Grace Chan Reveals Where She Kissed Kevin Cheng for the First Time

It is well known that Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) fell in love on the set of 2016’s Blue Veins <殭>. Always gushing about her perfect match with Kevin, Grace revealed where the couple’s first kiss had occurred.

Attending a promotional event for the anniversary celebration of local department store, Grace played games with the attendees.  Chatting about her dating relationship with Kevin, Grace praised him for being a very attentive co-star and taking great care of her on the filming set. Developing feelings for each other at work, Grace said their first kiss took place on the rooftop of the TVB building.

Grace hopes to Start Children’s Business

As a mother of two young boys, Grace has halted filming dramas due to the hectic schedule but remains active in hosting variety shows. Being a social influencer allows Grace to maintain close relationships with brands, and inspires her entrepreneurial side. After launching her own skincare brand in 2020, Grace is ready to start another business.

Since she does not hesitate to spend more money when shopping for her sons, Grace believes there is a big demand for high quality children’s products. She hopes to open an online store and expand to a physical location if sales are good. Currently, she is searching for other parents to join her in the business venture.

Source: Yahoo

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