Grace Wong, the Sexy Virgin

After Grace Wong (王君馨) revealed her status as a virgin, some admired her lifestyle choice, while others doubted her credibility. The 26-year-old devoted Christian revealed that her strict attitude towards sex has led to relationship breakups and made it difficult for her career choice as an actress.

Grace Wong entered TVB after winning the first runner-up title in the 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant. She has been working diligently to gain recognition, but has not reached a satisfactory level of success yet. Grace’s comments regarding her virginity status sparked heated online discussions and prompted many to wonder, “Are there still virgins left in the entertainment industry?”

Realizing that others may find her admission difficult to believe, Grace said, “I have held the same belief since I was a little girl, that one should save her virginity for her future husband. I’ve had more than 3 boyfriends back in the United States, and I went out on many dates with them. No matter what I do, like hanging out with friends or dancing at nightclubs, I still hold the belief of having sex with my future husband only.”

No Sex while Dating

Many of Grace’s friends respect her decision, but a few men teased her and called her a nun. Although Grace was hurt by their comments, she was adamant about her beliefs. She believes it will be an amazing feeling to have sex with her husband on her marriage night. Grace shared, “If I can look at my husband’s eyes and tell him that I am saving the most precious thing for him, that will be such a sweet feeling. I also imagine my husband telling me that he is willing to save it for me as well. That will be quite incredible and I will be so touched by him.”

Staying true to her beliefs, Grace broke up with her second boyfriend because she did not want to have a sexual relationship with him. “My boyfriend at that time was a white man and I refused to have sex with him after dating for 2 months as he wasn’t the man I wanted to marry in the future. As soon as I said no, he threw a tantrum and asked why couldn’t we have sex if we were in love?”

Grace’s third boyfriend, a Taiwanese man whom she had met during college, respected her strong belief of saving her virginity for her husband. The two had kept their relationship pure as they had no sexual relationship. However, Grace and her Taiwanese boyfriend broke up because she decided to stay in Hong Kong to pursue an acting career.

Being Sexy is a Sin?

In the industry for 5 years, Grace often projected a sexy and seductive image to the audience as she often wears tight-fitting clothes and bikinis. As a devoted Christian, Grace was confused whether she is suitable to be an actress as she will be coveted by male audiences. “As an actress, people will be looking at me, but I don’t want men to look at me in a lustful way. I hate that feeling. I was really confused and my heart was aching.”

Grace had difficulties portraying seductive characters while maintaining her boundaries at the same time. She will not sell out her body and morals to anyone, even if it means she has to leave the entertainment industry.

Struggling with inner conflicts, Grace still wishes to continue her acting career. She needs to compromise with her religious beliefs. In Friendly Fire <法網狙擊> Grace portrays a sexy woman who seduces Michael Tse (謝天華). In one scene, Grace had to wear a bikini to dive into the water to look for sea urchins and had to emerge from the water in a wet swimsuit. In order to get through the scene, she mentally braced herself by pretending to be Angelina Jolie.

Grace had a hard time filming her seduction scene in Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, in which she teased Him Law (羅仲謙) by wearing a revealing nightgown. She had to stop the filming many times during the scene. “I couldn’t accept myself being a seductress even though I understand the producer believes I can do it.” Grace explained.

Afterwards, her fellow Christian friend, Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) advised her, “You have to accept what you were being born with. You are an actress so you have to express the personality of the character. You cannot judge how others look at you due to your acting roles, or else you will never make it as an actress.” Grace took his advice and she finally believes God has given her a nice figure and she should accept it. She finally learned how to let go of her psychological barriers while maintaining her principals in order to become a successful actress.

Besides acting, Grace has developed a passion for music since winning the Dancing Queen title in Strictly Come Dancing <舞動奇跡>.  She had started writing her own songs and hopes to find a good lyricist to write her stories to express her thoughts. Grace’s ultimate goal is to be a singer as she truly enjoys singing and dancing on the stage.

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  1. Girl, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Hahaha I give her props for being a virgin. It’s good that ur saving it for your future husband. Does your husband has be a virgin too? It would be fair and nice.

    1. If her husband is Christian, he is supposed to be a virgin as well before marriage. But we all know they are just all talk.
      No, I don’t believe Grace Wong is a virgin.

  2. Er… so why did she enter Miss HK contest? Did she wear a bikini for the swimsuit contest? Was that a sin?

    And why she dated a white guy knowing he wasn’t the man to marry? Was she just teasing him? Was that a sin?

    May be she’s a lesbian — she can remain a virgin then.

    1. It’s not a “sin” to date a guy while not knowing yet if he’s the one to marry. How many people get into relationships and know right from the start that they’re gonna get married to that person?

  3. If she says she is, then she is. There are virgins in this world. No reason to disbelieve her.

    1. True to some extent, however, being a virgin when you are in the e circle is even harder to believe.

  4. We have no right to judge other people’s beliefs if she say she is then she is. Who says virgins can’t date knowing their other half isn’t a suitable partner? That man may of not been suitable for marriage but maybe she was happy with him who knows there are a lot of different reasons.

  5. It’s hard to believe that she’s a virgin. The image she’s portraying to the public tells the opposite. Do you have to act sexy in order to be popular? I believe when Linda first started working for TVB she wasn’t sexy. Her image was a pure/innoncent good girl, and she is now a popular actress.

