Gigi Lai Receives Award for Beauty Company

Since announcing her retirement from the entertainment industry in 2008, Gigi Lai (黎姿) has stayed out of the limelight and is instead focusing on raising her children and managing her brother Stephen Lai‘s (黎嬰) beauty company. The former TVB actress made a rare public appearance at the ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme Presentation Ceremony recently. Attending the event as an owner of the beauty company, Gigi received an award on behalf of Stephen.

Gigi accepted an interview afterwards and was noticeably glowing with happiness. Due to the company’s success and attendance of many government organizations and large companies at the award ceremony, Gigi expressed that, after much discussion with her husband, Patrick Ma (馬廷強), the couple decided it would be beneficial to have Gigi attend and receive the award.

She reflected thoughtfully, “My brother started the company at the beginning, and I took over later. It has already been ten years since the change in operations. We [the company] are continuously recruiting talents. Capable people are very important for our company. I hope that our company can retain our staff. We continue to focus on cultivating our current talent and invest in training programs. To me, it is definitely a major challenge with many changes!”

On how the 44-year-old beauty maintains her youthful appearance, Gigi shared, “The most important things are your mentality and getting adequate rest. Attitude and health are very important. There is nothing more important than health. Actually, people with healthy moods and happy hearts are already beautiful. When you’re confident, you will be happy when you socialize. When people see that you are happy, then they will think you are beautiful!”

Although Gigi often rejected the idea of returning onscreen, she seemed hesitant when asked this time about a possible comeback. “I haven’t thought about it! But there are many people within the [entertainment] industry who have continued to contact me. Even companies in Mainland China would email my company because they don’t have my personal contact information. Right now, I will not seek out TVB, but I cannot say so for the future. But at this point in time, I will not!”


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  1. Gigi was one of my favorite actresses growing up. She still looks so beautiful. Hopefully she could make a comeback soon.

  2. she still look so youthful. Glad she is doing well for sure. No need to go back to acting if she doesn’t want to as long hours at tvb.

    1. @aiya if you click on and screwed all the way down on your left side there is a man walking with a cane that’s her husband.

  3. Gigi still looking beautiful even though she’s 44 years old it doesn’t show it. She’s also one of my favorite actress too I started to become her fans since I watched one of her very old tvb series it’s called (The Link) it’s one of the best drama and her movie (Young And Dangerous) such a good movie too. I hope she will return to act again one day. Miss her so much glad she’s doing good. I really do wish I have a nice and caring sister like her who care so much about the family unlike other being selfish or look down on you. Is it me or I think her brother looked a bit like WCL?

  4. She is pretty but dont think she will act again, too busy with her family affairs

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