New Video Shows Delayed Emergency Response for Godfrey Gao

On November 27th, Taiwanese Canadian actor Godfrey Gao (高以翔) tragically passed away after collapsing mid-filming for the Chinese reality TV series Chase Me <追我吧>. Reports said Godfrey died from sudden cardiac arrest, a result from consistently doing strenuous activity for 17 hours straight. He was 35 years old.

Following Godfrey’s hospitalization and subsequent death, Chase Me underwent extreme public scrutiny and criticism in regard to its safety precautions, prompting Zhejiang TV to cancel the series. Though the producers clarified that medical personnel were on stand-by, a new shared video showed that there was a delayed emergency response from the moment Godfrey collapsed to the moment he was received by emergency medical technicians.

As seen in the video, Godfrey’s cast mates and Chase Me staff were the first to respond after he collapsed. A staff member wearing a yellow jacket was giving Godfrey CPR, while actor Johnny Huang (黃景瑜) was kneeling beside him. William Chan (陳偉霆) was watching closely, while a terrified Wu Xuanyi (吳宣儀) was hovering nearby. Neither the emergency medical technicians nor the ambulance were at the scene during this time.

The first four minutes are critical for individuals suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Chest compressions should be provided within seconds, followed by defibrillation. If the individual does not receive a defibrillator shock within the first four minutes, it becomes much harder to get the heart restarted to a normal rhythm.

The release of the video has angered netizens and fans further, criticizing Chase Me for its poor emergency response. They also criticized the quality of CPR provided to Godfrey, as providing good CPR that is able to re-establish the heart’s rhythm can increase the individual’s survival rate.


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  1. You would think that Jaynestars or the source of the article would post the video in question which suggested the emergency response was ‘delayed’. Instead, all we get are a bunch of still screenshots of a recording or CCTV footage that proves nothing. Kind of hard to take this article seriously.

      1. @dramas4me

        Thats not the raw video that shows the complete sequence. It’s only a few seconds long with edited out clips.

        The edited video already had help arrived and that help was ‘incorrectly’ performed.

        The image is so blurred, shot so far out, and doesn’t show the entire sequence. Hard to make of what’s happening to be honest.

        It’s mostly a bunch of voice over personal opinions that’s meaningless.

  2. What’s the source for the 4 mins claim??

    Did the TV company ever say they’ll launch an investigation? Not necessarily as in admitting it’s their fault, but it’s the least the can 4do imo to make sure their emergency responses are indeed all-the-can-do and ensure with high level of confidence there’ll not be a second lost of life. This could very well be a freak one-off accident, but I feel the company brushed it off too easily. It’s a life lost too soon after all.

  3. I’m not blaming anyone but to me a program like this with so high risk ought to have a medical team on standby at the set in case of any emergency. What I realised about us Asians is we tend to only respond when something happens. We don’t take precautions or preventive measures in terms of safety as good as the West does. Because they also know that in their country you can be sued for making a mistake not mention the loss of a precious life. I mean come on not just the artists but those crew/staff must have worked more hours than the invited guests or celebrities. They are the first to get the set ready and are the last to leave to clean up. Lives are at stake here. Anyways, Godfrey’s mother has requested that all videos pertaining to the last moments of his death be removed from all social media. That was the first thing that crossed my mind when the videos were circulated to target the station. Why on earth did these people post online? The person they hurt most is not the tv station, but his parents and family members. How would you like watching on every platform, the moment when your son, brother or friend passed away in a tragedy? Think about the parents people, when you do something in the name of justice. They lost a precious son in their old age. A good and filial son. Even if the whole tv station closes down, it won’t bring Godfrey Gao back.

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