Godfrey Gao Collapses On Filming Set; Heartbeat Stopped for 3 Minutes

Above: Paramedics try to resuscitate Godrey Gao while William Chan looks on.

While filming for an episode for Chinese variety program Chase Me <追我吧>, Taiwanese-Canadian actor Godfrey Gao (高以翔) fainted on set and spent three minutes unconscious without a heartbeat. The cast and crew grew increasingly anxious as paramedics rushed to resuscitate him. After 15 minutes of CPR, Godfrey’s heart came back and was rushed to the hospital.

On the variety show, the hosts and guests are separated into two teams – the Chasers and the Followers, and compete in a variety of different obstacles to see which team can reach the finish line first. The hosts and series regulars include William Chan (陳偉霆), Adam Fan (范丞丞), Johnny Huang (黃景瑜), and Joey Yung (宋祖兒).

Making a a special guest appearance, Godfrey filmed for Chase Me until 2 a.m. this morning when he suddenly fainted while jogging. Everyone rushed over immediately in a state of panic, and Johnny anxiously asked around for a doctor. Joey began crying uncontrollably, and William clasped his hands together to pray for Godfrey’s safety.

Godfrey collapses on set

According to a witness, Godfrey was perfectly fine during rehearsal and he was in good shape when they began filming in the evening. Photographs of Godfrey’s incident was posted online and ambulances were seen arriving on the scene while paramedics began CPR on the actor.

A witness said, “Godfrey’s heartbeat stopped for three minutes, and CPR was done for 15 minutes. After his heartbeat came back, he was sent to the hospital.”

At 11 a.m., the Chinese media announced that Godfrey has passed away. Doctors were unable to save the 35-year-old actor’s life.

This article was updated on November 27, 2019 at 12:42 a.m. after news surfaced that Godfrey Gao has passed away. 

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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      1. @jayne

        Thanks! It was shocking indeed. I’m speechless. I was happy when your article said they revived him. Life is so unpredictable. Everyone – listen to your body when you are feeling something is wrong.

      2. @dramas4me
        Yes life is unpredictable and sadly many take it for granted as death can occur at any time. Sadly in many cases we do not feel anything since not all illnesses have symptoms. But if anyone feels unwell they should do something about it before it is too late.

  1. He is now dead.Oh dear, the team present will be in shock. They will have to stop filming for now.
    I am in shock.

    1. @foodie
      I think everyone is in shock. This happened in my family too so I know how it is. It is hard to accept but hope they are all stay strong and remember the good memories that he left them and to keep him in their hearts as that is how I remember my loved ones that have passed.

      1. @hetieshou Such moments can often make everyone refocus on their life and decisions they make. I too believe those on site that worked with him will be hit very hard as they saw the whole scene happening…

      2. @foodie
        Yes and this reminds me of that one actress who kept on working and delayed treatment for her cancer. Just when she wanted to seek treatment it was too late and she passed away as a result. It is sad how many just think of work and money these days and neglect everything else. Health is above all as you have nothing without it.

  2. I was very sad to hear of this young, promising, good actor, handsome, has a great future in the film industry, successful, brilliant, will surely be missed more so by his loving, caring parents, family, close friends, associates, his pals, buddies. But what the hell gives this show the right to continue filming “Chase Me” till 2 am? Everybody should be home sleeping at that hour, not running to over exhaustion when the body can’t take it anymore especially 2 am in the morning. There’s got to be a decent time when you end the filming, send everybody home for the night then continue refreshed, re-energized the next day, right. It’s inhumanly impossible to be running at that late, ridiculous hour when you should be taking care of your health. I read in another article that said just before he collapsed he screamed out something like “I can’t take any more!”. Shouldn’t that be taken as a scream, yell of desperation like, “let me rest, enough is enough, can’t push my body any further, I’m tired”. Yeah, you’re tired, your body is yelling to give it rest, well, now he unfortunately is now given his much needed “rest”. Someone said his family should sue, c’mon, why does it have to be the ultimate or only decision to make when someone dies this way. Will his family have any “rest” about it? They just lost their son for pete’s sake over a stupid show, showing how extreme they can be to keep in the ratings, they don’t care about your safety or your health, are you kidding me? I’m sure all participants are urged to sign a waiver making sure the program/show is not responsible for this and that, right? I would protest in person to stop the show period, it’s not a show, it’s not even a good show pushing people beyond their abilities of the human body & spirit to a point of losing their life maybe, only then can you become a “winner”? Win or lose, I don’t care, a human life has ended on their show therefore they should give up showing such a show anymore, at this point to me, it’s bad luck, bad omen already, like they say the show must go on, hell no, not this show, my gosh, not this show or any such show like this. Now it’s Godfrey’s show where now may he “rest” in peace, we will miss you & all about you, there is an embrace waiting for you now, peaceful & loving, fighting. By the way, I forgot to say it’s “Happy Thanksgiving” today, to everyone from Hawaii to around the world for we have much to be thankful, always, Aloha & Mahalo; Mahalo Godfrey, mahalo

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