Hong Kong Artists React to Government’s Rejection of HKTV’s License Application

Heated debate is circling over the Hong Kong government’s decision to grant two free TV licenses to i-Cable’s Fantastic TV and PCCW’s HK Television Entertainment Company, while rejecting Ricky Wong (王維基)’s HKTV. The majority of Hong Kong artists expressed disappointment and concern over the future of HKTV’s staff.

Rick Wong Announces Loss of 320 Jobs

At a press conference held today, Ricky Wong expressed his disappointment and shock in the government’s decision, stating that officials did not provide a clear reason as to why HKTV was rejected. He also announced that 320 of HKTV’s 500 employees will lose their jobs, as the future of the company remains unclear. HKTV does not have plans to acquire other television stations and will not apply for a broadcasting license in 2015 when TVB and ATV’s licenses expire.

Felix Wong Expresses Concern

Felix Wong (黃日華) had openly criticized TVB’s shoddy productions and fully supported HKTV’s advent for higher-quality entertainment. He criticized the government’s opaque decision-making process, “Even if the license application is not approved, there should be a direct and clear explanation.”  Felix was fully compensated while filming for HKTV’s dramas on a per-contract basis, but he expressed concern for the employees who will be losing their jobs at the end of the month.

Since many of HKTV’s staff had previously worked at TVB, Fala Chen (陳法拉) and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) were also concerned about their former colleagues in light of upcoming layoffs.

Leila Tong (唐寧) expressed her puzzlement as to why HKTV’s license application was rejected. She praised the quality of HKTV productions, along with the hard efforts of the staff, but does not understand why “the company has no chance”.

HKTV Artists Lash Out

HKTV actors were fired up when asked to comment on the news. With their jobs on the line, many are questioning the decision and want answers. Frankie Lam (林文龍) responded angrily, demanding a clear and detailed explanation. He openly mocked the government’s intentions, finding its promise to be hypocritical. Despite the outcome, Frankie still stands behind HKTV and vows to support the station however he can.

Veteran actors Ha Yu (夏雨) and David Chiang (姜大衛) both expressed disappointment at the news, and Samuel Kwok Fung (郭峰) pledged to attend protest rallies. Former ATV actress Nina Paw (鮑起靜) echoed her colleagues’ sentiments, finding the decision unfair. She spoke highly of her boss, “Ricky Wong may not be able to compete with i-Cable and nowTV financially… but he is very sincere about creating a TV station that Hong Kong citizens will love.”

TVB artists refrained from commenting about the issue as expected. Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) offered standard responses, saying that having additional free TV stations will generate positive competition within the industry and will therefore attract new talent.

Wong Jing Supports Government’s Decision

Director Wong Jing (王晶) firmly stands behind the government’s decision, saying that HKTV is clearly the weakest contender and has the least chance to survive in the competitive TV industry. “It is very normal to reject HKTV’s TV license. Even if they receive a license, it does not guarantee that they won’t fail.” Wong cited the company’s limited financial resources and lack of diverse programming as reasons, believing strongly that no political factors were involved. He also criticized HKTV’s lack of a dedicated news department, saying that “A TV station must promote social responsibility.”

Source: Ming Pao; South China Morning Post; On.cc

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. He also criticized HKTV’s lack of a dedicated news department, saying that “A TV station must promote social responsibility.”

    This coming from the guy who made his money making movies with fart jokes and scantily clad/nude women? Priceless.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. He is the least qualified person to speak on social responsibility. Although Eric Tsang might actually tie with him in that dept.

      1. More qualified than most people and definitely more than you two.

      2. More qualified how? Just because he makes bad movies, doesn’t mean he has any more knowledge on giving licenses to tv stations. It’s false authority.

      3. Thanks mt. No need to get personal. It’s the internet, it’s not that serious.

      1. ”Did HKTV angered the mainland masters or island caretakers for not being obedient or just some method to fill open vacancies in the new channels and might it be at the expense of HKtv?”

