Grace Wong Supports Sequel for “My Dearly Sinful Mind”

Performing well during its broadcast, the finale of My Dearly Sinful Mind <心理追兇Mind Hunter> brought viewers to the edge of their seats. With all around praises for Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Grace Wong‘s (王君馨) performances, there may even be a chance that a sequel will be filmed.

In the finale, Kenneth’s character, who was diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder, schemed to pit Grace against her brother, Raymond Cho (曹永廉). Kenneth’s character also tragically drives his car into the ocean after experiencing a flashback of his deceased girlfriend, Icy (Roxanne Tong 湯洛雯).

Viewers heatedly discussed whether Icy was really murdered by Kenneth. Coupled with the ambiguous ending where Kenneth’s death was never directly addressed, the loose end led to speculations that there may be a sequel. In response, Producer Wong Wai Yan (王偉仁) only laughed, “I don’t want this to be so tragic, I didn’t want him to die!” However, he did not deny the possibility of filming a second installment, but Producer Wong said any planning would not take place until next year.

Grace also responded, “[My character] is definitely going to jail. If there is a sequel, she could recruit members in jail and plan a prison break!”

Grace’s Fiancé Not Pleased With Death Scenes

Praised for the portrayal of her sociopathic character, Grace was surprised her role was so well-received. Many viewers requested photos when they saw her on the streets. She laughed, “I asked them if they wanted a photo with Grace or Hoi-Ching, and some picked Hoi-Ching so I had to bring out my murderous glare.”

While her character was liked by fans, Grace’s fiancé had a different opinion. Grace revealed that her fiancé, who is not particularly fond of death scenes, asked her to stop playing these types of character after they get married.

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  1. See, I thought it would be fabulous if the ending portrayed Kenneth as the real culprit in the death of Icy. That would be the best conclusion. At least it makes the audience understand his obsession with seeking the truth (or another excuse) to why she died – to absolve himself of all guilt.

  2. Ending was as expected, keeping it loose for viewers imagination. As far as Icy, I would probably agree that Kenneth might have been the one behind it because if you really go deep into the story.. there is that line of connection that the story went into that direction.. a sequel, hmmm.. TVB is never good continuing with sequels, hence so we shall see.

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