Gillian Chung On Breakup With Korean Boyfriend

Although she confirmed her breakup with Korean boyfriend, Tyler Kwon, to the Hong Kong press last month, Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) kept quiet about the details of their split. However, her good friends and label mates,Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Joey Yung (容祖兒), attracted the press’ attention when both made the move to unfollow Tyler on Weibo, leading to assumptions that Gillian’s split with Tyler was not an amicable one.

At a recent press conference in mainland China for her Mandarin-language album, Blossom <桐花>, Gillian was welled with tears when her manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希), gave her a glass tortoise, a token to bless Gillian with a good marriage.

Rumors indicated that Tyler cheated on Gillian with a K-pop trainee when they were still in their relationship cool-off period.

Gillian opened up about her breakup with Tyler, “The problems we’ve had did not come suddenly – it built up overtime. We decided to break up after our transition period. I was definitely unhappy during those times, but they will pass. We have different lifestyles. He is a business person who is very rational in his decisions. Socializing is a part of his job. As for me, I am a girl who likes to stay at home. I don’t like going out. I don’t like attending social events. Because of him, I was willing to go to those events. He loves eating, so I always ate with him. I gained 20 pounds when I was still dating him. In the past, it was easy for me to lose weight, but now, not so much.”

Another reason for the split was because of communication problems. Gillian continued, “I usually don’t understand him when he is talking with his friends. I had to keep asking him about what they were talking about. We had difficulty communicating with each other. Sometimes he could not understand what I was trying to express, and when I couldn’t get him to understand me, I would become really frustrated.”

As for rumors claiming that Tyler cheated on Gillian with a Korean trainee who will debut as a singer soon, Gillian expressed that she did not wish to comment on the matter. Asked if she still considered Tyler as a friend, she said, “We can, but that will take time. He still has a contract with [EEG]. As for now, I will not be collaborating with him. I actually don’t even know if he still wants to work for the company.”

As Korean males are known for their chauvinism, was Tyler’s pride the main reason behind the breakup? Gillian said, “I’m not the kind to feel unhappy about getting neglected. I am also career-minded. I have been working nonstop. Strictly speaking, Tyler is American because he was raised in the United States. The lack of fate is the reason why we could not be together. I am not disappointed with love and I do hope to find my other half soon. I just want someone who can make me happy and will not give me too much stress. As for chauvinistic males, I can let you have your ego when we are in public, but back at home, do not even attempt it. It’s important to understand how to respect and support each other.”

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  1. I don’t think true chauvinists differentiate their chauvinism indoors and outdoors.

    Outdoors: ” You are my woman, go get me a double espresso. Be quick. Don’t be slow like a turtle.”

    Indoors: ” Woman, go make me a double espresso, earlier you were so slow like a turtle. A turtle could have done it faster than you.”

  2. Oops I forgot, here was my reply, I mean, the woman’s reply.

    Woman :” A turtle can get you an espresso?”

    True Chauvanist :” Don’t try to get smart with me woman. What do you know about turtles? Nothing.”

  3. After her fiasco with Edison, I thought it would be better for her to stay low key and not publicize highly on her new romances. When they don’t work out or her new boyfriend cheats on her, it doesn’t help her image as a naive, love sick girl.

  4. Well I could only say this poor girl has no luck in her love relationship; look at her twin partner Ah Sa she is not pretty and yet divorced but she can find someone to love her quite lucky indeed. That crazy sick Edison had cheatered a number of girls, Well Gillian is not the only one ; everyone made mistakes….this is not the end of her life…..she just need to be smarter in future.

    1. It’s not that she has no luck in love, she just likes to date jerks. Gil’s naive mind is probably thinking that she can tame these playboys but at the end she’s the one getting played. It’s sad but until she decides to stop dreaming about changing a playboy there will be many more heartbreaks to come.

  5. Poor Gillian. You are so sultry. You always have me.

    Wish you happiness.

    1. I don’t understand your post. He supposedly cheats and she the guilty one? This has nothing to do with Edison so playing innocent or pretending to be hurt is little out there even for Gillian.

    2. Honestly I don’t think Gil is playing the innocent card, she is simply still naive and silly after all these years. Did she really think Mr. K n her actually have a future? The dude parties hard with young girls all the time. I’ve seen photos of him drinking and smoking cigers with his homies on Instagram. He is just another Edison Chen so Gil’s taste in men hasn’t changed a bit. And here we all thought Edison was the only one who hasn’t changed.

  6. It is so sad and funny that Edison Chan’s article is just posted before Gillian Chung’s on this website. Does it sound “sarcastic” to Gillian?

    1. Just coincidence I presume, both of them different taste now , one like ‘KIMCHI’ another one likes ‘LU ROU FAN’

      My favorite still ‘DIMSUM’

      1. I know it is just a coincidence. I just want to make it “big”!

  7. seriously, did she think this relationship will come to fruit given her history? aside from that, they can’t even communicate in a language both of them understand. she has last longer than most expected.

    1. Yeah, it does seem overly naive to think anything of a relationship where they dont even speak the same language.

  8. I’m sorry jayne but isn’t that the same guy, Hyoyeon from SNSD is rumored to be dating now?

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