! Most of his acting is just calife role and don’t see any special talent in him

  12. Now this poll is meaningless except for commercial benefits. Fred will win in all votings with his crazy fans. They will vote for him even as US president! If this game is to carry on next year, I suggest 2 options: (1)Celebrities should be carefully choosen:looks, phsique and sexy image on screen. It’s the quality not quantity that matters. (2)Simply for hot votings: just Fred and PSY will boost up the votings to over a million. No offends to fans. I’just be outspoken to the webmaster in order to make this web trustworthy. I am not afraid of being attacked (to be sure) as I won’t come back again,will not watch this game anymore. I emphazise I am nobody’s fan, but only a long time reader.

    1. What commercial benefits? This is a fansite sort of poll. Fred does not benefit commercially except to know his fans cared enough to come by and vote. Maybe commercial benefits for Jayne since more traffic. How trustworthy can this website be? Any winner will be disputed. The point is this; are you questioning the legitimacy of the voting system? Are you saying there are phantom votes? Are you saying Jayne tweaked the vote so that Fred wins? Because if she did she would have done it for Ruco as she is a fan of Ruco. Are you saying the non fans voted for Fred just so to let him win? Are you saying this poll was hacked?

      If no, no, no, no, and all no, then what is your point?!

      1. Hm! Commercial benefits = more traffics to this site = more ad revenue to Jayne.

        Anyway, I think this whole thing was intended to be a fun endeavor any laborious analyses are simply misdirected efforts.

  13. i think fred is ok to me in acting of tv shows but for this article is not ok to me
    but most of he article that i have read
    is quite ineresting to me but i don”t even get why would fred would get so many votes on the 2013 sexiest man alive in china DON’T GET WHAT IsAllABOUT????????

  14. also i think why would they write about this kind of article???....

  15. For??????......what is it for people to know that he is 2013 sexiest man alive in china?????????........

  16. i think they got the title wrong…LEAST LIKELY TO BE A LEADING MAN IN A SERIES OR MOVIE…

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