Hannah Quinlivan Shows off Postpartum Figure in Miniskirt

Since Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) married Jay Chou (周杰倫) and had a baby girl in July, she has remained out of the spotlight. Though focusing on postpartum recovery and taking care of her daughter, Hannah was recently spotted at the Shanghai airport. Revealing her long and slender legs, Hannah’s figure appeared as fit as before her pregnancy.

The 5-feet-4-inch beauty’s normal weight was 101 pounds, but her weight shot up to over 110 pounds during pregnancy. Her manager confirmed that Hannah has already returned back to her normal weight.

Despite criticisms that she was more concerned with maintaining her figure rather than the health of her baby during pregnancy, Hannah explained that she had a difficult pregnancy. In addition to losing her appetite, Hannah also suffered from acute sinusitis and vomiting.

“Before my pregnancy, I had a more fleshly body and was constantly called fat. While pregnant, it was the best and most appropriate time to gain weight. However, I lost my appetite due to the pregnancy, so I didn’t eat much. During the [second trimester], I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis and constantly threw up, which is why I didn’t gain much weight. Under normal circumstances, I feel that one should enjoy their pregnancy and be a happy mom. Don’t deliberately maintain your figure, because the goal of pregnant women is not about being skinny or beautiful, but to keep the baby inside you healthy and happy.”

Though of mixed ancestry, Hannah obliged to the traditional East Asian custom of postpartum confinement, which rendered her home-bound for 30 days. Having successfully regained her pre-pregnancy body, Hannah shared some tips on post-pregnancy weight loss. “Postpartum confinement is normal. It’s not like what the media portrays, because postpartum confinement is just behaving and sitting in your room and drinking lots of soup and water! Breastfeeding also helps with losing weight! Besides, pregnant women are beautiful no matter what! So every mother who has just given birth or to those preparing to give birth, let’s add oil together!”

Source: On.cc; Kongwah.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “Before my pregnancy, I had a more fleshly body and was constantly called fat”

    You were called fat at 101 lbs? Even 110 for a 5ft 4 person is normal (and on the lighter side). I can’t deal with this impossible Asian standard of beauty/size

    1. @lyu310 IKR? The standard is so stupid and unrealistic. Unhealthy too. I’m a freaking whale by their standard at 110 lbs and only 5’1″ xD

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