Gaile Lok’s Underwear Photo on Lover’s Bed Emerges

Above: Gaile Lok with new rumored love interest, Cuz (standing in the back).

The rumors of divorce between 45-year-old Leon Lai (黎明) and his 32-year-old wife Gaile Lok (樂基兒) have been spreading like a wild fire. Gaile was rumored to have fallen for another man. Photos emerged in which Gaile was seen riding on her new boyfriend’s motorcycle. Sprawled on a bed, Gaile’s photo even revealed her underwear briefs, indicating the intimacy she had with the mysterious man and finally show evidence of the end of the marriage with Leon.

Since Gaile reportedly had a miscarriage earlier this year, her divorce rumors with Leon have been nonstop. Possessing a great figure and a pretty face, Gaile also possessed a wild streak and easy flirtatious attitude with men. Earlier, Gaile was once again linked to former boyfriend, Ray Ng (吳承浚). Although Gaile admitted to investing money in opening a Mexican restaurant with Ray, she drew the line at romantic speculations.

The identity of Gaile’s new boyfriend from New Zealand, Cuz, finally emerged with the publication of a scandalous photo of Gaile in her underwear. Gaile reportedly left her husband behind one month ago while vacationing in Bali with her new love. Cuz even uploaded a few photos on Instagram, in which Gaile laid on a bed with her underwear peeking out from her dress. The photo caption said that she was his “homie.”

However, Cuz’s Instagram account is now closed and the pictures have been removed.

It was reported that Gaile and Leon have already filed for divorce. Leon felt deeply hurt and hid from everyone in his hometown, Beijing. He is too embarrassed and hurt to give a statement about the divorce. It was also reported Leon had tried very hard to save the marriage with multi-million dollar gifts, but the four-year marriage is now over.

While Gaile insisted on the divorce, she did not wish to embarrass Leon any further. In an agreement with Leon, Gaile reportedly agreed not to unilaterally comment on the status of her marriage publicly.


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    1. yes he did. thats what u get for marrying a much younger lady. they take your money and flee to find a younger man around their age.

      1. That is not always the case. There are many marriages where there a big age gaps with the guy being older and they are still happy. It just varies..

      2. Well, leon lai isn’t that bad looking for someone in his late 40s or early 50s.. Maybe its Leon’s behaviour and attitude that drove Gaile to look for younger men..not sure.

      3. i think she had request a divorce once but leon didnt agree because he have to give half of his assets to her. thats why he wants to please her with o lot gift but she didnt care about,so she put him a green hat now. lol

      4. Leon really does look like an “uncle” now compared to the rest of the heavenly kings.

  1. They’re homies with benefits. Her new homie wanted attention and now got his 5 minutes in the press.

  2. She cheated, long, long, long time ago.
    And now she’s bored.

    1. leon’s green hat stretched from head to toe and gaile not even a stunner .she is just a plain jane that resembles cheng siu chow’s chubby daugther

  3. I hope he got a prenup….do they have prenups in China??? 🙂

  4. “While Gaile insisted on the divorce, she did not wish to embarrass Leon any further. In an agreement with Leon, Gaile reportedly agreed not to unilaterally comment on the status of her marriage publicly.” HOW IS THAT CHEATING? Do people just like to jump to conclusions before reading? Also, how do we know rumors are true? This photo can come from any place. If it is a photo that her boyfriend took, then he is NOT her lover. She and Leon were already heading for a divorce.

      1. i watched the video you linked, and only saw a few photos of Gaile in bikini ALONE, she does modelling, without any guy near her. Hmm. Toby’s photos with Ron are much more condemning than anything I saw in that video. Hugging, kissing, holding hands.

      2. @Nicole, You are right, and the way Toby’s behaving, there should a limit as a celebrity since you are often looked up by the everyday man to be either admired or ridiculed.

  5. I’ll give gaile the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she was hanging out w/ her gay homies. Look at how Cuz has his arms around the other guy in the top picture.

      1. so she did not cheat , she just with her “girl “friends (gay)

  6. Wow that’s sad to hear….Leon was my first serious crush back in the 90’s. I always thought gaile was so lucky to end up with him. Marriage fails on incompatibility and different expectations and when a third person enters the marriage was in trouble anyway otherwise the 3rd person wouldn’t be able to impact the relationship. I’m sad for Leon and it’s hard for me to hear he’s hurting. Not great for his self-esteem to see his young and very pretty wife with someone else. I thought they made a good looking couple….it was rare to see pictures of them together since he is so private.

    1. Back when Leon was the hearthrob of every girl, I thought the best partner was Kathy Chow Hoi Mei, but to my dismay, Leon seems to prefer someone who WOULD end up causing him problems. Maybe he should have chosen Shu Qi instead, to me she has both brains and beauty. Well, we may never know the alternate paths if Leon picked either girls.

