Godfrey Gao’s Last Wish Couldn’t Be Fulfilled

Above: Godfrey was supposed to be Best Man at James Mao’s wedding this Friday.

On November 27, Godfrey Gao <高以翔> passed away suddenly after suffering a heart attack on the set of Chinese reality show, Chase Me <追我吧>. The 35-year-old Taiwanese-Canadian actor’s death left many in disbelief and anger as criticism arose over the dangerous physical challenges guest stars were asked to do on the Zhejiang Television program.

Filming for the show started at 8:30 p.m. and the temperature dipped to 9 degrees Celsius (48 degrees Fahrenheit), but Godfrey and the other cast members were only wearing thin jackets. Filming for five hours until 1:45 a.m., Godfrey was being chased by another cast member. He suddenly cried out “I can’t do this anymore” and fainted while running, eventually passing away at the hospital where doctors were unable to revive him.

It was understood that actor Johnny Huang (黃景瑜) had invited Godfrey to make a guest appearance on Chase Me. Normally the guest stars are paid 240,000 to 340,000 RMB to appear on the show, but Godfrey took a discounted fee of 150,000 RMB due to his good friend’s invitation.

The production team behind Chase Me expressed their condolences in a statement, “We feel very distressed and grieved! After the accident, the show’s team and Godfrey’s agent remained by his side. We’re working together to reach out to Godfrey’s family to assist with the funeral arrangements.”

His Last Wish

Friends expressed their grief over the actor’s sudden death. Godfrey was supposed to be Best Man at his friend James Mao‘s (毛加恩) wedding this Friday, November 29. The Taiwanese basketball player wrote on social media, “This is not how it’s supposed to be. We [were] supposed to go snowboarding in February. I’m supposed to see you in two days. We supposed to grow old together. Why you leaving me so early?!! I love you always my brother.”

The actor’s last wish was to spend more time with his family. Experiencing popularity in China after his drama  Remembering Li Chuan <遇見王瀝川> aired, Godfrey had felt tired working and wanted some rest. In an earlier interview, he said, “Because I’ve been busy filming recently, I didn’t have time to see my family. I hope I can take a break soon and have time to eat a meal with my family. Then I’ll continue to work hard on my career again.”

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This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This is so sad and reminds me of my late best friend who passed just 2 days before his 32nd birthday. His last wish was to live long enough to celebrate his 32nd birthday yet sadly that wish was never fulfilled just like in Geoffrey’s case. Life is just so unpredictable and short so hope everyone cherishes it as much as they can.

    1. @hetieshou

      Yes. This is so sad. A young life ended too soon. It’s going to be so hard for his family, friends and those people who love him. I also feel so sorry for his friend who is getting married this Friday and he is supposed to be the best man. Best wishes to his friend and soon to be wife. The whole thing is even worst than a drama. The producer/organizers should be responsible for this. His life probably could have been saved if he received the medical help right away. It was so wrong so many levels. The articles pointed to all the wrong things the show did. I hope his family will sue them. It’s not because of the money, but to prevent it from happening again to someone else. You are right – your health is a #1 thing.

      1. @dramas4me
        Yes this is tragic as I lost one of my brothers suddenly at 34. It is hard to accept, especially when it is so sudden. I feel bad for his friend as it should be one of the happiest days of his life but yet also one of the saddest as his buddy could not be there to be his best man. That program and the staff may get sued and I hope they do so this does not happen again. You know the saying, your health is gold or even more valuable than gold. I bet the other artists are traumatized too and may worry for their own safety if that had happened to them. But then again, he may have had other health issues that even he may not have known about so we truly do not know.

      2. @hetieshou

        I’m sorry to hear about your brother. I know the feeling and i can relate to it. I lost a child – he was a victim of crime. That scar will never go away.

      3. @dramas4me
        Very sorry to hear about your loss and I know how it is as besides losing my brother and best friends, I lost both my parents too. It is hard but we must stay strong as they would not want us sad. Yes, it is a permanent scar that never goes away. My losses were all due to illness so I bet yours was harder as your son was a victim of a crime. But any lost is hard and I hope you stay strong. My mom lost her son who is the brother I mentioned and she never fully recovered until the day she passed.

  2. Im in disbelief that he died due to exertion on a tv show. They need to have a hard look at how they treat their entertainers in China.

    1. @megamiaow

      Don’t forget the HK singer who died in a fall while filming a Japanese variety show. And Korean popstars forced to work under slavish conditions even when sick.

  3. @hetieshou

    Someone on dramapanda.com said that he frequent had his health check up. I think they should have a nurse/doctor available stand by every time for this kind of shows.

    1. @dramas4me
      Really? Sadly doctors are not always correct. I learned that the hard way when my mom was in the hospital. I found a number of doctors so incompetent. It is sad how doctors and nurses get paid so well but yet know nothing at times. I encountered this one doctor that only cared for money. I find it so sad that money seems to take priority over everything these days. Compassion and kindness along with honesty seem to be long gone. But yes, they need to have at some kind of health professional around just in case anything happens.

      1. @hetieshou I’m sorry to hear that it was difficult for you to find quality medical care to treat your mom’s illness. With the amount of information available online, it does make it a little easier for us to research medical facts and understand procedures, so we can make better informed decisions and sometimes question the medical recommendations given to us.

        It is mentally and emotionally exhausting to care for a family member struggling with illness, and to deal with the ups and downs that your mom must have had when she was ill. I can’t imagine the void that you must feel at times when you do miss her, but I hope that each holiday reminds you of the loving family and friends you still have and to continue to make beautiful memories with them.

  4. What show put guest stars lives in danger ? They should file suit for safety lapses ! This damn show should be axed! Just so heartbroken he didnt get to be best man @ his best friend wedding nd carry out his last wish ! RIP GODFREY GAO

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