Breadwinner of Two Families, Gallen Lo is a Model Father

Gallen Lo’s (羅嘉良) comeback TVB drama, Provocateur <與諜同謀>, premiered on Monday, March 6 to successful reception. With over 1.62 millions Hong Kong viewers watching the series premiere, Monday’s episode averaged 25 points and peaked to 26 points—the highest debut in 2017 thus far.

It was a long wait for Gallen fans—Provocateur is the actor’s first small-screen appearance since Hong Kong since 2009’s Born Rich <富貴門>. Using the Chinese idiom “old but still vigorous” (寶刀未老) to describe Gallen, netizens said the actor’s presence on TV is still as great as it was before, but the 54-year-old has clearly aged a great deal since his last TVB appearance. Gallen’s tired eyes and heavy makeup were glaring on the screen, and the makeup didn’t do a very good job at covering Gallen’s fine lines either.

But as the breadwinner for two families, seeing stress on Gallen’s face shouldn’t be a surprise. Gallen’s son with his ex-wife, Alex Lo (羅裕珹), is 17 years old and going off to college; his daughter with his current wife, Sela Lo (羅詠婷), is preparing her advancement to primary school. Taking care of two families is no easy feat, but Gallen said he can’t be happier about his perfect family.

In 1998, Gallen married his first wife, Clare Fong (方敏儀), in Canada, and the two have a son Alex, who is now turning 18. Though the couple divorced in 2008, citing irreconcilable differences, the former couple remained friends and Gallen is very involved in Alex’s life. Gallen, Clare, and Gallen’s current wife Sophie Su (蘇岩), who he married in 2009, are sometimes seen eating together.

After their divorce, Gallen gave Clare not only alimony, but also an apartment. Gallen was in charge of paying Alex’s tuition while he was attending an international school. Clare has said that she is grateful for Gallen’s support.

Though Gallen no longer lives with his son, he remains to be an important father figure in Alex’s life. Gallen and Alex interact like close friends, and Alex confides in Gallen whenever he can. Gallen would also take days off to celebrate his son’s birthday. Alex and Sela also have a close relationship.

Source: Mingpao

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  1. Liked that he is still very involved with his son and ex-wife even though they are no longer together!

    1. @happybi i agree, most people would have ditched the former completely after remarrying, lots of respect for this guy.

      1. @happybi im just saying from my experiences. All of my dad’s sisters have been divorced from their husbands, and once their husbands remarried and had a new family, they stopped caring to support my aunts’ and their kids.

        but yes, it is a good sign that they divorced on good terms.

      2. @happybi
        It’s great when a split couple can get along so that both are involved in their children’s lives. Very admirable! Sometimes if not get along,one parent or members of the family can poison their kids minds with negative comments over the separated partner causing the child to be rather distant to the other parent. Living distances and finances can also become an issue to stay involved. That’s why I would only use divorce as a very last resort.

  2. Or it is just simply bc he’s getting old thus he looks old with wrinkles and droopy eyes. It is called aging. Everyone goes through it xD

  3. Idk why he bothers still filming for TVB when he doesn’t have too since there’s way better opportunities in the Mainland. Maybe out of loyalty? Either way, I’ll always support him <3

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