    2. why would HKTV have a dedicated news department? who is going to watch old news? it just doesn’t make any sense. HKTV can make dramas before license but it doesn’t make any sense to report on news and show them months later.

  2. From the previews, HKTV has some potentially good dramas. I would write more but unfortunately, I can’t post any profanity here.

  3. Clearly it reveals that corruption isn’t just persistent in these corporations but the government itself. People fail to understand that you can’t compete with the big dogs without money. It’s sad that the government fail to understand that HKTV would have probably one to generate more revenue into Hong Kong as a whole. Their graphics and their quality were much more better as opposed to TVB. Hong Kong will forever sit on a plateau while the rest of Asia is progressing to provide better dramas and animations.

    1. ”Its for control, to gain control, to gain influence or to diminish the influence of others perhaps? Profit or loss are clear as that of water”

  4. lmao @ wong jing. his shtty movies provided a decade of filthy low grade degeneration for the whole of the poor HK youth and brought down HK’s image as a whole, what moral responsiblity did you practice u bastard? what gd did he do with his money? this man glees at another comp failing to get a license and cares nothing about those losing their jobs along with it. what a walking farce.

    1. yeah wong jing fai lo P?& G#$.probally got kickbacks for making these claims.

    2. Jayne you didn’t reject Asa shim comment. Shim got no class for calling others bastard. Just because he support the government and you had to called him a bastard. What he does, is none of ur business. If you don’t like then don’t watch. Plain and simple…. You got some low class menopause going on there. Chill out before you go loco.Hahaha

  5. Despite what Wong Jing says I think HKTV has what it takes to compete in the TV industry.. They invested so much money, gathered so many workers & artistes, not to mention the products they used to film the dramas are upgraded. It’s actually a pity that they didn’t get it.. I agree Ricky’s attitude isn’t that greatest but you can’t deny that he really cares about HKTV.

  6. Quite a shock! Poor artist for losing their jobs. Bad decision from the Hong Kong government decision will soon occur a major strike.

    1. …Boycotting tvb is a stupid thing to do. It was the government’s decision to give HKTV the death sentence. Although I’m sure tbb wouldn’t want HKTV to get licensed as too, boycotting tvb wouldn’t do jack to make the government reconsider the licensing issue to HKTV anyway. A corrupted government is a corrupted government.

  7. WTF wong jing,there resources are weak? That is some serious bs. HKTV has over a billion dollars ready, also seeing how people responded to Police Boundaries episode one, HKTV is probably the strongest of those 3.

  8. This is sad and I do not understand why the HK government has to be so scared of TVB?? I guess they are afraid that HKTV will outdo TVB. TVB knows they are truly sinking so are trying to sink a rising ship like HKTV before they sink them down lower than they already are. Many artists and staff will be losing their jobs because of this. Sadly, I think TVB is laughing hard at them now…

    1. I dont understand, why would the government be scared of tvb? Even if hktv out-does tvb, what effect would it have on the govnerment? (i’m genuinely asking a question here, not trying to question anyone’s intelligence or knowledge, I’d truly like to know why so don’t get me wrong lol)

      1. I also don’t understand why the HK government needs to be scared of TVB. My mom was wondering the same thing. I think maybe they were bribed by TVB??? Maybe TVB is a lot more politically powerful then we all think???

      2. Perhaps! But if tbb really did use bribery to cause this situation, I’d be extremely disappointed…not simply because they’re trying to stop others from having fair game in competing, but because they carried out such a shameful act in bribing. Literally grew up watching tbb, so I’d definitely be disappointed and would lose most of my respect to TBB if it is true.

        But how I look at the situation, I dont think HK government is scared of tbb hence didnt pass down the license to HKTV. It looks more like the fact that Ricky Wong personally ‘disreprected’ the government earlier that may have something to do with it. You think so too? :S

      3. It’s not TVB. TVB can bs all they want. We can all blame the communist government from the past to the current administration for screwing up the process. The ENTIRE process.

