Fukuyama Masaharu’s “Galileo 2” Returns

After a nine-year wait, Masaharu Fukuyama, Kō Shibasaki and Kazuki Kitamura will reunite on the big screen in the movie sequel Galileo 2: Silent Parade!


The film centers on a popular high school girl who after many years of disappearance is discovered—as a corpse. The prime suspect is not only connected to other similar cases, but time and again set free due to insufficient evidence by maintaining his silence. When he is unexpectedly killed, investigations reach a dead end.


In comes detective Kaoru Utsumi (Shibasaki) and the genius physicist, university professor Manabu Yukawa (Fukuyama), whose scientific insights and unique deduction methods have helped make breakthroughs in challenging cold cases! The 30-second trailer of the detective’s trademark garrulous laughter and delivery of his classic lines such as “I don’t have a clue” has got fans of the franchise thoroughly thrilled, as they marvel at Fukuyama and Shibasaki’s perennially youthful looks.

Actor Masaharu Fukuyama is back as crime-solving genius Detective Galileo.

Adopted from the ninth novel of the famed Detective Galileo series by bestselling mystery writer Keigo Higashino, the novel moved 450,000 copies in 3 months when released. Touching readers with its ingenious story and compassion for humanity, “Silent Parade” is the most acclaimed of the Galileo series and widely thought to be a cut above The Devotion of Suspect X.

The books’ live-action versions have achieved equally remarkable success, with two dramas scoring high ratings while movie adaptations – 2008’s Suspect X’s Devotion and 2013’s A Midsummer’s Equation took in an impressive combined 8.2 billion yen at the box office. Even the author himself has expressed his anticipation at seeing the cast reprise their roles on the big screen.

Catch “Galileo 2: Silent Parade” Teaser Trailer:

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