Godfrey Gao Prefers Older and Experienced Women

Godfrey Gao (高以翔) is the epitome of a perfect man. Tall, handsome, athletic, and hard-working, it is surprising to know that the model-turned-actor is still single. The 30-year-old admitted that he wants to get married and start a family soon, but love cannot be imposed. He will patiently wait for the right one to turn up.

Godfrey Learns Korean

The 30-year-old, who grew up in Vancouver, Canada, struggled with his Mandarin when he first started his acting career in Taiwan. He had to spend extra time learning how to read his script and perfect his pronunciation. Now that he has finally mastered the language well, Godfrey has to start all over again with a new language – Korean.

In the upcoming Chinese film Wedding Bible <婚禮日記>, which is directed by South Korean director Heo In Moo, Godfrey is paried with South Korean actress Yoo In Na. Godfrey had to learn how to speak in Korean for the film. “I spent every day with my translator, and in the end, I learned how to speak some simple Korean.”

Godfrey said Taiwanese and Korean dramas are quite similar. “Both tell stories that are exaggerated and funny. The only difference is that Korean dramas are usually more elegant while Taiwanese dramas are more romantic.”

Typecast in playing wealthy, educated, and handsome roles, Godfrey expressed that he wants to have an opportunity to play a character that is completely different from himself. “I really want to play a villain, or someone who has mental problems. The least like myself, the better.”

Standing at 6 feet 3 inches, Godfrey said he would also like to collaborate with someone who is more like his size. “That’s because [my tall height] makes me look like the strange one on set, and that stresses me a bit. With the big height difference, [I’m sure that] hugging the female lead would give her a sense of security, but I do want to occasionally hug a girl who is about 6 feet one inch. Maybe we would have a different feeling there.”

Hopes to Find a Girlfriend

As a model, Godfrey is extremely well-informed about skincare and fashion. Godfrey confessed that he has always been very aware of his appearance since youth. “My mother was Miss Malaysia, and my father was also very fashionable. He would wear a different suit to work every day. They influenced me a lot. Even my clothes were from luxury brands. When I got older, I learned how to take care of my skin. Actually, skincare for men is really simple; just wash your face and use moisturizer every morning and night to keep the skin tight. Eat more vegetables and less meat.”

When not at work, Godfrey would be at home cooking with friends. “My cooking is not bad. I can cook spaghetti, fish, chicken, and more. When I studied in Canada, I baked a chocolate cake for my girlfriend at the time. Those who tried my cooking said I can give up my entertainment career and become a full-time chef.”

Though currently single, Godfrey confessed that he would like to have a girlfriend soon. “When I was still in high school, I thought the best time to get married is 30. Now I’m already 30. Obviously, that plan has to be postponed. I like kids, and I really want to be like my elder brother and have a son and daughter.”

Godfrey thought about dating someone who is from the industry, as a fellow entertainer would understand how the industry works. Age and height are not concerns for him, but Godfrey wants to date someone older. “She would be more mature and experienced. If she turns out to be younger than me, as long as our minds are alike, then I will be happy.”

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. He’s not single, he’s dating or married to a Canadian Greek called Stella or sth. Saw their photos on Instagram of a mutual friend.

      1. Just posted the instgram and FB links.not sure that it works here.

      2. Mei:

        The Instagram’s link didn’t work. If you click on the link this is what it says: “Page Not Found
        This page could not be found.
        You might have followed an incorrect link.”

        I think most celebrities are high maintenance. Some of them as they get older and more mature – their attitude will get better.

      3. @ Lily:

        Thanks. I saw the pictures. Which lady is the Canadian-Greek (Stella)?

      4. Sorry meant to reply here, please delete the one below.
        I think it’s the one wearing rectangular shades on the left and also wears a headscarf with Godfrey in the last link that Mei posted.

      5. @ Lily & Mei,

        I got it. On the 2nd link that Mei posted. She is the 2nd person from left – she is also the non-Asian person. Thanks to both of you for the information.

      6. Thanks to Mei and everyone for the info. Honestly,if he already has a girlfriend then he should not announce that he is trying to find one. Is he trying to create publicity for himself or promote his single status to gain more opportunities and other things? Life in the circle is truly hard.

      7. Maybe they broke up? The most recent stuff was like 6 months ago… So idk.. ? Highly doubt it though haha most likely they’re still together.

      8. @HetieShuo that’s true, imo if it is true that she moved to Shanghai and then Taipei to be with him, then she deserves better and he can at least acknowledge their relationship publicly.

      1. Also wanted to add that it is great that he is not only sticking to Chinese/asian and follows his heart.

      2. ^why is that great though? I mean it doesn’t really matter if she’s Asian or not no?

    1. @J.H.

      I think it’s the one wearing rectangular shades on the left and also wears a headscarf with Godfrey in the last link that Mei posted.

  2. My idol for a long time. Been following him on FB and Instagram. He has very attractive eyes.

  3. Ohh guys like him sound really high maintenance. I mean I guess it comes with the territory of being a model, but I can’t envision living a life like that

  4. I will be anything that you want, Godfrey! lol. I love him to death.

  5. I know the friends he hangs out with in Vancouver. Let’s just say they are as high maintenance as he is. Pretty douchebag too.