  9. the others might have more financial clout but they did not bother or care to invest that money back into the their products the way HKTV did with upgraded lense, equipment, technology. HKTV did much more than all of them combined to improve standards. they may not have a news department but they didn’t lack public interest regardless, in fact its the others are less competitive in delivery and had no public interest. HKTV is specialized in HK based dramas filmed a cut above the others, something that makes them stand out among their competition.

  10. Whether they fail or not is not up to Wong Jing to decide, its the HK public, and their choice was taken away from them before they even got a chance. Granting one more free license at least makes it a fair race, then we can see how each does, but how can you reject it even before it starts? Blatant cronyism and dirty politics.

  11. frankie lam can go back to mainland, felix wong can go back to playing supporting roles in movies

  12. Wtf is wrong with Wong Jing. He has no credibility to step in and make any sort of a comment. What an attention seeker.

    Mr. Fat Jing – here’s some added business knowledge to you.

    1. The survival of the fittest can occur without government intervention.
    2. lack of diverse programming? Says the director recycling old jokes for decades and stealing Stephen Chow’s creativity.
    3. dedicated news department – the company has the right to decide where to devote its resources, when mr. fat jing gets on their board of directors – he can then make a decision.

    ugh – fat jing so aggravating.

      1. He is open minded and dare to break the rules. very inspirational person. Unlike those from TVB and TVB fans

    1. I have yet to read an intelligent thought-provoking argument as to why HKTV sucks, or why it shouldn’t have gotten the license. – Disliking Ricky Wong’s personality does not count.
      Until that day, you and others like you just come across as a shill or TVB-fanboy.

  13. One word, hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    Government said NO. No means HELLO NO. Just freaking accept it and stop crying. Don’t be blaming nobody, but yourself for believing in Ricky. Hahaha

    Protest?? Hahaha of course they’ll protest cuz they got nothing to do now. No Ricky, no HKTV, no job. I don’t feel sorry for them cuz they chose that path and chose to betrayed tvb.

    1. above is gd example of what watching too much recycled TVB nonsense can do.

      TVB is a sinking ship regardless of whether competition exists or not. They are the cheapest, backwards, least innovative, most repetitive garbage lately. No improvement whatsoever as they claimed.

      1. Hktv will definitely sink too. Well it’s already sinking from the very start

      2. “above is gd example of what watching too much recycled TVB nonsense can do.” LOL

      3. Asa is a tvb hater. Look at all shim comments. If you don’t like tvb then go watch ur HKTV. Oops I forgot your favorite channel got rejected by lovely government. Hahaha What do you know about TVB or HKTV. You watch one and only one eposide of HKTV. Who got the beat down, loser HKTV. Hahahah

    2. What is wrong with you? More competition can create better quality drama . I believe that Ricky will do something to save HKTV and his staff .

      1. I agree I don’t get why Ricky is getting scolded when all he’s trying to do is bringing high quality and diverse dramas to audience. More competition will ensure better tv programmes! TVB keeps playing it safe with their cops and family drama for years and look at the flop of Sniper Standoff and WAB!

      2. Me too and I don’t get why everyone is saying he is arrogant and had to bring up how he left ATV and all that. He spent a lot money to try to start up a new company and has been trying to get a license, but now gets rejected again even after waiting for so many years. What has he done wrong?? I do not get why everyone is scolding him???

      3. @HTS, as I am not a follower of this issue and only just read about Ricky’s arrogance during the past few articles I’m also baffled by all the strong remarks made.
        Pity those 320 people who may be out of jobs. Especially those who were too outspoken would have difficulty taking back all those negative comments about TVB. Despite it being true, one should be prudent and refrain from airing to public about their previous employers if they can’t put it in a constructive way.
        No matter what is being said, someone has definitely pulled some strings here. With even Wong Jing speaking up (was expecting the other shorty fat guy Eric instead of him) one can see clearly that Ricky has an uphill battle or has prolly offended too many ‘powerful’ people.

