Gallen Lo is Blacklisted from Mainland Chinese Productions?

The ongoing series of demonstrations in Hong Kong, which is also known as the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill movement, has unsettled many people. Many artistes have chosen to stay silent and not share any political views in order to avoid negatively impacting their careers. One of the more unfortunate case is that of Ali Lee (李佳芯), who has been frozen by TVB after voicing her pro-democracy views.

The effects of the recent political turbulence is reaching further into the entertainment industry. It is rumored that Mainland China has unofficially blacklisted Hong Kong artistes from filming projects, unless they have voiced their support and love for the country. Gallen Lo (羅嘉良), who has primarily taken his career to Mainland China, is one of the many that is allegedly affected by this period of political unrest. The 56-year-old actor was originally cast in Chinese drama, The Way of Favors <如意芳霏>. However, due to the political tensions, it was reported that Gallen’s role has been replaced with another actor.

The Founder and Chairman of Universe Entertainment & Culture Group, Daniel Lam (林小明), expressed that he had not heard about the ban or of Gallen’s issue. “I haven’t heard anything about it. A few days ago, I had dinner with Gallen in Hong Kong. He didn’t mention it. He has always been a patriot and loves his country.”


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