    1. Have you guys ever see him with facial hair?He don’t seem attractive without his facial hair.

      1. @ Sandy:

        Not every Asian can wear facial hair. You are right. He looks better with facial hair. I think if that makes him look better – he definitely should take advantage of that.

  6. In an interview back in 2009, this guy was kind of mocking Lee Homwang & his music whilst trying to make his case why he wanted to get back to his “roots” by “working” in Taiwan. The guy came across as only Asian on the outside & had to go back to Asia reluctantly only because he was not getting anywhere in the West (Hollywood or the Canadian entertainment industry). I’m not at surprise if he’s a douchebag. Just google for this article.

    1. I saw that too… I thought they’re both best friends with Blackie Chen? Holy..

    2. I once heard that he said he joined the Asian e circle just to have a gateway to entering Hollywood. I never heard him mocking anyone but just heard that he thinks he may have an edge since he thinks he looks like Takeshi and knows fluent English. Whether he can make it that far,only time can tell.

      1. @Kristen,

        I agree 1000% perfect. Compare to Vaness & Lee Hom’s English, he speaks just OK as well, nothing to be impressed about. But he certainly is the whole package thou. Tall, handsome and just great to look at. haha LOL…

      2. Oddly he looks more like Mark Chao (eyes) and a liitle Huang Xiao Ming (face structure) than Takeshi in this interview. Takeshi has the most captivating eyes I’ve seen in actor.

      3. He’s attractive yes but doesn’t really look like Takeshi to me. Has some resemblance to Nic Tse.

        The look is more attractive bec of his unshaven goatee/stubble and ‘facial packaging’. Some guys with narrower ‘weaker’ jawlines look better with that – Korea’s Jang-hyuk for eg came back fr army looking much better with his stubble which he has kept. Before his goatee, his mouth and teeth used to distract when he was completely clean-shaven.

        I live in Canada.
        His English – not that fluid for a CBC. Not what I am used to from CBCs anyway.
        In fact, he speaks kind of neutrally. like someone from SE Asia (lack of usual CBC accent and all). I am used to Singaporeans with better English (not local Singlish) speaking like him.

        Maybe his M’sian mother has an influence.

      4. @ nomad 822:

        You probably are right about his English accent: “Maybe his M’sian mother has an influence.”

      5. Ok I saw his interview for mortal instruments and leehom’s current interview for black hat. Don’t know why this guy thinks he’s better than leehom because when you compare the two interviews his English sounds like ESL and Leehom’s sounds ABC. Leehom is so much more fluent and confident conversing in English.

    3. To be fair, it’s very hard for Asian-American men to make it in Hollywood. The odds are stacked against them. Hard to even name 5 leading Asian-American men in film or TV. Asian-American women have it a bit easier, due to the West’s Asian women fetish (yellow fever).

      1. I think that one of his weaknesses is that despite his looks,height and decent language skills, he lacks charisma and doesn’t come across as the brightest crayon in the box in his interviews.

      2. No it is not called yellow fever.

        It is the Suzy Wong/Madam Butterfly fetish.

    4. Not sure why he would mock Leehom though (maybe unintentionally). Leehom was born and raised in the U.S whereas Godfrey grew up in Canada.
      However, He doesn’t seem like the type to be interested chinese entertainment, it’s like he’s only in it to get better roles.

    5. He did have a small role in a c-list film, The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones, which disappeared fast.

      1. If the film was a box office success, Godfrey will have a bigger role in its sequels. To bad the film the bomb.

        This movie is actually adapted from a popular YA novel series and Godfrey’s character, Magnus Bane, is a one of the fan favourites.

        Btw, what constitute as a c-list film?

      2. Tbh, City of Bones was a really shitty movie. Not that casting Godfrey helped much but the blame cannot totally lie with him. That said, he was quite brutally savaged by critics & fans of the book, for his apparently “wooden” acting skills – even moreso than the atrocious movie. Well, the Westerners needed to blame someone. Guess nobody from Hollywood will be knocking on Godfrey’s door for him to act in even bit parts anytime soon.

  7. Godfrey is high maintenance.
    Honestly I don’t believe he is looking for a girlfriend. He is not the handsome type but attractive and charming.

    1. Many celebs both male and female are high maintenance(but of course not all of them are) which is why it is hard and is a lot of pressure to date/ marry one.

      I agree that he is not really handsome but is attractive and charming.

  8. there is a limit one can be high maintenance…unless he/she is from rich family.

  9. As someone who’s Canadian, his English has a huge accent. And he is definitely good looking but not very charismatic.

  10. I think to be fair – when someone is bilingual or tri-lingual or more. It’s very hard to speak perfectly in all those languages (accent or otherwise).

    1. To me, he speaks more like a SE Asian with a good grasp of English fluency (rather than the localised versions), than a local Canadian.

  11. Sounds to be very vain. A confidence man will not reply so much on external look. His looks is above average but it does not capture one’s attention for more than a few seconds……pretty face with minimum charisma. Hopefully his acting skill is good.

  12. I personally know godfrey. He broke up with that girl late last year. He’s just dating around right now, but to address the douchey vibe he gives.. I guess sometimes it maybe seem like that but once you talk to him longer he’s a really down to earth guy.

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