      4. I dont blame Ricky for the fact that HKTV did not areceive its license and the fact that he has to axe 300+ jobs because of it. But what I’m a bit annoyed is the fact that he took such a big huge risk into producing series after series and poaching over artists’ with supposedly higher salary to lure them onto his ship before the station had a stable ground of being granted a license, and hoping that the government would grant them the license. This risk that has now failed, and he is now forced to sack employees who have families waiting for them to bring home food and continue to provide them a shelter. Of course it’s not like he wants this kind of situation to occur, but still, can’t always believe this world is fair and square… I just feel really sorry for those who will be sacked, whether or not they burnt their bridges with tvb by badmouthing or what not. The thought of being unemployed is always a concerning situation for everyone..

      5. Lol at the ppl asking why did he start asking artists over he was granted the license. If Ricky didn’t start filming or have some form of preparation, he would have no production shows to air or even be considered for a license.

        The whole food and shelter family line, lol are you kidding me, address that to the government and their rich pockets lined with bribe money. Like staying at that lousy TVB was better? Oh gee yeah, Ricky sure is at fault for paying them more than their whole lifetime at TVB would of ever paid. Many ppl left out of pride and personal frustration with being undervalued by TVB, it was a ticking bomb.

  14. Its only another tv station why do ppl have such big objective? I could really feel how Ricky wanted to develop better drama and make hk stand up to the game. not just for the sake of his own benefit but for the rest of the world to tune into hk dramas. Really sad about it.

  15. I am very disappointed with news. I don’t care what type of person Ricky Wong is but at least he wants to improve the quality of HK drama…that’s all that count! I grew up watching HK series but stopped a year ago.

    I agree with someone mentioning one step forward two steps back!

  16. i quite happy they didn’t get it lol but do feel bad for them aswell, poor artists.

  17. I just wanna know the progress and ending of ‘Police Boundaries’, a series by HKTV. What now? Please broadcast this series, by hook or by crook. Kthxbai.

  18. Of course their artists are pissed!

    They all have come to realize that they have made a VERY bad life decision. Now they have nowhere to go. Their fault, don’t put the blame on others.

    1. Of course they can get mad because they know that HKTV has spend a lot to produce high quality TV dramas. Ricky Wong should report to ICAC so that they can investigate if TVB, icable and PCCW bribed the government. Why is ATV still around? Nobody watches the station and they don’t make series anymore.

  19. ” Even if they receive a license, it does not guarantee that they won’t fail.””

    HKTV didn’t even get the chance to fail. The baby was killed in the womb.

    1. Exactly what’s wrong with giving HKTV the license and let the 5 tv stations fight for their survival of the fittest? That will bring the best benefits to us since all of them will put their best effort to please audience with the competition and the audience will dictate which station will make it and which will die! HK should learn from Taiwan, Korea and Mainland where there are many stations fighting equally with one another!

      1. You are only HKTV hater. What’s wrong with you.

      2. How do you know they will fail?? They did not even get the chance to fail.

    2. If HKTV gets the license, there is also a possibility that they may succeed and TVB will get kicked to second place. Therefore, all powers that be will not let HKTV be born.
      Ricky must’ve offended many with all the staff pinching by HKTV and not warning their employees (who’re ex-TVB) to keep quiet until they get their license.

  20. Actually more competitors are better this will push the ent stations to produce better quality and is a win win situation for us “audience” so as artists more options to choose their company. No losing end.

    1. You really think competition will make better products? ahahah! silly goose. Look at today competitive market, every damn company releases products out every week and look at it. It’s crap! They break easily, deosn’t hold people attention more for than 5 mins. This competitive nature kills the company! You always have to come out with products or else you are done for. And in order to come out with products, you dont’ have much time develop and test the products. You got to have it on the market!

  21. TVB series sucks badly, I’m sad that HKTV and their high quality series failed to get the license. The only TVB series that I want to finish this year is BK.

      1. I only watch a few series which are BK, Reality Check and WP but BK is the best series TVB produced this year. I don’t even feel like watching TITS2 and WP looks cheap from the start.

  22. Hello jayne and everyone ,is HKTV anti China so the hk and china government reject the license ,what will happen to felix wong new film in hktv ?
    will hktv sell the right to ATV ?

