Godfrey Gao Peacefully Sent Off in Taipei Farewell Ceremony

Godfrey Gao (高邑鄉), who passed away on November 27, 2019, was peacefully sent off by over 300 family and friends in a farewell ceremony held in Taipei on Sunday morning. He was 35 years old.

The ceremony, which was held at the First Funeral Parlor located in the Zhongshan District of Taipei at 8 a.m., was decorated with flower baskets, paper lotuses, and over 10,000 paper cranes folded by fans. The entrance poster read, “Flying Free with God. Godfrey Farewell Ceremony.”

An enlarged portrait of Godfrey was shown on the wall with LCD lights, guarded by two large flower baskets. A clear table was placed in the middle, and beside the table were basketballs, Godfrey’s favorite sport.

Godfrey’s two older brothers carried his spiritual tablet, while his girlfriend Bella Su (蘇湘涵) walked behind them. Her head was down, and it appeared that she had been crying. Godfrey’s parents followed behind closely, holding each other.

Celebrity friends such as Leehom Wang (王力宏), Blackie Chen (陳建州), Christine Fan (范瑋琪), Sunny Wang (王陽明), James Mao (毛加恩), Andrew Lin (連凱), Jiro Wang (汪東城), and Vivian Dawson (錦榮) were in attendance.

Executives from Zhejiang TV, the broadcaster behind Godfrey’s last project Chase Me <追我吧>, also attended the funeral.

After the ceremony, the hearse transported Godfrey’s body to the second funeral home where he would be cremated. At around 2 p.m., Godfrey’s oldest brother carried his remains to Chin Pao San Cemetery, where he would be permanently laid to rest.

The actor, who among international audiences is best known for his portrayal as Magnus Bane in the 2013 Hollywood film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, collapsed while shooting a scene for Chase Me, a Chinese variety show featuring celebrities doing action stunts. He died several hours later due to cardiac arrest.

Source: ON.CC

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. RIP Godfrey Gao.

    Certainly I hope this information is incorrect, but I heard only ONE person sent flowers/condolences to his family – out of those celebrities who were there that night who witnessed what happened to him. They said that Huang Jingyu attended an award show on the date of Godfrey Gao’s funeral. William Chan didn’t do anything also. I can understand if they were not able to attend the funeral for some reason, but they should have at least sent condolences to his family. These people are so cold.

    1. @dramas4me

      To be fair, we honestly do not know for sure if those celebrities that were there with him that day sent their condolences or not. Just because the press did not report on it does not necessarily mean that they did not. Plus, what if they did try to send flowers but his family refused them? I have realized that whether anyone attends anyone’s funeral does not truly indicate if they are close or really cared. For example, you remember the whole fiasco regarding Yammie Lam’s funeral right? All of the celebrities that attended were not close to her at all. None of her close friends attended but tried to send flowers and were refused. But yet many were criticizing her close friends just for not attending her funeral and giving those that attended so much credit. Huang JingYu is a very kind and nice person from what I know since I am a fan of his so know quite a bit about him. Since the funeral was held in Taiwan, maybe it was too far for him or other reasons? William prayed for Geoffrey when he collapsed while Joey cried for him. Huang JingYu was looking for a doctor for him too. Their actions show they do care. But just because they did not attend his funeral does not mean they did not care or are cold hearted. After seeing and witnessing a number of funerals in my family, I have truly learned and realized that those attended did not necessarily mean that they cared for the deceased or were close to them. In some cases, those that did not attend are the ones who care a lot more than those who show up just for the sake of showing up.

      1. @hetieshou

        I did not expect all of them to attend his funeral, but I thought the least they could have done for him was to send their condolences to his family. Even though they didn’t know him well. I watched his funeral on youtube (live also) and I watched those flower baskets and who sent them. Of course that I hope that I’m wrong about this. Please watch this video also.


      2. @dramas4me
        Yes I watched that video but honestly, none of us know for sure if they sent their condolences to his family or not. They could have done it very low key so no one knows about it. Sending flowers or not is not important too. People sadly just look on the outside and assume things too much. Like in my family, many tried to give money but we did not accept money so they ended up sending flowers. However, as outsiders we do not know the details so should not assume anything. Plus, William, Joey and Johnny Huang were all there when he collapsed and passed away so I bet it traumatized them to the point that it affected them psychologically. However, just because they did not come or sent flowers meant they did not care.

    2. @dramas4me I would give them the benefit of my doubts. Whether or not they sent flowers I don’t think it matters. They might have personally called his family members to offer their condolences. We are just spectators who are not close to know the details and facts. We must understand that those who were there when it happened would have been traumatised. This will leave an impact in their lives. I saw a video on YTB. William decided to attended his fan meeting in order to assure his fans that he is ok. Yes, he fell sick after the incident and was traumatised. Will you not if you see someone you know who was just next to you talking, walking, running with you, suddenly collapsed and died right before your eyes? If I did I doubt I would have the psychological ability to attend his funeral and be reminded of that incident again. Maybe that explains why none of the contestants attended his funeral or memorials. The dead is gone in peace. But the living still needs to live with psychological wounds. Caring can be from the heart if you can’t do it by action. I’m sure Godfrey and his parents would understand.

      1. @annebee
        Very well said and that was what I was trying to say. Especially after the whole fiasco over Yammie Lam’s funeral, we truly must know that just because anyone shows up or sends flowers meant that they care more than the ones who did not show up.

        I bet Joey, William and Johnny will always be scarred from Geoffrey’s passing. I would be if I witnessed someone I know just collapse and die in front of me. I would be scarred for life and never forget it as it would forever affect me psychologically. I bet they will always keep Geoffrey in their hearts and by their actions on the set truly shows that they did care for him and tried to help him as much as they possibly could at the final moments of his life.

  2. RIP Godfrey Gao…gone too soon :(!

    May God’s Peace and Comfort be with your family and loved ones!

  3. RIP Godfrey! Hope he is in a happier and better place away from all of the pains and pressures of this world.

  4. I am still watching his latest drama “The Gravity of a Rainbow”. I still can’t believe he is gone. He had so much potential. What a waste of such a talented actor and great man indeed. Godfrey really is one of those actors who expressed his emotions through his eyes when he acts. He makes you feel what he’s feeling in his character. Sigh…

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