Huang Xiaoming: “Respecting Your Wife is a Traditional Chinese Virtue”

As the headliner of Nirvana in Fire II <琅琊榜之风起长林>, Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明) has a lot of weight to carry on his shoulders. Despite playing only a supporting character, Xiaoming’s role as the drama’s poster boy is putting him at the center of criticism and discussion. “It’s a lot of pressure,” he said.

But yet, Xiaoming’s short-lived appearance in Nirvana in Fire II is the reason why he must do well in the role. His satisfying performance as “Xiao Pingzhang” has gotten praise from all fronts, and even the producer expressed that Xiaoming’s convincing portrayal of the role may be because Xiaoming himself finds resemblance in Xiao Pingzhang. “His responsibility to his household, his love for his family… it’s all exactly like his role. He has a natural feeling of duty to his family.”

In an interview, Xiaoming remarked that he did find many similarities with Xiao Pingzhang. Although he has no siblings like his character, Xiaoming is the oldest of his family’s generation with younger cousins. “I definitely feel like I should be responsible for them. I’d scold and take care of them. This is definitely the same attitude that Xiao Pingzhang has towards Xiao Pingjing.”

The discussion then came to the topic of marriage, and on the show, Xiaoming’s wife is portrayed by Tong Liya (佟丽娅). Xiaoming drew a lot of inspiration from his real life into the role. He and his wife, Angelababy, have been married since 2015. Their son was born in January 2017.

“In a marriage, the man should be accommodating,” he said. “Your wife shows temper because she is your wife. She won’t show it to other people. There is nothing you can’t accommodate.”

The interviewer joked, “Perhaps being scared of the wife is a traditional Chinese virtue.” Xiaoming shook his head, “I am not scared of my wife. I respect my wife, love my wife. That, I think, is really the traditional Chinese virtue.”


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