  23. I have no idea what other programs HKTV has other than dramas but who says a tv station can’t survive on dramas alone? Personally, I doubt HK can support this many free to air tv stations and I see at least one shutting its doors in the near future. However, they should have just given HKTV the license and let the market figure itself out.

  24. Since ATV isn’t active at all, HK govt, why not revoke that license and give it to HKTV? Or HKTV can buy ATV. But the announcement of loss of job is almost like a temper tantrum like “you don’t give me license, here are loss of jobs, it’s YOUR fault!!”

    1. I, myself on the other hand doesn’t think those 320 HKTV personnels as what you think it is. I see it as it needs to be done. Think about it, since HKTV not able to get the licence, how it can continue to survive without any revenues? Ricky Wong can’t continue to pour out money for something that’s not possible to obtain. Even if you suggest other means to sell already-produced dramas etc, all those money is still not enough to contain 500 jobs and is really not needed to have that many working personnels for that.

    2. I don’t see it as a temper tantrum. From the start, Ricky Wong invested a lot of resources into it, but his team and himself only thought of succeeding in achieving that license. He should have a “back-up” plan in case of not getting a license. Because he didn’t have a backup plan, the only way is to layoff workers. But honestly, he could have applied for a free tv license and a paid tv license as well.. or think of other methods to get his dramas out there to the public, instead of announcing to layoff workers. But as a HKTV employee (eg. artiste, production staff), they should have been aware that this company is only established through Ricky Wong’s fundings and that it could collapse any day due to this limited funding.

      It’s like applying for university admission. If you don’t get accepted, you still have a second post-secondary institution/university to go to.

      1. @Bubblez, that is in a normal scenario which even you and I would think of (backup plan or Plan B, I mean).
        I don’t believe Ricky never thought of that unless he originally has very strong support and was made to believe that the license is in his pocket and going through the normal application procedure is just a formality.

      2. @bizzbody: More and more, I’m thinking that what you said is true – that Ricky may not have thought of a plan B because he was made to believe that the license is in his pocket and the application procedure was just a formality. Putting two and two together from all the stuff I’ve read over the past few years, Ricky had hinted at one point that he had received a phone call from someone ‘high up’ in government personally ‘inviting’ him to apply for a free TV license. Then, after he does submit his application, the Communications Authority gives their ‘approval’ and recommendation to the Executive Council to go ahead and issue the licenses (this was 2-3 years ago)….it wasn’t until the past year and half to 2 years that Ricky started heavily recruiting people and filming series non-stop….so it makes sense now why he would go that route, since up until this week, most of the ‘information’ he had received was in his favor.

        This leads me to think that where Ricky went wrong was not using his business instincts and acumen to rationalize the situation and instead relied to heavily on possible connections. Though I don’t doubt that he was sincere in trying to make the HK television industry better and I do applaud him for all the work he has done, I think he could have gone about it in a better way.

        Regardless, I still support HKTV and its artists and am still disappointed (and pissed) that the government didn’t issue the license. I doubt anything can be done about it now though (and most likely the protest on Sunday is not going to change things one bit)…

      3. @llwy12, I agree with you that regardless of the public protests, I doubt the government will want to change their decision right now. Prolly after some prolonged appeals with some favours changing hands they may consider granting the license, but definitely not in the near future. Somehow maybe the China government is also involved in this decision – read somewhere about politics being involved.

  25. This is like a strategy gone wrong and the blame games starts.

    In the first place a person who has a dream to revolutionised the TV industry cannot just think of his dreams no matter how righteous but also the execution, although I believe Ricky Wong is a business man and much as he thinks he is doing good for these people and HK TV industry, he is in it for the money and like some said obsessed with bringing down TVB.

    The fact that he took the risk and invest all, poached people (if he was that good, train your own) from other stations in the name of giving a better working environment never thought of their security and back up plan in case he didn’t get the license. Likewise, for those who signed over held equal responsibility for their own decisions knowing that his station has not gotten their license. In the business there are no promises only legally binding contracts. His “Sin cham hau chau” strategy didn’t work and he has pulled all these people with him and now sorry and laid off? Irregardless whether the govt is right or wrong he should have considered this. Very risky business move.

