Gao Yuanyuan May Be Pregnant

Since their marriage two years ago, Gao Yuanyuan (高圓圓) and Mark Chao (趙又廷) have often spoken of their plans to have a baby. Recently, Yuanyuan has reduced her workload and also appearing in public with a slightly protruding belly. It looks like the couple is finally realizing their dreams of becoming parents!

When Yuanyuan went to the filming location of Mark’s upcoming drama, We Are in Love <咱們相愛吧> to visit Mark, one of the production crew members uploaded photographs of Yuanyuan. In the photographs, Yuanyuan wore a loosely-fitted black top, and her face as well as limbs looked slightly swollen. Her belly was strategically covered by a long scarf. Many netizens commented that Yuanyuan had the appearance of a pregnant lady. They expressed their well wishes and hope for a pregnancy announcement to soon come from the couple.

At an earlier function, Mark’s father Allen Chao (趙樹海) exclaimed “Perhaps I’ll be a grandfather soon!” When reporters asked if Yuanyuan is pregnant, Allen only smiled and declined to reveal further details.


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    1. @happybi I don’t know. Can’t tell with the heavy scarf and down coat.

      As far as the mid section is concern, the guy in the photo looks more “pregnant” than she.

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