Isabella Leong Makes Comeback in Jim Chim’s Stage Play “Sign of Happiness”

Isabella Leong (梁洛施) is returning to the Hong Kong entertainment industry with a starring role in stage play Sign of Happiness <快樂勿語>.

Since breaking her contract with EEG in 2008 to pursue her romance with ex-flame, billionaire Richard Li (李澤楷), Isabella has remained mostly out of the limelight. Currently living in Canada with her three sons, she had earlier expressed her desire to continue making films in Hong Kong and has been busy paving her way back into the entertainment industry. In September 2013, Isabella took the first step towards her complete return, signing on to star in Taiwanese director Sylvia Chang’s (張艾嘉) film Nian Nian <念念>.

Isabella is now turning her focus onto her Hong Kong comeback. The twenty-five-year-old will star alongside mentor, theater actor Jim Chim (詹瑞文), in his original play Sign of Happiness. Isabella will play a deaf and mute girl while Jim will portray a speech therapist who hopes to inject laughter into her life. To prepare for this challenging role, Isabella has been taking lessons in body expressions and has been busy with rehearsals for the past two weeks. The performance is scheduled to take place over three nights at the Hong Kong Culture Centre starting May 30.

With no real updates regarding Isabella’s love life since her break up with Richard in 2011, the local media of course pressed the issue at the play’s press conference. Although she was rumored with several men over the past few years, Isabella clarified that she has actually been single for quite some time. “I used to make love my top priority, but that has changed after having three sons. I want to focus on my career, and will let love come naturally. I will not be as impulsive as before!”

Despite her intention to fully return to work in Hong Kong, Isabella plans to continue living in Canada for the sake of her children. “I like to raise my children over there. It is healthier. I also prefer a low-key lifestyle, but of course I will come back to Hong Kong often for work.” She added that her career is currently one of her top priorities, and shared that she will likely appear in films again in the near future.

Source: Ming Pao 

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    1. Only 25? So young. And she is now rich enough to do whatever she wants to do, which is naturally back to her former career in acting. Good thing for her is she can concentrate on “arty” productions since she is in no need for money. How free life is when you need not worry about money.

      1. True,but having too much money can introduce disaster if you do not manage it well.

      2. Yup, she plays her cards really well. The riches ex-wife with three sons and doesn’t have to live with the hideous ex-husband. The kids grandpa is the riches man in Hong Kong. The envy of every females in the entertainment industry because in end the they all want to marry into the rich and famous. She got it all and able to manage it as well.

      3. Married or not she don’t care she has his babies and his money. She still have her youth.

  1. I don’t think she will have any problem coming back into acting. She has so many people and resources to back her up. I’m not sure about her acting, but she’s good looking though.

  2. prefer her with long hair, better for her to own a dress/food shop to pass time, doubt she’ll do well in showbiz as she wasn’t that good of an actress before she got married

    1. You had to wonder? 19 year old w/a middle aged man? haha lol sure, sure its love indeed. haha LOL..

      1. Wonder if Isabella’s mother encouraged the relationship. Some mothers can be gold-diggers like that.

      2. The mother don’t have to do anything because the girl has got a brain here.

      3. Isabella signed a prenupt and didn’t even get married. What brain? The prenupt may not even allow her to tell her sob story (like she doesn’t get much money, she can’t talk to the media about the Li family, etc.). haha 🙂

      4. What ever agreement she may have with the Li was for the best interests of her three sons and herself. Smart girl not to trash the father of her three sons and the riches man in Hong Kong, the kids grandpa. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

      5. Well, hope she finds her happiness. Hate when the young “must” grow up so fast.

      1. The sad thing is…she doesn’t sound happy.

        “While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.”

  3. Isabella looks quite different now (at age 25) than when she and Richard were making babies (at age 20).

    1. From the video, sounds like she learned from her mistakes of youth/love.

      “Better to learn from other peoples mistakes/blunders than your own.”

  4. Wow, I didn’t recognize her in this picture. Can’t believe she’s in her mid 20’s only. She’s always acted & looked older than her age but she looks like she’s aged a bit but I guess that’s what happens when you have 3 kids with someone who is way older than you. If acting doesn’t work out for her I’m sure her and her sons aren’t going to starve.

  5. “Since breaking her contract with EEG in 2008 to pursue her romance with ex-flame, billionaire Richard Li (李澤楷)”

    in other words: since her contract with Richard has been completed (making babies), she’s free to do whatever she likes

    1. How sad to discover that Richard only saw Isabella as a baby-making machine. And, the kids may not even have a relationship with the father’s side of the family. How dysfunctional. No love? It’s just a baby factory? How sad.

      1. i’m sure the kids will have a relationship with his father’s side more than mom’s side. there is no way for richard to have kids and ignore them like jackie chan.

      2. The kids live in Canada away from the Li family. So, how can they have a “close” relationship? Even the father is like an absent father. And now, even the mother will be more busy with acting. So, the kids will pretty much be raised by outsiders/nannies? Wasn’t the mother recently spotted with some guy (in Europe or wherever)? She better watch out for male gold-diggers.

      3. the kids are under 5 years old (not sure) but their dad will be in their life when they are 10 ^_^…i will give my kids to my parent to take care for me until they are 15..that’s my plan..just like richard lol..but i don’t have money to hire outsiders, so i got to use my parent.

      4. “the kids are under 5 years old (not sure) but their dad will be in their life when they are 10”

        If Isabella agreed to that, dumb-dumb-dumb baby factory. haha 🙂

      5. Young ladies should know/research/study their legal rights, especially involving their offsprings, from a young age (16-18) to prevent being taken advantage of and used for sex or baby-making.

      6. I highly doubt that she expected to be in the sad situation (being watched and reported on 24/7 with no love life and little to no social life) that she’s in now. Otherwise, she would be happy and not “more cautious” regarding affairs of the heart (as she states in the video).

  6. She looks prettier with shorter hair. The long hair always seemed to make her look frumpy.

  7. she has quite abit of similar look here with angel chiang…the actress who portray the young version of charmaine sheh in the TVB drama with Moses,Bowie&Kenny Wong..

    isabella is smart as she do not want depend on anyone as she works and spend whatever income she receive later..very independent and smart

    1. She definitely better looking than Angel Chiang but as acting wise, Angel Chiang is much better.
      Isaella is so wooden! not much expression.

    1. “Billionaires like their women young”

      The rich like their women young because they’re not as bright.

      Young women don’t know that they should “never” sign away their legal rights (via a prenupt or any other agreement drafted by the man and his legal team). haha 🙂

      Young women don’t know that their “born-out-of-wedlock” babies are “entitled” to live “as if” the parents are married (even though they are not).

      Young women don’t know that their “born-out-of-wedlock” babies get the mother’s last name.

      Young women don’t know that they should “immediately” seek legal counsel for their “born-out-of-wedlock” babies with the rich to protect their rights.

    2. i dont’ think billionaire…every guys want young lady…like myself hihih

  8. There was no marriage in this case. Just semi-permanent baby machine for gold digger

  9. Nothing can talk better than money in this world. It’s that simple!

  10. She’s still young. If she hadn’t got married with the wealthy heir that put her career to a stop, she would’ve been a popular actress now.

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