    1. You’ve worded out exactly what I’ve been trying to say all along. I completely agree with what you said.

      It’s great that Ricky Wong wanted to produce a TV station giving artists’ more options and more competition hence better dramas meaning it’d also be beneficial to audiences. HOWEVER, although ppl are saying he shouldn’t be blamed etc. he is in fact quite responsible for the outcome…without being granted the license, he had already poached over artists’ and invested in so much. But More or less his intensions were quite obvious that he wanted to shake up TBB…

      Nothing should be ‘taken for granted’ or ‘expected’ to go according to plan in the business industry…or even when politics are involved-to think that the station would most likely, if not, definitely be granted a license is a wrong way of thinking imo.

      People can blame and point their fingers at who ever they want, but at the end of the day what’s done is done, responsibilities and reality needs to be faced. Just hoping those who are getting laid off would soon find some form of financial support or another pathway.

      1. I read in another article that Felix Wong says not ‘laid off’ but ‘peaceful disbandment’ because there was no license to begin with. I wonder what is the content of their contract that these people felt secure to sign on. Sounds like nothing binding so could spell freedom to the artist while the station can ‘disband’ easily too.

      2. Ppl are just angry with flagrant cronyism that was obviously involved. The basis on which they reject this man is weak, that is ppl’s pt and what they are getting across. If you hate the blame game, why are you sitting here doing the same and pointing fingers at him, not even ashamed of your own hypocrisy?

      3. @Clementine: While I do agree with you to some extent, I will also say that some people ARE being unfair to Ricky in that they (mostly the Media) are making it sound like all he’s doing is blaming the government and refusing to accept responsibility for his actions when that’s not true at all. If you watch the press conference he did a few days ago (which, in my opinion, most of the Media outlets did a poor job recapping), he DOES take responsibility for what happened, but at the same time, he’s not going to let the government get off that easily with their hand in contributing to this mess. Plus during a few of the interviews he did this past year or so, he had expressed genuine concern and worry over what might happen to his employees if he didn’t get the license. I strongly believe that he was definitely sincere about wanting to change the HK entertainment industry for the better and throughout the past 2-3 years, he showed he was serious about it through his actions and the way he treated his employees….it’s just that he made some wrong decisions along the way and now he’s paying the price. With that said though, doesn’t mean the government shouldn’t be held accountable for the role they played….

        Bottom line — the blame is on more than just 1 party or person….which is why I really like your last paragraph: what’s done is done and it’s time to face reality…

      4. Good points you guys! But sadly as Clementine said, what’s done is done so they all have to face reality. Life is already so hard but without an income, I really wonder how those people who will get laid off support themselves??? It is really scary to be unemployed when you need to support yourself and your family if you have one.

      5. @llwy12- I didn’t really follow through Ricky’s interviews in detail, so thanks for the extra information and clarification! But seeing him tear up during the press con kind of showed his genuine sincerity twards what has happened.He did make mistakes, just wished he had some sort of ‘back up’ plan if all else failed. I hope he does put pressure on the government into possibly changing their decision, or at least get some sort of formal explanation as to why they did not approve them with the license. Clearly the government is corrupted and hold a big responsibility to the cause of 300+ jobs being axed.

      6. @Clementine: Yup, agree with you. I was actually reading about the staffing meeting that Ricky Wong held right before his press conference — close to 400 employees attended that meeting and it was quite emotional. One of the employees said that at one point, Ricky sat in his office and told his employees that if they want to go in and yell at him, smack him, spit in his face, or do whatever, feel free to do so because he felt he owed his employees and didn’t mind if they took out their frustration on him. The employees who wrote about that meeting said that not a single person blamed Ricky for what happened, nor did a single person go in and yell at him or anything. Instead, the employees who did go in just sat down and cried — Ricky would try and console them and ended up crying with them.

