Hu Ge and Cecilia Liu’s “Xuan Yuan Sword 3: Scar in the Sky” to Air in Summer 2012

The television drama adaptation of Chinese fantasy RPG game, Xuan Yuan Sword 3: Scar in the Sky <轩辕剑之天之痕> will be airing on Hunan TV in China in summer 2012. The drama starred popular mainland actors, Hu Ge (胡 歌), Jiang Jinfu (蒋劲夫), Cecilia Liu (刘诗诗), Na Zha (娜扎), Tang Yan (唐嫣), and Lin Gengxin (林更新). Recently, a two-minute trailer of Xuan Yuan Sword 3: Scar in the Sky was released, featuring elaborate CGI monsters and visual effects. The shattering action-packed footage stirred fans’ anticipation of the drama’s upcoming broadcast.

The story of Xuan Yuan Sword 3: Scar in the Sky took  place in the Sui Dynasty, in a fantasy setting where humans warred with fearsome mythical monsters. The wielder of the Xuan Yuan Sword possessed the great power to defeat the beasts and restore peace to the world.

Newcomer, Jiang Jinfu, portrayed the character of Chen Jingchou, a descendant of the Chen Dynasty, who was raised to single-mindedly seek revenge and resurrect his kingdom. Chen went on a search for the powerful Artifacts to boost his power and fighting abilities to fulfill his mission.  Hu Ge portrayed Yuwen Tuo, a prince of the Sui Dynasty, with dominant fighting skills who wielded the legendary Xuan Yuan Sword. Hu Ge’s character became the mentor and friend of Jiang Jinchu, where the “brothers” escape death in heroic battles together. Cecilia Liu portrayed Tuoba Yu’er, the love interest of Jiang Jinfu’s character.

Since filming for Xuan Yuan Sword 3: Scar in the Sky started last year, it was eagerly anticipated by audiences in mainland China. The drama was produced by Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Ltd, which also created the highly successful fantasy RPG drama, Chinese Paladin <仙剑奇侠传>, as well as last year’s mega-hit, Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心>.  Although the official full-length trailer has not been unveiled yet, Xuan Yuan Sword 3: Scar in the Sky was expected to be a blockbuster drama.

Watch the Trailer of “Xuan Yuan Sword 3: Scar in the Sky”!

[vsw id=”S4x-I9d_FtA” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]



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Jayne: The male costumes for the drama look impressive, especially Hu Ge’s warrior suit and braided hair! While the CGI monsters look good, I hope the technical effects do not detract from the actual story telling.

How do you feel about fantasy RPG ancient dramas versus wuxia adaptations?

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  1. Not THAT interested. When I saw Huge’s braided hair I thought this was Da Mo Yao which I am anticipating more but frankly I don’t see any of the actors cast as the ideal representatives of the characters in the book.

    Does Liu Shi Shi even have time to breath?

  2. I am interested because I like period dramas. I don’t mind a bit of CGI if it doesn’t distract from the main storytelling.

    When it starts getting ridiculous and the audience laughs, then the CGI is done badly and to worse effects.

  3. I have been waiting for this series and have seen a number of the trailers already. It doesn’t look too bad and honestly, it really reminds of Xian Jian 1 and 3 a lot. Those series were made from games too. I may watch it online but not sure if I would rake out the bucks to buy the DVDs. I also love period dramas but with so many of them being based on games and with the same cast over and over again, it is starting to feel a bit redundant. I guess they are running out of novels to adapt from so they have resort to video games…

    I am also looking forward to Da Mo Yao as well… I think LSS is so busy that I wonder if she even has time to rest??

    1. “I guess they are running out of novels to adapt from so they have resort to video games…”

      The Chinese Paladin series did well. Why not cash in more on a successful genre?

      ” I think LSS is so busy that I wonder if she even has time to rest??”

      Yeah, LSS is everywhere. Does Tangren only has managed one actress under its stable?

    2. Liu Shi Shi is currently the most popular actress under TangRen so of course they will milk it out of her.

      I’m looking forward to Da Mo Yao, too. And TangRen might film BBJX2 next year, though nothing is confirmed. I find no need for a BBJX2. Leave it already.

      Sometimes I find the video games drama adaptations has better plot and characters than those non-adaptation ones.

  4. Oh man. I’ve been an avid player of Japanese RPGs ever since I was a young girl. Now I wish I had played Chinese ones as well, if only to see them come to life via a television series.

    The trailer looks interesting; hopefully the CGI will not detract from the acting and storyline.

    My opinion is that both wuxia novelizations and fantasy RPGs have equal potential to result in entertaining television. Both require extensive plotline and fleshed-out characters, a natural fit for a series.

  5. this series doesnt look to bad, i have been waiting to see this. i wonder how good the newcomer is going to be?

  6. “How do you feel about fantasy RPG ancient dramas versus wuxia adaptations?”

    It’s different genre and I think both can be good. Fantasy RPG will have more fantasy element and their martial art will more more fantastic, I guess.

    1. I think they can also get way with more CGI than the wuxia adaptions.

  7. I look forward to Cecilia Lui and Lin KengXin again. But from that clip, I don’t think the other characters sort of fit in (probably wrong casting). So much cgi in that trailer, I hope the final product does not have cgi in practically every frame (apart from fighting those fantasy monsters).

    1. It actually makes sense to have CGI quite a bit because remember that it is based on a video game, not the typical wuxia novel. But yea, it would get annoying if they used it too much or whenever it was not needed.

  8. I thought this would take place in the Tang dynasty which was when Chinese Paladin took place. Plus, they also had their own imaginary country, Nan Zhao Guo…But then again, this is a different game and isn’t related to Xian Jian…

  9. i really wish this company would produce wuxia dramas more. i would really like them to have hu ge, yuan hong, wallace, etc portray characters from gu long novels. luk siu fung, chor lau heung, etc.

    either that make a new demi god semi devil, crimson sabre or flying fox or something.

    heck remake a new return of condor heroes.

  10. I look forward to this drama. I’ve been chasing it for a year and now it’s finally released. Although I don’t think the other guy has much of a ‘hero’ presence to him.

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