Godfrey Gao Finds Sporty Women Attractive

Jewelry brand Links of London invited Taiwanese actor Godfrey Gao (高以翔) to Hong Kong for an intimate interview. The six foot four actor is without a doubt one of Asia’s top visual actors, completely worthy for the term “male god.”

“There are benefits and disadvantages to being a male god,” said Godfrey. The 31-year-old said there is a limit to youth, but he hopes to become the next George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Lau, and Chow Yun-fat—never age. “Charisma is the most important in a man. That will be my goal.”

Being a Role Model

Godfrey expressed that the best part of being male god is not receiving the attention from a million fangirls, but by being able to positively contribute in a person’s life. Being an idol is not an easy task; one must be able to set good examples for future generations.

An avid fan of basketball, Godfrey said he wants to use his passion as a tool to bring more confidence to his younger fans. He recently established a basketball training camp to help teenagers train and realize their dreams.

“Many 15 to 16 year old young men knew me through [basketball]. They observed me a lot, and always asked what products I used on my skin or hair. They asked me what type of music I liked, and I would happily share my interests with them. To see them so happy makes me happy. In a way, it’s like I am influencing their lives with mine. I guess you can say that I am their role model. It’s hard to be a good role model.”

Into Sporty Women

The Queen of SOP <S.O.P女王> star enjoys single life, and neither is he in a hurry to find a partner, but having his own family is another goal he strives for. However, being a celebrity figure in the cut-throat acting industry makes everything much harder.

“I want to focus on work now,” he said. “I’m always flying, and most of the time I don’t even know where I am. Why would I even think about dating? Actually, I am not ready to settle down yet. My family also has not been pressuring me, so I am rather lucky. My older brother already has two kids, so I still have some years left! If I am to marry, I don’t think it would be as high profile as Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Angelababy’s wedding, but it is an important step in life, so I would invite many close family and friends to attend. I would love to hold my wedding outdoors, like in a forest or by the ocean. It’s quite romantic.”

What Godfrey worries about the most is finding a girlfriend who does not understand his line of work. “If I do fall in love with a woman, she would probably think that I cannot provide her with a sense of security. My profession requires me to collaborate with many women, and often times there would be intimate interactions. Nonetheless, a successful relationship requires communication and trust. The only thing I can do is better myself, to protect her as much as I can. I’ll explain as clearly as I can to prevent misunderstandings.”

What are Godfrey’s standards in finding a girlfriend? The 31-year-old said he’s not really into women who take the initiative, but he loves women who do sports.

“If she likes to do outdoor sports, such as snowboarding, hiking, or canoeing, that would be extra points from me.” How does Godfrey feel about Hong Kong women? “I think Hong Kong women and Taiwanese women each have their own personalities. Hong Kong women are rather passionate, and they’re very sure and clear of what they want in their careers. They also have a more international view in their global outlook. Taiwanese women are rather honest and simple, more coquettish, and kind of naive, haha! They really don’t understand what’s going on in other parts of the world! Yes, I do prefer women who likes to go out, women who have a more relaxing outlook in life.”

Wants To Be a Father

Godfrey has portrayed many different roles throughout his acting career, but what he wants to do more than anything else is play a father.

“I really like kids,” he said. “I also really want to play a role as a father. I think it’s a good time to consider marriage when I turn 35. If I wait until I’m 40 years old to have my child, I don’t think I’ll have enough energy to play with them.”

Godfrey added that he will definitely teach his kids multiple languages growing up. “I want them to be like me—as a child I grew up in Taiwan, so I could speak Mandarin. I went to Toronto when I was a teenager, so I could also speak English. I think this is a good education method.”

Source: stheadline.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I think of him as more of a mommy’s boy and looking for a woman who can give him things rather than the other way around. At least, that’s how the interview came across to me. He wants an independent, well-connected and easy going woman.

    1. @coralie , good observation about the interview. Thing is, women who fit that description are comfortable taking the initiative. Hope Godfrey is ready for that, lol..

    2. @coralie

      “I think of him as more of a mommy’s boy and looking for a woman who can give him things rather than the other way around. ”


      “He wants an independent, well-connected and easy going woman.”

      He prefers westernized women like ABC/CBC.

  2. If a guy and a girl know each other well, have attained a level of friendship and comfort with each other, I see nothing wrong with the girl taking the initiative to ask the guy out or tell him how she really feels about him. If they are in a relationship, nothing wrong with the girl taking the lead to initiate physical, intimate affection. We don’t need to set women back 200 years.

    I see,,,,,,o k a y……….. So Godfrey Gao likes the sporty type. I am not surprised, not in the least. his own. I hope he finds a good compatible companion or partner soon.

  3. Many men who are mamas boys will find well adjusted, independent women because these women are more liable to give them the psychological, financial support they need. A non independent, submissive woman will not be a good fit for such a man.

      1. @coralie You are welcomed Coralie.

        May I ask you something, as I am very ignorant. Here goes……………..Instead of following up on a statement with a rationale, can I use a delusionale?. YUK< YUK< YUK., lol. Don't be afraid to tell me the truth., lol.

  4. Wow his interviews are always the same! 1)i groom myself 2)i give tips on grooming 3) I workout 4)i am comfortable with being this and that. 5)I like confident women blablabla

    That’s “nice” but add some more dimension to your persona!
    People often say male models are boring, but check out David Gandy for example, the guy has charisma, seems articulate and writes about different topics too.

    Based on this interview it seems he’s on his way to being a trophy hubby for some dominant, successful lady, not that there’s anything wrong with it :p.

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