Gao Yuanyuan Gushes Over Relationship with Mark Chao

Mainland Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan (高圓圓) and Taiwanese actor, Mark Chao (趙又廷) have been low-profile about their romance ever since Mark publicly confirmed it in April 2012. On July 5th, Yuanyuan discussed her relationship with Mark for the first time on an episode of’s Qing Chun Na Xie Shi <青春那些事>. Yuanyuan smiled about her love story and said, “It is quite a legend!” 

Gao Yuanyuan and Mark Chao’s Romance is a “Legend” 

Thirty-two-year-old Gao Yuanyuan and 27-year-old Mark Chao reportedly began dating after meeting on the set of new film Caught in the Web <搜索>, directed by director Chen Kaige (陳凱歌). In March 2012, the couple was spotted spending five consecutive nights together in a Nanjing hotel. However, the couple repeatedly denied their dating rumors until April 2012, when Mark admitted it during a press conference for the launch of his thriller film, Black & White Episode I: The Dawn of Assault <痞子英雄首部曲:全面開戰>. In May 2012, they were snapped holding hands in the airport on their way for a vacation in Vietnam. 

When discussing about her relationship with Mark, Yuanyuan coyly replied, “We don’t smile much in the film, but we’re a crazy pair on set. We would laugh at the lamest things. We share the same humor.” 

Even director Chen Kaige approves of their romance. “He’s even happier about it than we are,” said Yuanyuan. She revealed that Chen Kaige suggested the couple to listen to Li Jian’s (李建) Legend (傳奇) in order to get a good grasp of the pair’s relationship in the film. “There is a scene in the film where I meet Mark’s character for the first time and he’s in a fight. I take a glance at him. I asked the director what kind of expression I should make and he told me it should be like the lyrics of the song, Legend: ‘It is because I stole another glimpse of you in the crowd.’ She smiled and added, “It is indeed quite a legend.” 

Chen Kaige: “Marriage is Absolutely Necessary!” 

On July 2nd, the cast of Caught in the Web attended a press conference for the premiere of the film in Beijing. Yuanyuan and Mark’s romance became the main topic at the conference, and costar Wang Luodan (王珞丹) teased that they should get married right on the spot. Mark laughed and said, “I really admire Chen Kaige and his wife! They are very loveable together. As for Yuanyuan and I, marriage is too soon.” 

Chen Kaige remarked that Yuanyuan is already at a marriageable age, “Marriage is absolutely necessary! You guys still owe me dinner!”

Although Yuanyuan expressed that she felt slightly abashed for having to talk about her relationship in such a public manner, she jokingly asked Chen Kaige for suggestions in ways to “control” Mark. Chen Kaige replied, “A successful husband is like a successful boss. He needs to be trained! Men need to be educated! Brainwash him, let him know what it means to be a qualified man! Only discuss marriage with him after he passes the test.” 

Mark Chao is Not a “Roaring King” 

In one of the final scenes in Caught in the Web, Mark’s character goes on a yelling spree at his girlfriend, portrayed by Yuanyuan. Branded by netizens as the next “Roaring King” after Steve Ma (馬景濤), would Mark shout at Yuanyuan in real life? Yuanyuan immediately clarified, “He never did that to me.”

Mark humorously said, “Not everyone has the ability to yell for such a long period of time. I think that behind every roaring king, there will be a calm and collected princess.” He then added, “But I’m actually really quiet in real life.” 

Caught in the Web will be released in cinemas on Friday, July 6th, 2012 in mainland China.


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  1. I LIKE this pairing – hope it all maps our smoothly for them.

  2. what ? they went to Vietnam, my home country for vacation ??? I love them more now …lol ..

  3. Gao Yuanyuan and Mark Chao are a beautiful couple. They seem to have puppy eyes for each other and she doesn’t seem to look one day older tha Mark.

    1. Jayne, Gao Yuan Yuan has a classy pretty looks going on about her. I like it and I like it too that it’s hard to tell she’s a few years older than Mark Chao.