      1. >Shu Qi

        Let’s not go crazy here. She’s lived in HK for a long, long time and her accent’s still terrible as hell.

      2. I heard that Leon’s dad did not approve of Shu Qi due to her past.

      3. I liked seeing Leon with Kathy Chow too – i remember a series where Kathy Chow was a robot or someone from the future? Can’t remember the title 🙁

      4. @bizzyvody

        I think you are talking about the series ‘Cherished Moments’. It’s about Kathy’s character who when back in time to the time where she’s still not married yet.

        I was looking everywhere for this series. I don’t have the opportunity to watch it when it aired on TV because I was at school. I’m also looking another series called ‘Songbird’. Haha, so happen that both have Leon in it. 😀

  7. i hope lie ming can write some good love songs about divorce and become a star

  8. Leon should divorce then pursue Shi Qi again! I had always thoight they were right for each other even though his parents thought differently.

    IS Shu Qi dating anyone?

    1. I think Shu Qi is nowadays ‘with’ Stephen Fung Tak Lun… correct me if I am wrong.

  9. Leon needs to let her go, get some emotional stability such as focusing back on what he does best – work. Maybe with a stroke of perfect timing and luck, he may find someone that is truly his soulmate without heavy baggage.

  10. The first photo of Cuz with his arm around another guy and the guy under him touching Cruz looks kinda of camp. Is Cuz gay perhaps and Gaile is just hanging out with her gay friends?

  11. She is sending a message to rich men out there ” Offer cash, you can remove my panty “

  12. Never thought she was pretty. Consider himself lucky that she’s willing to get a divorce. End it and both will be happy.

  13. lol… love to posts of people defending her. It never amazes me to see th lengths that some will go through to protect their idols.

    Not saying anything about her myself… but interesting to see people suggest that the photos were for modelling, that her rumoured new boyfriend is actually gay etc.. etc.. lol!!!

  14. what a B… Since she (Gaile) did not want to embarrass Leon any further she agreed “NOT” to unilaterally comment on the status of her marriage publicly. BUT instead she flaunts her “boyfriend” in public. Isn’t she still a “Married” women. Disgrace and Shame for her NOT Leon.

  15. What a BI… Since Gaile did not wish to embarrass Leon – she agreed not to unilaterally comment on the status of her marriage publicly. So instead she flaunts her “boyfriend” in public. Gaile you should be ashamed and disgraced NOT Leon. Gaile is still a “married” woman – SHAME on You.

  16. Dark sides, this is the dark sides of the entertainment industry, to proof her wrong or to proof him innocent or to destroy their relationships. We are yet to know…

  17. Uh, is it just me but she isnt even remotely pretty.

  18. I just don’t see anything wrong with the photos. Like Sammie said, the men in the first photo look like they could be partners — the way they have their arms around each other. Gaile just looks like she’s hanging out with friends.

  19. Smart girls who care about their reputation will try to refrain from taking compromising pictures to stir up controversy. In this case, not…

    1. i agree..she didn’t want to embarass Leon any further so,she put herself instead…now i know what stupidity is…

  20. lol i agree with some of the posters.
    he could be gay.
    no two straight dudes would pose like this.
    they could just be her friends.

  21. I think Leon Lai is gay thats why the wife is going into extra marital affairs. Maybe the wife has discovered that Leon Lai leads a double life in secret. Thats why Gaile is negotiated not to talk about the fallen marriage. Leon Lai being mentally ill or bipolar person is out of the question, it is more likely of his sex preference in secret. Gaile will naturally discuss this in a book or news item in the future when she runs out of money and Leon is still popular and may demand blackmail money from his ex husband to be. Very ironic that so many girls day dreamed of Leon and here is a girl making fun of him by doing immoral affairs during their marriage. The girl must be thinking that she is entitled to sex and happiness. so if she cant have it from her husband, she seeks it out elsewhere. Hmmm

    1. Wow, great assumption – just like in a real movie! You must’ve analysed this for quite some time. Anyway, this would be how the story would play out for Hollywood actors – who knows, maybe it’s catching up elsewhere too.

  22. Yah, its very embarrasing for Leon of this matter. People will always think about his virility and real person as a male. People will think that there is something wrong about him. Well if Gaile is really a non-to be trusted girl, why did he pick her. Did he not check on her background before he married her. I Thought chinese are very particular about family background and genes. What a waste for this guy. He could have remain single than to lose half of his fortune for this sad marriage and even lost his self respect. HMMMMM

  23. End is end, not need to feel sad. Leon and Gail are very different people.

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