        I’ve said this in other forums and will say it again here. It’s been 4 days since the announcement and throughout this time, I have not heard a single negative remark from any HKTV employee towards Ricky Wong or HKTV. Even the employees who were laid off continued to sing the praises of their boss (go on Weibo, Facebook, Sing blog, etc. and you can read what alot of the ex-HKTV people wrote regarding their feelings toward what happened and why they continue to support HKTV). Now of course, I know there will be some people out there who will say these people were brainwashed by HKTV or that they aren’t sincere or whatnot, which is perfectly fine with me, since people can think what they want. But to me, the fact that all the ex-HKTV employees are still so supportive of the company and of Ricky, even in the face of losing their jobs…well, the company must be doing SOMETHING right!

    2. You are just stupid and paranoid to say that he was obsessed with bringing down TVB, that in itself, shows your distorted view of him. If you read his interviews, he’s very passionate and genuine with what he was trying to do and that is a dream of his. It was NEVER about the money(he could of paid the artists less if he was that sort of man), because he already had plenty and could just retire with it. He was very assured by the information that he got from the very beginning. Corruption by the government is not his fault.

      The whole business concept talk should be left to REAL businessmen who make decisions according to their discretion. You don’t know anything to talk about it. You only sit here to ramble on with no purpose. There are ppl who care about improving standards, and they take risks to do it, otherwise you ppl wouldnt even have anything you have today.

      1. “There are ppl who care about improving standards, and they take risks to do it, otherwise you ppl wouldnt even have anything you have today.”

        No. There is no “help” in business. There is such a thing called maximizing benefits though. That is what separates “for the people kind of business” versus “the monetary self gain kind of business” But at the end of the day it is still “business” meaning you may see it as helping others but who gains the most? The person who made the business. Isn’t that obvious with any business?

        “The whole business concept talk should be left to REAL businessmen who make decisions according to their discretion. You don’t know anything to talk about it.”

        You are so misguided to the point where I feel you either are wrapped in a bubble or living under a rock. May I ask what do you see colleges and universities as? Please don’t tell me ‘they’re there to provide and help people earn an education’ cause if you do, someone needs to pop that bubble of yours or pull you outta that rock ASAP.

        And “REAL” businessmen? You can’t possibly be talking about yourself? You can barely form an argument or defend your own without getting emotional and throwing tantrums left and right.

      2. What disgusts me the most is ppl that glee at the aftermath and add their so called “2 cents” that aren’t worth anything, like vultures sweeping down to catch whats left. Thx for ur contributions, helping to clean up after your masters by hook and crook got what they wanted. After you vultures ruin whats left of any hope left for the HK Television industry. Its a fast track downward here on.

      3. Who takes business advice from a nobody? Save urself trouble from even bothering to post to me. You can write to Ricky Wong if you care so much to be his personal advisor.

      4. Crystal, you are off a tangent from the beginning nor are you in any position to advise anyone else. You do not have all the information to tell him what to do, all you have is false projections of how you like it to be done. what is ur purpose in the end? no one else cares what you have to say, all others care is about the lack of transparency involved, that is why even the artists are outraged why the gov never gave a clear answer.

      5. Perhaps Ricky’s mistake was having too much heart, seeing how ppl have taken advantage of it to hate on him.

      6. Ugh this is why people know there is something wrong with your thought process and not mine. Cause idk how youre still able to go off on your random interpretations of what I said. Note that no one else is interpeting my words wrong, only you. So perhaps you need some sort of therapy?

        Self fi wu took my advice on the therapy. She never came back. Lol. It might actually help, ya know?

    1. @ Jacky, agreed! This fatso had a christian name now (by me)…..Despicable J. Wong.

  26. A station is not all about drama… HKTV was seen to heading that way you need variety, happy they didn’t win since all those ex-TVB was blasting TVB like there’s no tomorrow. You don’t know the winner until the last second.

    1. Actually, if you checked out their YouTube previews, they were making documentaries, travelogues and they were going to have a dedicated news dept.


      They were producing dramas, but obviously you don’t air dramas 24/7 unless you’re TVB and you have an extensive library of content that spans decades.