    1. That isn’t her choice though. TVB assigns the role for her she doesn’t pick. Linda is lucky she gets innocent roles but it makes sense Linda does have that pure jade girl look while Grace has an outgoing look that might lead to those type of characters they have to portray

  6. I don’t think Grace Wong would have to “announce” that she is still a virgin. It is a personal and private matter to her, and NOT to anyone else.

  7. She is an actress. And as if she was willing to tell the media about all this personal stuff. I reckon she is going doing this to get noticed by the media. Who knows is she is a Virgin or not?

    1. True, only she would know if she is truly a virgin or not…

  8. That’s good for her if she’s still a virgin..not everyone going to believe it. And really it doesn’t matter if people believe it or not..its personal as long as she know herself, that’s all it matters. So no point to revealed it to the world.

  9. White guy threw a tantrum because he he couldn’t tell his friends that he slept with an Asian girl

  10. grace wong is really pretty. hope TVB will promote her to 2nd lead.

  11. She really thinks people are stupid enough to believe her?

    And why she keeps promoting she is a virgin? So she can find a rich husband?

    “See, I didn’t sleep with your dad or any of your friends, that’s worth an extra mansion.”

    1. She wants attention and she wants to bring home some beacon $!

      1. I am thinking like Larry since what else is her purpose for announcing over and over again that she is a virgin?? What is the big deal??

      2. HeTieShou,
        “What is the big deal??”

        Holding strong beliefs to keep her virginity intact until marriage, Grace Wong has come across emotional obstacles in relationships and her career as well. I think she is just sharing her past difficulties that she encountered and have learned to deal with, similar to how certain artists have learned how to handle their depression.

        For Grace, being a virgin is a big deal because it represents her strong religious beliefs. It is very much of who she is. It is her pledge to God and to herself. I don’t think she is necessarily preaching her beliefs upon others, but she is just speaking about it openly because it is a matter of great importance to her. I admire Grace for staying true to herself and not giving in to others’ pressure.

  12. There are 2 types of virgins. 1st type is desperate to get rid of it but no chance. 2nd type is although have the chance to get it rid of it but choose to preserve it til wedding nite. So Grace is the 2nd type.

    Personally i feel there is nothing wrong being virgin or non virgin. But if a person chose to announce it esp a celebrity,will tend to have backlash.

    1. Agree with u. She has her reasons and is proud of it. While her declaration would make her a good role model for promiscuous youngsters nowadays, it could also create a backlash. Those who take purity & virginity lightly would react most strongly cos they don’t have it to lose anymore.
      Anyway, readers or fans should always remember to place importance on their own principles & beliefs instead of following/believing everything their idols say and end up feeling cheated or disgusted when the truth comes out.

  13. As there are few celebrities that announce it and did not keep their word.

    I have a lady friend who got married at age 35 and although she was in several relationships before,she choose to abstain from sex. She kept it for her future husband. At the church altar on her wedding day,she confessed during the vow that she had saved the most precious and kept it pure. That was a really beautiful moment and applause from the crowd.

  14. I’m so glad that Grace stick to what she believes in and she’s very strong about it. The media really drains you and pressure you to do something you don’t want to do. Grace and I used to live in the same building and she was and still is a very smart girl that I once know. Her bubbly and strong character really portray who she is now unlike a lot of other female stars are so downgraded shady and dirty in this industry.

  15. Being a virgin or not a virgin is no biggie nowadays. If she announced that she’s a virgin, then ppl should announce that are not a virgin. Do we care? Hell No.

  16. In future Tvb should give her the acting role similar drug queen of High and Low drama

  17. Im not sure you can separate religion with your work into separate compartments if you are religious. In other words, there comes a point where you can’t proclaim to hold particular values yet do things which would otherwise be inconsistent with those values merely because you are choosing to do it under a different label or because you totally believe in the opposite despite the image and impressions you are creating.

    In the case of actors, they must bear in mind that they stet pretending to be something and whilst its obvious it doesn’t mean they agree or condone it, they can’t totally distance themselves from the projects they participate, the values and impressions three project creates even if they haver no direct contribution to the direction of those projects. To say otherwise would be to condone accessories to any crime.

  18. No reason to not believe her. Would be stupid for her to come out and lie about it. Quite easy for an ex to just come out and say they had sex. If Grace can so publicly admit it, it’s most likely true.

  19. Good on u Grace, for keeping to ur belief. For those who dont believe u, dont bother abt them, u dont have to be accountable to them, u only need to be accountable to God, urself and ur husband..

  20. if that is the case, i will un-virgin-ize her ! hahaha….

  21. When actress changing boyfriend often term her as Bitcch , when actress says she virgin says she seek attentions. Virgin or no virgin, sleep with 1 or 10 men is non of our business

  22. grace wong is pretty and share similar belief and thoughts as linda chung, leanne li and eliza sam to be good-good girls image that dont drink, smoke and no late night party and no sex…hope TVB will promote this good-good girls…

  23. Think of it like this; she doesn’t want to be like everyone else who could possibly get aids after sex.

  24. i have my doubts, a virgin would normally be a shy gal, not one who announces to the world she’s a virgin

  25. I thought it was quite strange for her to announce that she was a virgin. I mean, who does that? And even if she was a virgin, she probably did other things? Probably just didn’t go all the way?

  26. I don’t get it. How come some people just assume all Christians must be virgins??

    I know several people that converted to Christianity in their 20’s. Prior to that, they’ve already slept with a handful of ex’s.

  27. Britney Spears said the same thing. It’s better not to share this with the public in case if there’s ever a change of heart.

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