Gallen Lo’s Wife and Ex-Wife are Friends

Gallen Lo’s (羅嘉良) father passed away this April at 83 years old. Days later, Gallen’s daughter Sela Lo was born. Due to the conflicting incidents, Gallen eventually asked his ex-wife Clare Fong (方敏儀) to prepare for his father’s funeral. When news reports surfaced that Gallen was absent at his father’s wake, Gallen was branded as an irresponsible son.

Gallen’s Wife and Ex-wife Have Dinner Together

It was rumored that Gallen added an extra $8,000 HKD to Clare’s alimony in exchange to have dinner with his current wife, Sophie Su (蘇岩). When asked about this, Gallen responded, “My wife, son, ex-wife and I have had dinner numerous times in the past. We even got together for my dad’s birthday last year! I’m really lucky to have such an understanding family. It was rather difficult getting to this point in our relationship, so I won’t allow the reporters to twist the truth about us.”

In order to dispel further negative gossip from forming, Gallen released a photo of his family, with both his wife and ex-wife present in the picture. Gallen then explained that both parties have been accepting and considerate. “My ex-wife and I have already let go of our past. She has very high EQ [emotional quotient] too! I even remember when she offered to buy my wife a phone as well. It’s heart-warming to see everyone getting along.”

Despite the divorce, Clare defends her ex-husband and claims that the relationship between them is still good and that they remain friends. Clare said, “Although Gallen and I are divorced, it doesn’t mean that it’s entirely over between us. We have been together for more than 30 years and I have developed a close relationship with his family too. They treat me very well and I visit them often. I’ve already let go and I think we can still be friends.” Clare even disclosed that she had dinner with Gallen and his wife three times already.

Even though the media has been harsh on Gallen for marrying Sophie shortly after getting divorced, Clare said that Gallen has been a caring father and responsible man. The media asked if he has increased her alimony, and Clare immediately answered that Gallen took initiative and automatically raised the alimony despite having large expenses himself.

Both Gallen and Clare also praised their son for his ability to adapt and possess an optimistic view. Gallen happily told the media, “I really admire my son; he has a lot of patience and integrity. I don’t see him often, but we send each other messages and always end off the conversation with ‘love u’.” Sophie also expressed that she enjoys spending time with Gallen’s son and that they get along very well.

Lastly, due to the number of rumors in paying his ex-wife to get along with Sophie, Gallen eventually told the media that he will seek legal actions against the tabloid that falsified the reports.

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    1. Agree. It’s in everyone’s interest — his ex-wife, present wife, and him — to repair his reputation so that his income (and theirs) isn’t negatively affected.

      1. Some don’t go to funerals coz feelin’ its bad omen.
        Some even celebrate death such as some Irish do.
        Some couple restraint from having sex for the following 3 yrs, and
        some prevented from get marriage the following 3 yrs but rare this happens these days.
        Confucius or old tradition are outdated in one way or the other.
        The true origin of traditional Chinese funeral are a mystery and a simply a misery for the living who follows!
        Some ppl have personal circumstances and sometimes its not about respect or disrespect but time, cost, the living and the dead’s wishes. Those whom benefit are the funeral directors mostly.

      2. Lo’s reputation is intact, the actor is an inspiring super tv actor. Pll show respect and love in various ways others can’t just imagine. Fans are not concern with Gallen’s private life but his tv series. Sometimes the headline topic or story is out of hand, lets have facts from away from fiction

  1. His pic looks great, like in the threshold of an era

  2. Is there any validity to this EQ stuff? Sounds like a good way of making Clare shoulder all the responsibilities…because ‘she has very high EQ’, she can act maturely and control her emotions and therefore can be tolerant and accepting of Gallen and his actions. What a load of crap!

    1. Agreed!!
      Who can truly let go of a relationship that Lolll 30++years and ur spouse leave you for another person and totally disappear while you have to raise ur kid all alone!!
      Was a big fan of him but not anymore!!

  3. That’s kind of hard to believe. BUT then maybe Clare is really that forgiving? BUT girls are not known to be forgiving!

    Clare is friendly because she’s doing it for her kid….not because she is forgiving!

    1. I’m agreeeeeeeee with you… It’s just look like she doing it for her son’s sake…

  4. not sure how the wife and kid does it.
    i wouldnt care if my dad wants to flaunt his new wife around.. but making the kid
    do all that PR crap is just….

    1. That’s what i always thought. I really don’t know what to make of people who used to date/married or whatever and then still claims that ‘friends after goodbye’. Seriously and personally I couldn’t b/c i used to like/love this person and i have to fake smiles and all that crap to be good terms? If we can still talk in good terms we wouldn’t broke up in the first place? ahhahah I mean thats just me thou… NOT like hatre but def NOT anything close to like ahhaah…

    2. I don’t know but maybe they have moved on to a Family sort of love, rather than a Couple sort of love. Instead of having and holding onto the love for Gallen as her husband, she views him differently now and the love matures into that of a Family member, as the father of her son. It must have taken unimaginable heartache to get to where they are today.

      I salute her for her bravery.

  5. I don’t see what’s wrong with exes being friends after they split up. Just because you can’t be girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. I actually have quite a few girlfriends that stay in touch with their exes includins ex-husbands. (And even I am still very good friends with my ex-boyfriend.) I have a friend where both her family and her ex’s family go on outings. Yes, weird as some of you say, but what’s so wrong with it if the both of them are okay with it? And the spouses are okay with it too. People just need to stop holding grudges all the time and let the past be the past. It’s always better to have a friend than an enemy.

  6. I don’t know what other people may think, but Gallen sounds sincere in his response. Furthermore, I’ve got to admit that his ex-wife is really smart. It’s the best way really, to get along well with everyone even after the divorce because that way both she and her son are treated better.

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