      It’s not about beating TVB. I think it was just better to have more choices for TV watchers in HK. Hopefully NowTV and Cable TV can provide that and they do more than carry over their pay tv content to free tv.

      1. @based: Thanks for helping to clarify. I kept seeing comments from people complaining about HKTV only producing dramas when that wasn’t true at all (not sure where people got that idea from…I’m assuming it’s from people who may not have been following this license issue thing from the getgo). Anyway, yes, HKTV actually had been producing quite a few variety shows through the past 2 years, it’s just that more attention was being placed on the dramas by the Media (btw, they did release a trailer clip of their variety programs during their ‘sales presentation’, but I guess not many people remember). Honestly, if given the chance to air, their variety shows actually could have given TVB a run for their money….but I guess it’s a moot point now since they didn’t get their license…

  27. Aww to bad, I really wanted to see HKTV artist in action, I know most of them are former TVBers , at least most of them have a better chance to shine at HKTV 🙁 .

  28. So upsetting for them ppl n no eye deer wats their next step gonna b huh!!!!!!!!

  29. plot by TVB. HKTV staff and actors / actress already pokkai don’t know what to do. TVB a bad guy. I hate TVB. I hope they protest againt tvb and gov.

    1. Although TBB is considered a rivary towards HKTV, there isn’t actual evidence that TBB is behind all this-at least not yet if it is all true. You shouldn’t give TBB the death sentence and point your finger at them for what has happened. I’m not supporting TBB’s side here, nor am I on anyone’s side, since the government did not release a clear official reason as to why they did not pass down the license, who knows? Protesting tbb is not going to do anything good for HKTV…protest tbb for what? lol. Protesting the government however is a different story. But again, unless TBB is linked to the government and behind all this, can’t jst say TBB is the ‘bad guy’ jst because they are initially rivary companies.

      1. @Clementine: Great points! Though I’m sure most of us at one point speculated that TVB might have had a hand in this, all of that is merely speculation at this point, since there is no evidence. But with that said, I think we will know really soon whether TVB is truly in cahoots with the government or not because buried amongst all this news about the free TV license thing is another ‘announcement’ that came out a few days ago: TVB has officially announced that they will file an appeal with the Executive Council and Chief Executive to overturn the ‘ruling’ that the Communications Authority made a few weeks back charging that TVB violated anti-competition rules.

        I’m actually very interested in seeing how this whole issue with the anti-competition thing plays out. If TVB ends up getting their way (meaning that the anti-competition charges are overturned), then HK is “screwed” for sure because that means there is definitely corruption going on amongst the Executive branch of the HK government (and someone at TVB is paying them off). I mean, it definitely can’t be a ‘coincidence’ for the EC and CE to ‘go against’ the CA once again (with the free TV license thing and this anti-competition thing if that’s what ends up happening) and ‘overrule’ everything that the CA says.

        Let’s see how this plays out, but right now, I don’t have much confidence that the government will make the right decision.

  30. HKTV deserves to be granted the license. I don’t see why it got rejected… is the government being corrupted by TVB? I know when it comes to politic – they just don’t have to have a reason. They’re the boss and can just control the society in any ways they want.

    I don’t see TVB will be able to stay in business for the near decade based on the super low quality from their productions. The only thing that can proof my statement wrong is that TVB does have too much power.

    I am disappointed from the outcome of the HKTV’s licensing request. I enjoyed watching the first episode that was broadcasted and wanted to continue the series so badly. I hope the appeal or protest would help in changing the government’s decision.

  31. I like the post by Alex LO in the scmp “The govt says hk is losing its competitive edge.Actually, who is to be blame?”

  32. At the very beginning, I want HKTV to have license so that there are more drama choices. However, now, I am very disappointed with all those protest. It is not forsure the government must give you the FREE license. If you don’t get the license, you said it is not fair. What logic is it? Again, why would he bought all the expensive machine and hire so many people BEFORE get a license? He can forsure that he must get the license!? what a joke?

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