Godfrey Gao Had Plans to Propose to Girlfriend, Bella Su

Godfrey Gao (高以翔) apparently had plans to propose to his girlfriend, Bella Su (蘇湘涵), only one day after he was to complete his filming obligations for the Chinese variety show Chase Me <追我吧>. The actor tragically passed away on November 27th from sudden cardiac arrest. He was in the middle of a jogging scene for the show.

According to his close friend “DJ” Darren Jiang (蔣珅瑋), Godfrey had arranged for an “important” dinner with Bella, his family, and her family on November 28: he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend of three years.

“Now I finally realize why you suddenly texted me and asked me where I was that day,” said DJ on social media. “Because the two of you had a really important dinner to go. You hoped that I would be there as your witness, to help you prepare for a new chapter in your life.”

Godfrey’s coffin has already returned to Taiwan, where he will be laid to rest. His close friend, entrepreneur James Lu (盧毅) was with him throughout his journey back home. His friend shared on social media, “I was in tears on our way back. I felt like I was an empty shell. When I saw you sleeping in that box, your long legs struggling to fit inside, that’s when I broke down and cried.”

Godfrey and James had been close friends since they were fifteen years old, when they attended the same high school in Vancouver, Canada. When James saw the staff from Zhejiang TV—the broadcaster behind Chase Me—he almost wanted to punch them. Upon seeing Godfrey’s parents looking white and sullen, James calmed down and comforted them.

“Kindness is your legacy,” said James. “I will not ruin that for you.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The whole situation is soooo sad. Even Chinese or Korean dramas are not even this tragic. Best wishes to his family and his girlfriend. Hopefully she is a very strong girl and eventually can move on with this.

    RIP Godfrey Gao!

    1. @dramas4me indeed it’s so so sad. What makes it so because he seems like such a nice person and he is super good-looking at all angles plus just too young to call it a day at 35. The circumstances surrounding his death is just too tragic

  2. I never thought the tv station or program was to blame. It’s an open book that it was a difficult task. Even Godfrey was worried he wasn’t physically fit enough to meet the demands of the show. Who I actually blame was his agency and Godfrey himself. As an agency, you have the responsibility to protect your artist and choose the job suitable for him. Not just to boost popularity. As for Godfrey, he should have just tried being not so obliging and gentleman for once by saying “no” to the invitation to be on the show if he didn’t feel comfortable. All I can say is life and death is somewhat fated. We need to listen to the small voice that says “no don’t do it” to us when there’s a doubt. There were past variety shows in Taiwan like 3 years ago, he was so exhausted doing push ups. That shows that he’s not really physically fit for tough exercises. The only thing I felt in the entire situation was exactly what his father said. “It’s such a pity”. Seriously. He was at his prime and he was such a good person.

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