Hu Ge Sees Tony Leung as Role Model

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Mainland Chinese actor, Hu Ge (胡歌) was given a challenging role to portray a blind massage therapist in new movie, Diva <DIVA華麗之後>.  Starring alongside, Joey Yung (容祖兒) Hu Ge learned massage techniques to be more convincing in his role.  Despite the advance preparations, Hu Ge still had numerous outtakes due to his character being blind!

Difficulties of Portraying a Blind Man

Known for his ancient dramas in China, Hu Ge was very happy to partake in modern romantic film, Diva. However, he revealed it was quite strenuous to play a blind man.  He disclosed,  “Prior to filming the movie, I had watched other movies that feature  blind characters.  I had even blindfolded myself at home and relied on my hands to feel the surroundings.  During filming, the director did not allow me to close my eyes, wear sunglasses, or roll my eyes up.  I had to keep my eyes open but keep them dull and unfocused.  In reality, I am a normal person so my eyes would instinctually shift.  Because of this, I caused several outtakes.”

To prepare himself to play a massage therapist, Hu Ge received massage training from his friend.  With this training experience, Hu Ge believed that he was truly a professional massage therapist.  Thus, it decreased the awkwardness when he massaged Joey’s bare back in Diva.

Sees Tony Leung as Role Model

Hu Ge’s Diva and Tony Leung’s (梁朝偉) new movie, The Silent War <聽風者>, will be released on the same day. Tony will portray a blind secret agent in the film. Hu Ge had no confidence that Diva can compete against The Silent War. Expressing his deep admiration for Tony, Hu Ge felt that Tony Leung was a serious actor with extensive acting skills.  Hu Ge said, “Tony is my idol, my god.  I liked him for many years!”

As Tony is his idol, Hu Ge wished to be like him.  He stated he did not necessarily wish to be a super star.  He only wished to be recognized for his acting skills and become a reputable actor, just like Tony.

Serious When Choosing a Partner

Hu Ge has been single for two years.  As he is 30 years old, Hu Ge would only date a woman if she met his criteria of a marriage prospect.  Hu Ge is a traditional man with deep family values therefore, he preferred his partner to be outside of the entertainment industry.  This may be a difficult task as his social circle is quite small.

“It’s all about fate.  My parents have yet to rush me. My friends are more eager though.  They would constantly set me up with potential girls, causing awkwardness!”   When asked if he preferred voluptuous females similar to the majority of Hong Kong men, Hu Ge jokingly said, “Great figure and fertility!”  Afterward, Hu Ge answered in a more serious tone that body figure is not important.  The most important thing is the right feeling at first sight!

Source: Ming Pao

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