      1. Masaharu,
        Gao Yuanyuan has very perfect symmetrical features, a trait that characterizes Gigi Leung as well. Gao Yuanyuan is a very pretty lady, but she looks very different depending on the clothes and hairstyle. Sometimes she can look very outstanding and sometimes a bit ordinary. But she is a celebrity that needs the right styling to bring out her best features. Her current hair length suits her well.

      2. In my POV, Gao Yuan Yuan has some cute elements to her that at the same time can make her appear “ordinary”. Gigi Leung is pretty too, but I have some affection to actresses with cute elements to facial features – such as Angelica Lee 😀

      3. Gao yuan yuan sort of looks like Yammie Lam at certain angles to me. I think all celebs would look ordinary and just like any average person in the street without all of the make up, PS, styling, etc…

  4. I heard that Marks’ parents are not happy about them being together so lets see. They are a cute couple and wish them the best!! I have seen GYY many times but have not seen Mark act yet(or I have but don’t remember) so I wonder how his acting is…I think that I will see his acting eventually.

    1. Perhaps his parents don’t want him to date a
      Mainlander. I remember a few years back Mark said he would only date Taiwanese — perhaps he said this to make his parents happy.

      1. Many people say that they want this and that or require this and that. However, once you fall in love, you no longer should care about the nationality and other less important factors.

      2. To some extent yes.

        I find many HKgers and Taiwanese friends would prefer not to have relationships with Mainlanders – be it themselves or their kids.

        Unless they’re two generations removed fr China (ie immigrants holding a Western passport.

        And for many Taiwanese, no matter how educated … tradition set mindsets can prevail very strongly. She is 5 yrs older than him.

        >>> once you fall in love, you no longer should care about the nationality and other less important factors.

        Totally. That click and connect is way more important – hard enough to find, sometimes.

        And at the end of the day = we all belong to the same race = humans.

        They make a very likeable couple. She comes across as easy-going, girl next door, unpretentious … quite a different vibe from Gong Li or Zhang Ziyi.

      3. Oh yea, she is 5 years older than him. I nearly forgot about that. It is true that really traditional asians do not like that. My mom is the same way and does not mind the guy being a lot older, but does not like it if the girl is a couple of years older since women age a lot faster than men do.

      4. Eh? There is still bad sentiments among Taiwanese and Mainlanders? Perhaps the whole “Does-TW-belong-to-China-or-not” disputes will never end..heh

    2. Mark Chao was in Black and White which went on to become an instant award-winning hit.

      I never finished that entire drama, but the impression he left was – pretty good, for a total newbie.Some ‘veterans’ are more wooden than him.

      Saw him recently again (2 mths ago?) in the movie ‘Love’ with Zhao-wei and a whole bunch of other actors … and he’s improved some more. For someone with so little acting experience, his acting is decent.

      1. Oh yea, I remember him now. He is the one in Black and White with Vic. I also did not finish that series but want to sometime when I get the chance. From what I saw, I thought this acting was also decent for a new actor.

  5. Why is their news on Jaynestars? I thought only HK celebrity news.

    Anyways, good pairing.

    1. Amy,
      We are expanding coverage to other Chinese/ Taiwanese celebrities. Hk circle is very small after all!

      1. Well I sure am glad because I am just about fed up with all the TVB related articles.

  6. I am glad that it has extended to Taiwan and China celeb news as well because as Jayne said, the HK circle is too small and I get tired of hearing about the same old people over and over again.

  7. this should wipe out lots of speculation that he is gay then. GYY look so much like young yammy nam.

    1. Yammie Nam (Kit Yeng) +
      Chingmy Yau Suk Cheng (who’s now retired and a mother. Wong Jing’s former muse and protege) – ie GYY’s her side profile reminds me of her.

  8. Love has no boundary. Both of them will shutoff everything around them, it is their world. I have never heard of Gao Yuanyuan, but thankfully I know who she is because she is good-looking, Mark did not make a mistake on this one. No comparison to Gigi, she looks like a doll, 1 in a trillion.

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