Gigi Leung and French Boyfriend Break-Up

Gigi Leung Wing Kei revealed that her four year relationship with French designer boyfriend, Sly, has ended. The reason was that Gigi’s mother held traditional views and could not fully accept Sly.

Earlier in the year, Gigi bought a $15 million (HKD) home to allow Gigi’s family and Sly to have more opportunities to see each other and mend their relationship. Unfortunately, despite Gigi’s good intentions, Sly was upset by Gigi’s mother’s “close monitoring.” Mrs. Leung continued to regard Sly as an “outsider” and said she did not want him to come and go openly at the house. As a result, Sly requested breaking up with Gigi.

After Gigi and Sly’s four year relationship ended, Gigi went out with several close friends for dinner on May 5th. That night, Gigi was quite expression-less. After the break-up news circulated, Gigi admitted in her blog that her relationship with Sly was over.

Compiled from, the Sun

Jayne: Once you marry, you do marry your in-laws and will spend a lot of time arguing about them. In this case, Gigi valued the love for her mother more and Sly valued his own independence. I think ending the relationship was a good decision. There are priorities in life and as long as you are clear about them, then it’s time to move on.

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  1. probably more a case of the in-law running interference (or mom telling Gigi to not marry this frenchman or risk being disowned) to the point the boyfriend just gives up on the relationship.

    If Sly is a son of a billionare…maybe things are different??

  2. I wonder if it was because Gigi’s mom was bias against Sly because he is not asian( or Chinese to be exact)??? If so, I feel that it is a pity for them to break up. I believe that race/skin color should NOT be important if you love someone. I also think that Gigi’s mom is a bit selfish and too traditional because it is Gigi that is dating Sly, not her. I think if her mom truly loved her then she should support whomever she dates as long as they are compatible, love each other and that he is a good person.

    I actually feel kind of bad for Sly because I don’t know if I would want to stay with a guy that has parents that treat me that way… I guess it just wasn’t meant to be…. Good luck to both of them in finding someone that is more suited for them and their families.

  3. Can’t blame her mom hong kong is just so different from western society.

    1. I don’t believe that that is the way HK society is. They once ruled by the British for heavens sake… There are Hk people that have married non HK people too..

  4. It’s time more Asian parents keep a closer eye on their kids with the ever increasing # of oversexed and cheating Western men chasing and marrying Asian women worldwide.
    Mommy knows best!

    1. What’s wrong with Western men chasing marryin Asian women? Asian women are Asian men’s properties that other men can’t touch?

      I’m sad about this news. A case of a parent ruining her child’s happiness.

      1. I totally agree with Kidd. I don’t understand why some people can be so racist. My parents are traditional and all too but they are not against this type of thing. When you love someone, their race/nationality should not matter at all..

  5. I don’t think it’s the case that he’s white, because she is dating another white guy now.I’m sure they broke up for another reason.

    1. I agree with you, the reason i am glad she broke up with him, he looks like your typical euro white trash. There are tons of them here in the state, unless you are Jewish, most of the typical white are mostly garbage. I should know since i work in a government research center. Most of the educated white are Jewish. The rest are mostly non Jewish white trash. One of my cousins married a white trash and divorced after a few years. The dude didn’t want to pay child support so he filed for bankruptcy, what a loser. So be careful girls, if you end up with a white garbage, you will ultimately pay for it at the end. But if you must marry a garbage, please don’t have kids otherwise your kids will be screwed big time like my cousin’s kids, they will probably end up being hookers when they grow up.

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