Gallen Lo Returns to Hong Kong Secretly For Medical Treatment

Focusing his career in China in recent years, Gallen Lo (羅嘉良) resided in Beijing and Hainan Island with his wife Sophie Su (蘇岩) and their daughter. With the actor joining the livestream selling trend in China to make quick money, many people did not take to this change well, pointing out that his actions were too exaggerated and that he was undervaluing himself as a three-time Best Actor winner. The negative gossip continued, with the Chinese media reporting that Gallen had liver cancer. The news was later proven to be false, but when there is smoke, there is fire.

The 57-year-old actor had quietly returned to Hong Kong earlier and was spotted visiting a medical clinic, fueling speculations that he may be battling a critical illness. It is said that Gallen’s health has been declining, and wanted to get medical treatment in Hong Kong even though he would need to spend a total of 28 days in quarantine by traveling between China and Hong Kong.

For several days, Gallen was seen at a medical clinic specializing in cancer treatment. On one particular day at 9 a.m., Gallen was seen wearing a cap, sunglasses, and a face mask. After his driver dropped him off, Gallen immediately rushed into the building, seemingly scared that he would be recognized. He stayed at the clinic for about three hours before leaving. He instructed his driver to park his mini-van in a hidden spot in the parking garage so that he could quickly leave afterward.

Returning to a Tsim Sha Tsui hotel, Gallen was seen chatting easily with the hotel staff. Afterwards, he and his driver went to a nearby patio for lunch to order a bowl of noodles. Known to be a heavy chain smoker, he stood to the side to light a cigarette but only took two drags to satisfy his cravings as he seemed more mindful of his health. Taking a few bites of his food, Gallen lacked appetite and had clearly lost some weight. After paying the bill, he and the driver returned to the hotel to retrieve their car. He seemed to be very down and was constantly looking around him, afraid of being recognized.

When reporters reached out to Gallen, the actor disclosed that he had returned to Hong Kong to visit his son and to handle some personal matters. He admitted that he had gone to that clinic to find a friend and to get COVID-19 testing, but denied having cancer. Assuring reporters that he is in good health, Gallen makes sure to go for regular physical exams.

Gallen clarified that he has already left Hong Kong and is currently in Shenzhen undergoing self-isolation. In a few days, Gallen will fly to Yangzhou to film a new drama.

Reporters also reached out to Wilson Tsui (艾威), who is a long time friend of Gallen and is currently working in China. Wilson did not find anything to be amiss with Gallen, “I just contacted him today. I sent him a few restaurant photos and asked what he wants to eat after quarantine. I know he was in Hong Kong, but he did not mention visiting a medical clinic. We often speak to each other and have a glass of beer virtually.”


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  1. he was undervaluing himself as a three-time Best Actor winner.”, honestly how do they keep writing lines like this with a straight face? Lmao it’s a TVB self appointed award, for TV! Not the effing oscar.

    1. @seriously Even if it’s an Oscar, if one is not getting offers, has a family to feed and (probably) needs medical treatment, I don’t see anything wrong with resorting to livestream selling for money. It is still a legitimate job and he ain’t doing anything illegal here.

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